Ayurvedic Summer Guide

Please enjoy my ayurvedic summer guide or as I like to call it, Pitta Seasonal Bloom! :) Wondering how to stay balanced for summer? An oldie but GOODIE…a super-mega charged GOODIE, in fact! :) It’s not new. But it’s a GREAT refresher for you. And a good introduction to Ayurveda for your friends and family. Especially the ones who have no idea what that Aaaayyyyurrr stuff you talk about really is :) Share among the people! Let’s keep improving how people LIVE! Thanks and love you! xo! (And yes, still working on the book)

Click on le photo to download this lovely little ayurvedic summer guide, Pitta Seasonal Bloom.

Ayurvedic summer guide



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  1. […] first day of fall and that means that vata moves in to govern nature for the next few months. While pitta was around for summer, we ate fresh fruits, veggies and salads. Vata however is much cooler and dryer and we must adjust […]

  2. […] Pitta is made of fire and water elements, so think of pitta like a hot, sharp, oil transforming everything in its path. In nature, pitta relates to the sun, the giant fire in the sky. Pitta people tend to have a medium build with good muscle tone, pink skin with moles or freckles, straight silky hair, early gray or early balding, usually wear glasses or contact lenses, pink finger nails, and have sharp features on their face. They have a sharp intellect and tongue, are quick-witted, organized, disciplined, make great athletes, lawyers, politicians, and anything else that has a competitive edge. They love politics, news, and talk radio. Pittas are leaders and people instinctively want to follow them. They stick to the plan (they do not appreciate spontaneity) and strategy comes natural to them. They are not quick to agree to someone else’s ideas and ask a ton of questions until they have analyzed the situation down to nothing. Pittas live in the present moment, which makes them excellent and fast problem solvers. Because they are smart and not afraid of hard work, pittas will carry the weight of the world on their shoulders while holding in a lot of stress. This is partly because they want to ensure high quality results and partly because they want things done their way.   […]

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