Music to My Eyes

It’s a GOOD day! I don’t often share the successes of my clients, but maybe it’s time I do. I got this email today and it totally made my week. To give the Reader’s Digest version, she had been suffering from extreme digestive issues for years, bouncing between constipation and diarrhea. She is a vata/pitta combo. I recommended she try a tablespoon of chavanprash (a jam made of amalaki and other Ayurvedic herbs and spices) daily and here’s what she said:

“Yes, I am much better. I guess the key is to take the chavanprash every single day without fail. I bought some at my Indian grocery for about $8. I’ve taken it every day since we were in touch last. I am stable! I think people should really know that these kinds of things are meant to be a way of life, not just a “fix” when you are feeling unwell. I now see chavanprash as my vitamin and not a medicine.

How COOL is that?! Seeing results like this is music to my eyes! If you’re not feeling good, life isn’t good. Often just a small dietary or lifestyle change is enough to create an entire shift in someone’s health and therefore, their life. Gosh, isn’t it worth it?! Just a small change can make that big of a difference?

I write HeyMonicaB because a) it’s fun to write things I know will make you giggle and b) I can help people improve their lives! Fuels my fire, baby! Start injecting some of the small suggestions from my site into your life. This stuff works, you guys and it’s so easy! One little step, one little change, can amount to huge differences. My heart feels extra large and squishy tonight, enough to cover the globe and do a booty dance for each one of you. mmwwaah!



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  2. Stephanie says:

    Congrats!! :-) I love your blog and appreciate you sharing your knowledge!

    • Monica says:

      Stephanie!! You are too sweet. Thanks for all your lovely comments. I’m so glad you are enjoying this little Ayurvedic journey to better health :) XOXO! Big hugs to you!

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