Lotus Turkey

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Gobble Gobble! Lotus Turkey is here to remind you how to have a simply divine Ayurvedic Thanksgiving!

1. Morning exercise. Start the day with a little sweat to release toxins and stoke agni.

2. Write gratitude list. Super important! Write a list of 10 things you are grateful for. Then write 10 more.

3. Put on good music. Cause, yes!

4. Prepare a dish to share. Contribute to the feast, enjoy making it and put love in the food!

5. Have a glass of wine. Wine stokes agni and prepares for digestion. Yes in Ayurveda wine is actually used as medicine in some cases!

6. Bless the turkey. With sincerity say a little blessing (even if it’s to yourself), “Thank you turkey, for giving your life to me so that I can be nourished.”

7. Have potatoes with ghee. Potatoes (sweet ones are best!) are grounding ghee is awesomely nourishing.

8. Don’t over-stuff yourself. You know you’ll feel like crap so don’t do it. Eat to 1/3 capacity and leave room for the food and liquid to mix.

9. Help clean up. Don’t let the hostess do it by herself. Lend a hand to give back for all he/she has done for you.

10. Take a post-meal walk. Grab the crew and go for a leisurely walk around the block for fresh air.

11. Snuggle and cuddle. That’s what the end of Thanksgiving is all about. Cuddle with those you love (even if it’s your animals) and tell them why you love them so much.

*SMOOCH* Happy Thanksgiving!!!

3 Responses to Lotus Turkey

  1. Jane says:

    I am in the U.S. I also have a problem with the thanking the turkey for giving its life for our energy. The turkey or any other animal does not give us their life, eggs, milk. We talk hat from them. They fight until the very last bit of life is left, just like we would do. So to say thank you for giving your life is a complete injustice to them and their poor souls.

  2. Ayurvedic Tradtitions says:

    “6. Bless the turkey. With sincerity say a little blessing (even if it’s to yourself), “Thank you turkey, for giving your life to me so that I can be nourished.””

    Not in our traditions. Our tradition is not “blessing” a tortured, dead bird who’s anal cavity has been stuffed with dried bread and calling it a symbol of gratitude.

    Our tradition is to offer vegetarian bhog to sri murti and then take that as prasad.

    • Monica says:

      Hello! Well, first I didn’t mention Ayurvedic/Indian traditions, rather, Thanksgiving is an American tradition. Indian culture is heavy vegetarian whereas American’s are not (necessarily). The middle ground between Ayurveda and Western/America is what I am trying to bridge and teach through my site. Many Americans (not all! some are veggies and vegans too!) are going to have turkey on Thanksgiving. So, IF they are going to have it they should give it proper honor by at least saying thank you and acknowledging that this bird is going to turn into energy (could be negative or positive depending on that bird AND their attitude at the time of eating). That’s all I was going for here – my site is a meeting of modern western + ancient eastern – it’s not black and white, nor is life. Thank you for your comment and for seeing my point of view as well.

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