In rough times, Be Grateful.

I talk to many people each day who are full of worry (I am a recruiter for creatives/designers) about their recent lay off and/or finding a new job. Due to the economic climate (I REFUSE to say recession. We create our own recession just by letting that neggy energy creep in and I refuse to contribute!!), there is a little panic and a lot of concern…I do my best to shed light on things they can do to keep moving forward so that they don’t stay static and panic. Mostly, I listen, then I advise just a little. It’s amazing how just listening helps shift them to a new place.

The biggest advice I give is to be GRATEFUL for what is in the now. We can run down an endless road of “what-if’s” until we are physically exhausted from our thoughts. Our thoughts will create our reality, so why not make it positive? Tapping into positive energy and positive thinking will not only lift your spirits for the day, but it will allow creativity and resourcefullness to enter. I would say that a time like this is PRIME to start using our creativity, imagination, inventiveness, and inner strength to create something new.

Think different. Meet new people. And MOST of all be grateful for what is. Make a list! Make it every morning or every night. Keep it by your bed, on your desk or next to your morning tea. Sometimes we can be grateful for the sun or the snow…that might be all we need to have a great day. It doesn’t have to be complicated. But I bet once you start a list, you won’t be able to stop.

If that’s really hard for you, read funk busters and maybe that will help shift your energy.
If you don’t believe me, maybe you will listen to Mr. Deepak Chopra. He says the very same thing:

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