Kapha-balancing brainstorm!

Okay for those of you who think kaphas “can’t eat anything,” that’s just not true. Kaphas have a very large variety of foods and spices that they can enjoy and all of it is mighty tasty! It does take a little creativity (no grabbing for a bagel with cream cheese, guzzling a frappochino or fast food), but hey, isn’t life more fun with creativity anyway?!

So, all day I’ve been thinking about all the lovely things kaphas can eat and while I am a terrible recipe person (I like to concoct and don’t always know how I end up with the final product), I do have a ton of ideas and ingredients you can pull from to make some awesome dishes. There are a couple websites, The Joyful Belly and 101 Cookbooks where you can find some nice kapha-balancing recipes too. 101 Cookbooks is not Ayurvedic necessarily, but she IS health conscious and a great user of tasty spices (kaphas have to be leery of salt) and vegetables. ALSO! Try The Kind Diet, book by Alicia Silverstone. She is vegan but don’t let that scare you – she’s got great recipes that might help shift your idea of what “good” food is :)

Maybe these resources will help my kapha friends become more creative. AND above I’ve included my brain dump of kapha-balancing foods and ingredients. BE CREATIVE! See what you can create! If you create a brill recipe, send it my way and I’ll post for others. I love you kaphas!! You’re super!!

3 Responses to Kapha-balancing brainstorm!

  1. Becca says:

    Wonderful! Agreed with Diana and Annabelle: Thank you, I’ll certainly use this!

  2. Annabelle says:

    Thank you !! I’m a kapha and have been struggling trying to find the right foods!!!

  3. Diana Bayless says:

    Oh HOLY CRAP. Thank you!!!!!!! I’ll USE this!! xoxo

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