Strong Agni

strong agni

How to maintain strong agni.
It seems that we think we know rules about eating, like “Salads are good. Carbs are bad.” I mean, why wouldn’t we, because that’s what we are exposed to. So I am going to reinforce that there are no “good” or “bad” foods! There are only foods that we can digest better than others and that will vary by our individual make up of dosha(s).

Rules that we think we know, don’t ever mention eating guidelines or on how to keep our agni strong. Remember, weak agni is responsible for 90% of all disease! Holy crud, yes it is!! So, let’s keep our agni strong because it will keep us strong!

In general terms, there are some things that weaken our agni. See below, and…don’t do these:
Eating before previous food is digested (when you have clear burps. if not, don’t eat!)
Eating when we are not hungry
Ignoring indigestion (bloating, constipation, heartburn) and eating anyway
Uncooked or 1/2 cooked food
Canned, stale foods or foods fried in rancid oil
Heavy, dense, or gas producing foods
Excessive sweet, salty or sour foods
Sleeping after meals
Drinking a lot of water during, or right after meals (what does water do to fire?)
Worry, stress, anxiety, fear
Exercising after eating

Some of these are no-brainers, but really, it’s hard to get raw, true, and individualized information about nutrition. Things can get muddied when information is being pushed by a product, a fad or a new recent study. But, dude! Ayurveda is an OLD OLD study! Like 5,000 years! No doubt that it warrants a listen.

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