MonicaB’s Lassi Recipe

Yeah! I’ve got my coworker hooked on lassi. She discovered it because she had the flu a couple weeks ago and we helped repair her digestion with lassi. Like magic!

Lassi is a yogurt drink made especially to enhance digestion. Please note that while made from yogurt, lassi is not yogurt. In fact, they have completely opposite qualities. Yogurt as we know, is a channel clogger. I know you might not believe me, you might even be mad at me for saying that, but according to Ayurveda it’s the truth. The marketing people at yogurt companies might sell us stories about probiotics and acidopholopohous or whatever it is, but I stand by my belief that yogurt clogs.

If you have any problems with allergies, slow metabolism, cloudy mind, lethargy, tendency toward being cold, sinus problems and/or chest congestion, try stopping the yogurt. Just try it for a week and see how you feel. You can always go back to yogurt if you want but my guess is that you will feel better. Ok, I digress.

BUT! We’re not talking about yogurt, we are talking about lassi (I wish I could put a pink tutu on that word because I love it so much. hmm…idea for a graphic! Love it when that happens)!! Beautiful, channel opening lassi!! Lassi is made from yogurt, but it’s properties are changed by adding water, herbs and spices and then churning it. Churning adds heat which changes the yogurt from cold, gloppy, goo-glue into a fluid substance that is channel opening and great for aiding digestion. It’s easy to accumulate ama with yogurt, but lassi doesn’t clog so you stay ama free. It’s also great for indigestion and hyper acidity as it’s cooling. Great for pitta types who like yogurt – yogurt imbalances and lassi balances (like a ballerina!).

A very magic secret about lassi is that it’s THEE  cure for hemorhoids! Have one after dinner or for a snack daily and your hemorhoids will go away. Not kidding.

I think you will find that lassi’s are quite delish and there are many recipes for them (just google). Below is my recipe that I use (pitta-vata type). Sometimes I even skip dinner and just have a lassi because it makes a nice light meal to aid digesting food from the day.

Monica B’s Lassi Recipe
1 part plain, full fat yogurt – 1/3 cup is good to start
2 (vata, pitta) or 3 (kapha) parts water
ginger powder, cardamom, honey, all to taste
Use a whisk or hand blender and CHURN!! For about 2 minutes. It will get liquidy and a little frothy. Pour into a cup and you can sprinkle extra cardamom on the top if you want. MM!

11 Responses to MonicaB’s Lassi Recipe

  1. ved says:

    what about difference between thick and liquid kind of yogurt? I asume you are using thick kind for lassi so it needs to be blended, is it same for liquid yogurts? or is it ok just to churn it with a spoon?

    thank you!

    • Monica says:

      Hi Ved, if the yogurt is more liquid, still add water but just add less and then churn. Rather than using a spoon, use a wooden (best) or metal whisk. Churn for 2 minutes until it’s frothy. Hope this helps and thanks for the question!

  2. Adrienne says:

    I recently added yogurt to my diet (farm fresh)… that may very well be why my sinuses clogged up again! I was using it to counter the hot spiciness of the curry dishes I’ve been eating. …. !
    -thank you
    – I will skip it today, and make lassi instead..

  3. Braj says:

    What I never understood is all of these spices are considered anti bacterial. Wouldn’t adding them to the yogurt kill most of the beneficial bacteria?

  4. Anya says:

    Oh, and I’ve just read that in ayurveda honey is divided into 8 types! How can I choose the right one, since it looks there’s no such a difference in western culture?

  5. Anya says:

    Oh, but it’s terrible – I hate licorice! :D
    I’ve taken it for some time, different times. It warked efficently – I felt like reborn! But I really hate the taste of licorice, really cannot swallow it no more!
    So I’ll never never be able to put some cinnamon on my oatmeal?
    I’ve also read that ginger is good for GERD. But does ginger word just if fresh? And should be taken under consideration that ginger is usually made in countries (poor countries!) which have a lot of pollution?

  6. Anya says:

    What if I can’t use spices (due to GERD)? Or is there any spice which is allowed to serve lassi’s function.

    I’ve always wanted to try lassi! But I’ve always found lassi recipes hard to make!

    Thanks :) ,

    • Monica says:

      Hey Anya!
      Great question. Know what? Licorice tea would totally help your GERD (hoping you like licorice)!!! You could try putting some in your lassi. Make the tea and use it as water you add to the yogurt, then churn for lassi. OR just make the lassi without spices for now and just add the honey.

      But overall I suggest having licorice tea in the morning and then again in the afternoon. It should mellow out and cool your GERD some..give it a try and let me know!!

  7. EllynB says:

    I have a great question!!! I am lactose intolerant, will this work for me? I have consumed the “lactose free” yogurt without too much trouble (except clogging my insides :-) I am a fast learner!
    I have studied you site for about a week in search of a miracle. I feel horrible, all the great symptoms of toxic me! Headache, cloudy thinking, inattention and moody. My tongue is horribly white.
    I am getting married in 2 weeks and need to clear my system. I am a Pitta 14/ Vitta-6 and Kapha-5.
    Needless to say I do not feel radiant right now.
    Where do I begin? Just point me in the right direction please.
    Bless you!
    Ellyn B

    • Monica says:

      EllynB! That IS a great question! Since you have so many toxins, I highly recommend a kitchari cleanse for 3 (minimum) – 5 days. Follow these guidelines for the cleanse:

      Drink TONS of water. Water water water. And if you are hungry in between meals, you can have fruit. I really think this will work nicely for you. Your tongue should start to get pinker and your heaviness should start to lift. Best thing about this cleanse, you will never be hungry and all the ingredients are sattvic (sattvic: pure harmony, promoting right thinking and right action). I think that’s where you begin…let me know how it goes or if you have any questions as you begin! XOXO And, congratulations on your wedding!!!! :)

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