Nadi Shodhanam | Alternate Nostril Breathing

Nadi Shodhanam or alternate nostril breathing is a pranayam, I like to call “instant calm.” If you’re stressed, nervous, or need some clarity of mind, nadi shodhanam will bring you back to center and calm the entire nervous system. Give it a try.

Sit in a comfy position, chest open, shoulders down, chakras aligned (pretend there is a string pulling you up, from your butt, through your spine and coming out the top of your head).

Take your right hand and cover right nostril with left thumb.
Exhale air all the way out, concave the belly.
Inhale, puff out the belly.
Switch and put ring finger over left nostril.
Always switch before on the exhale.
Repeat 10x on each side.

What it’s good for:
Relieving stress, anxiety, tension, anger, fear
Clearing the channels
Releasing toxins
Calming a busy mind
Clarity of mind
All doshas, but specifically vata and pitta

Why does this work? Because there are two srotas (channels) that go through the nose and the nose is the quickest passage to the brain. One srota is feminine and cool (left) and the other is masculine and heating (right). Switching between the two of these is very nourishing for the mind and will bring you back to balance. Nadi Shodhanam is pure intake of prana (life!) – I promise you will feel like you just had a massage after you’ve practiced it.

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