Kapha does not mean fat!

Dude! I have to clear this up right away. Too many times I have heard, “I’m the fat one so I must be kapha.” Stop it! That’s not true!

Just because a person is a kapha does not mean they are (or should be) fat! And just because a person is overweight, does not mean that they have a kapha constitution. Vatas can be overweight because their mind won’t stop, so they may overeat to add earthy elements (subconsciously) and calm themselves. Pittas may overeat due to stress and since Pittas gain and lose weight easily, there ya go.

Kaphas have a tendency toward weight gain, but if a kapha is balanced they will be sturdy, not fat. The thing to remember is that any dosha can get out of balance even though it’s not your natural constitution. Therefore, people who are overweight may have a kapha imbalance, but they are not necessarily “kaphas.” Make good sense!?

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  1. Owlie says:

    This helps clear up a question I’ve had for a while! My pitta chubby is definitely from stress eating? How do I get off the roller coaster. I’ve gained and lost the same 20 pounds 20 times!

  2. sam says:

    Hi, I have been working my way through your archives; I love your “voice”, it’s so readable. I’ve done a little work with bringing my doshas into balance, but all that fruit and kitchari seems like drag and no way do I give up black coffee (sorry!). I’ve had lots of severe respiratory infections in the past, including the one I’m recovering from which nearly killed me. I was diagnosed with an immune deficiency that I’ve apparently had for twenty years! The Ayurvedic practitioner I worked with briefly even thought for a minute that I was Kapha because I was always so mucus-y and coughed constantly. But I’m actually equally Pitta-Vata. So my questions are: Is my resentfulness and impatience with following Ayurveda influenced by my Pitta-Vata nature? They seem so contradictory! And could my immune deficiency and respiratory junk be massively unbalanced Kapha? Thank you!

    • Monica says:

      Hi Sam!! Cool and thanks for reading!
      Well a couple things. Yes you might have a kapha imbalance without actually being a kapha person. And the other thing is that your resentfulness and impatience might have more to do with your mind, than your dosha. Sometimes the imbalance hides the true doshas pretty good so it takes a really reputable Ayurvedic practitioner to get to the root.

      I know that kichari and fruit might seem like a drag, but maybe try it! What do you have to lose – it might do wonders for you and you would feel so much better. Have some of that with ginger tea and your mucus might just dry right up! Another tea to try – take 10-12 black pepper balls, 10-12 cloves, (smash them both into little pieces) 1 cinnamon stick and boil for 10 minutes. Let sit and cool, strain and drink – you can sweeten with honey. Should be great for mucus and cough.

      Lemme know what you think. Overall though, you might have to open your mind to trying something different because whatever habits you’ve had up til now aren’t working for you. Health problems are always a call for change! Hope this helps!

  3. Kristy says:

    that’s a tough one to remember in this world of labels, eh?
    Thankss for the clarification!!

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