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As promised, here is the pitta menu! Overall, pittas tend to have great digestion. But! Let us not abuse thine great digestion, dearest pittas. Just because you can digest a tin can, doesn’t mean you should. You can digest a lot of things well, including red meat. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you. And, well, because you like rules, I know I won’t have to preach too much about you eating the right things because you always want to do right. But I also know you can be stubborn. So, mold the ideas on the menu according to your likes, but really try to adhere to the main foods that are good for you. A steak once in a blue moon will not kill you. A steak once a week won’t kill you either, but you’ll probably end up with heartburn and unwanted pounds. See what I’m sayin? Balance, my good people, balance. Ok I’ll stop yapping. Pitta menu (click to download and print it) !!! Share share share! xoxoxo!

Note: When you download, you’ll get all 3 dosha menus. Pitta is on page 2 :)


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  1. […] hooooo…I thought it might be helpful to put vata, pitta, and kapha menus all in one post for your downloading ease :) And please, please, please, share. […]

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  3. Grant Swanson says:

    Thank you for the awesome blog by the way! I get really sad when people dismiss Ayurveda as pseudoscience— they really are missing out! Much love from St. Louis! xx

    • Monica says:

      Hi Grant! Awww, you are so welcome. I’m glad you are enjoying it :) Well, we also have to bless the people who dismiss it. Because they probably aren’t ready to receive it yet…so we can pray that they become more open-minded and/or the method they have chosen still works to keep them healthy :) xo!

  4. Grant Swanson says:

    I have been looking into ayurveda the past year or so, it’s so great combined with strength training and yoga.

    I think I change doshas with the season! LOL! I also think that if I have a predominant imbalance and I ONLY eat those foods to correct that, I sort of go out of balance again to another dosha. Does this make sense?

    So this season I’m planning on keeping most of my food pitta and kapha- increasing with the exception of some raw veggies, juices and dry dishes about 1x a day.

    Well, what I love most about the food suggestions is that you can categorize recipes by what they strengthen. I have one question…

    Let’s say you have a meal that combines A:: tastes that increase all doshas. I have sweet melon, sour fish sauce and citrus, spicy red pepper flakes, peppers and onions, cooling cucumber and lettuce, and some oil, protein (in this case, beef) and a side of rice.

    How would you explain what this strengthens? Is it mostly based on the type of food, or (my theory) simply the predominant flavors? Even though there isn’t a predominant flavor or food type here, I feel it might be a vata and pitta increasing dish since the veggies are uncooked, it has beef, and rice is pretty neutral.

    I guess I kind of answered my own question here. Neutral recipe that strengthens all doshas? It tastes great. Is this why some ayurvedic blogs say to involve the 6 tastes at every meal? Or is this the secret of Iron chefs? LOL

    Some things are very easy to categorize (milk tea and sweet zoats recipes increase kapha, fiery stir fries and mexican food increase pitta, and raw, vegan, typical “dry bland and health food” increase vata). It seems like a generalization but it’s been working for me.

    I guess I just want others’ opinions and experiences with their three doshas, the seasons, recipes.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Grant!
      I have a funny answer. What increases all doshas…will decrease the others. ;) So…your dish sounds mostly balanced EXCEPT the fruit + meat + fish sauce combo. In general, fruit should be eaten alone or with other fruit. But not with meats, cheese, fish, or dairy because those are bad food combinations. Anyway, all meals should have the 6 tastes in them cause like I said what increases one dosha will decrease another – so that’s harmony! The 6 tastes nourish and tone all the doshas (tissues) so that’s the best meal you can have.

      All that said, don’t over think it, you will make yourself crazy if you pick everything apart. Be mindful of what foods are best for you and you should be pretty good. That help?

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