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E-gads! My sweetest, dearest kaphas, please accept my apology for the delay in creating your lovely menu (print print print & share share share). But here it is and maybe at theee perfect time. For those of you who want to eat lighter after holiday, following a kapha-balancing menu will be wonderfully balancing. Free of dairy, heavy, oily, and starchy foods, kaphas will enjoy foods that are light, warm, and spicy. Kaphas, are the most sensual dosha (it’s all that water in them) and are true lovers of food. They indulge, savor and appreciate every smell, texture, and spice in a meal. Because of their sticky nature, kaphas can tend to overeat because they want the experience to keep going (sticky-sticky-sticky) for as long as they can. Bland foods do not excite them, but bring on the spice (garlic!) and your kapha will be dancing in the streets.

Kaphas do best with a vegetarian diet and light grains that also serve as protein, like quinoa and soba noodles. The trick for kaphas will be to nurture and nourish themselves as they do for every one else. Kaphas, shine the spotlight on YOU for once and cook yourself some yummy meals. Spice it up! You will feel light, full of energy, and fresh as the morning dew when it’s time to wake. Any questions?! Please please ask me! xoxox!

Note: When you download, you’ll get all 3 dosha menus. Kapha is on page 3 :)


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  1. Marijana says:

    Hi Monica! I kapha / vata dosha, what kind of protein you recommend for my dosha? Are eggs okay sometimes?

    • Monica says:

      Hi Marijana! Yes eggs are fine for both. For kapha, you might want to stick with the egg whites. Vatas are ok eating the entire egg. Depending on the season legumes (beans), quinoa, lentils, fresh water fish, are good for kapha season (cause these are dry & light proteins…the might make vata gassy). Proteins for vata season can be heavier so that’s where you can have nuts, cheese, but lay off the dry beans cause they will likely make you tootey :)

      • Marijana says:

        Thank you very much for your reply! I wish to ask you how much ghee recommend daily for my dosha?

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  3. TMC says:

    I’m so happy to see popcorn on the yes list!

  4. R Mathiesen says:

    When craving something sweet, try listening to sweet music, reading sweet words, thinking sweet thoughts. xxx

    • Monica says:

      LOVE IT, Robin!!! Thank you for that. It’s true right? Sweetness comes in SO many forms other than food. What a great tip for everyone. Thank you!!! xxoo!

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