Nourishing Oil Massage

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  1. […] winter, vata time. Vata time is windy, cold, light and dry. Brr. Don’t forget your oil massages in the morning! Before your shower, warm some sesame oil and give yourself a head-to-toe massage […]

  2. Monica says:

    If you put the oil on and leave it for 10 minutes or so before the shower, it will soak into the skin. The reason for putting the oil on first is to preserve the moisture on the skin before drying it out with water. Oil will keep the water from drying the skin. Does that make sense? You can also apply the oils at night before bed, then shower in morning. :)

  3. tiko says:

    Question: If I put the oil on first, then shower, won’t my skin be dry afterward? Is it just as beneficial to do the oil AFTER the shower? I’ve always been putting sweet almond oil on after I shower to keep my skin nice. (BTW, I use pure olive oil soap in the shower, and I’m black, so I generally have dry skin).

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