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pittas_vicesOk guys, let’s talk about pitta‘s vices, which stemmed from the previous post on vata’s vices. Remember, when a dosha is increased (imbalanced), the person will crave the foods and habits that keep increasing that dosha! Meaning, they will crave the completely wrong things. Taking a look at pitta, we know pitta people are sharp-minded and sharp-tongued. They are direct, focused, witty with a great sense of humor, hyper-organized, detailed, play by the rules, ask a ton of questions, and are usually found in leadership roles.

So when I see a pitta person with a big burger on their plate, copious glasses of wine or cocktails, pouring extra tabasco sauce on their nachos with jalapenos, and following it all up with a piece of chocolate lava cake (with ice cream), I know they have a pitta imbalance. Why? Because a balanced pitta would not eat that much or crave those things. By the way, that there pitta would be running for the heartburn medicines to calm that craziness down! ;)

In my observation, an imbalanced pitta craves: very sugary sweet desserts and chocolate, spicy foods, red meat, alcohol, and they tend to eat large portions of food.

The vice-rites (vice favorites) all increase heat, with the exception of the sweets. Pittas are already hotsie-totsie due to their fire nature, so having heated foods and drink will make the fire stronger. Hello heartburn, high blood pressure, loose poop, and that sparky lil temper! Pittas have a naturally strong agni (digestive fire) and when it increases above their natural state (called tikshna agni) they will want more food than they really need. So they have strong hunger, but weak digestion and this causes weight gain. Pittas tend to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and appreciate any release from stress they can find, which is part of the reason they turn to alcohol or food to relax. Sweets are cooling* which is normally good for pitta, but eating highly processed sweets and chocolates will give them a sugar high. Then they’ll crash and be upset they are unproductive. See? I know people sometimes :)

Now that we understand what pitta’s vices are, let’s end on a positive note and highlight some of their virtues.

In my observation, a balanced pitta craves: lots of fruit, veggies, healthy carbs, lots of water, and pure proteins like lentils, organic meats, and red meat only on occasion

When pittas eat the right foods and are truly balanced, they are chronically witty (these are the people that make you spit milk out your nose) and make the best out of being focused and present. They don’t let worries or stress shake their consistent stride toward their goals. They make inspiring leaders with a loyal following. If I saw a smiling, glowing, fire-goddess eating a hearty rice bowl with protein, vegetables and aromatic mild spices, with a cooling mint tea, I would think she’s pretty close to her natural pitta self. And she might even enjoy a piece of dark chocolate for dessert.

Okay pittas, do any of these vices sound familiar? If so, yay! Because now you have the knowledge and root cause behind your behavior and you can fix it. If you have other vices, do share with us! We’re in this together, one big healing hug at a time. X!

*Pittas tend to have a sweet tooth because the sweet taste is cooling. Sticking to fruits with natural sugars is best, but a piece of dark, slightly bitter chocolate is okay too as a treat and would be enough to satisfy them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Watermelon is the perfect pitta desert (right?)

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  3. Debora says:

    This site is Amazing. I have only recently started reading about Ayurveda since quitting smoking ( 3 months) now I have quit coffee as I thought I was more Vata but through a few more quizzes realized I am both with stronger Pitta. The wine.. yum,, tobasco sauce… please…. but I think as I become more balanced many of these cravings are calming themselves. Thank you for this wonderful website ! Love – Namaste !!

  4. Remy says:

    Hey thanks Monica for your vibrant writing…
    You say that Pittas carry the weight of the world on their shoulders… could you elaborate on the different ways stress affect doshas ? I mean, how each mind-body type will “crystallise” stress bodily speaking

  5. alex says:

    This is a great article and I found myself nodding in agreement through the whole thing. I am one of those pittas you can tell from 1 mile away and I know very well how that process of “feeding the fires” happens. The really bad part is that it happens so quickly by the time I realize it I am on my 3rd glass of wine and dessert!

    Great information! Mindfulness is very powerful and catching these behaviors early becomes easier the more you pay attention.

  6. Marcia says:

    Thanks Monica! I actually do feel fine when I eat meat. No digestive or other issues, and my cholesterol levels remain quite low. I am so with you about making sure the meat comes from good sources! In our house we eat exclusively grass-fed, humanely killed (and often locally raised) beef and bison. In a perfect world I would be a vegetarian, but sadly after repeated attempts, I’ve had to accept that my body just won’t tolerate it.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Marcia,
      Well then it sounds like you are on the right track. You know your body enough to make the appropriate decisions and that’s what matters! Good job! :)

  7. Lois Kubota says:

    Monica, you are right on with this. I’m a little more pitta than vata and both of your descriptions fit me. I love your stuff!

  8. Mairi says:

    Pre- Ayurveda my Pitta self was a buffalo sauce guru. Funny how when you get more into balance, the desire slowly drifts away. But so happy you highlighted the over work and relation to sweets, because I may or may not be going through that right now :)

  9. Marcia says:

    Hi Monica, First let me tell you that I found your site recently and I think it’s fantastic! I discovered Ayurveda a few years ago, and your site is rapidly becoming my favorite for very practical advice and information. I am very strongly Pitta and this post is dead-on for me. I do love fruits and veggies – I could eat fruit all day long. But my biggest challenge is with red meat. Every time I try to cut back or cut it out, I have trouble maintaining a healthy level of iron (even with iron-rich veggies and supplements). I also unfortunately can’t stand lentils and I’m sensitive to eggs, so that doesn’t help. Any thoughts?

    • Monica says:

      Hey Marcia!
      Hooray! Glad you found the site and are enjoing it. Do you feel fine when you eat meat? Or do you feel off or have physical problems (heart burn, irritability, heavy mind) after eating it? If not then maybe you eat the right amount of meat for your body. I would say, make sure your meat comes from a good place because if we eat angry, fearful or sad animals, we will turn into the same. Does that help? Lemme know if you have more questions.

  10. Karina says:

    Monica, I’m sorry for the frustration you had to endure to deliver this message, it is clearly a labor of love. Thank you!
    As a Pitta, I am eating a very pitta pacifying diet and have reduced my workaholic schedule, but I am for the first time in my life experiencing real trouble focussing on a work task and not incessantly procrastinating. Am I turning into a kapha?

  11. Rachel says:

    Nailed it!!!! The only other crazy pittaish thing I do is salty sunflower seeds, the ranch ones! Then I want something sweet and it just keeps going on and on…..salty, sweet boing boing boing!

    • Monica says:

      Rachel, you crack me up! Yes, ranch salty sunflowers seeds is also pittaish because they are salty! Salt increases pitta and kapha. Good for vata though! So anyone with low self confidence or anxiety would benefit from salt. Dude, calm down your sweet-salt boi-oing! Perhaphs some kitchari for you my dear? ;) Kidding (only half-ly). XOXO!

  12. Anja says:

    That’s a perfect description!
    What about cheese cravings?
    In last years I connected it to poor iron in blood (like a false requeste form my body – which instead needed irony foods). May it be right?
    I have a question (oh, I’m so Pitta…): is there any Dosha that can handle, at least easier, cravings due to period? Or are we all cursed?

  13. Arah says:

    Ooh, I’ve been there, and as a pitta. Roar! I’m looking forward to your post – especially as I’ve been avoiding alcohol for a week now and in some ways am feeling better, but in some ways, am not.

  14. Joey says:

    Hey…isn’t Pitta dosha characterized by occasional surges of frustration, impatience and anger? Could it be the Universe aptly “ate” your blog entry to demonstrate Pitta in play by blatantly exposing your desire to punch it?

    If my hypothesis is correct…in my view, this article is perfect as is Monica. Don’t change a thing. :)

    And…BTW…happy valentines.


    • Monica says:

      Joey!! HA HA HA. YES, totally! Thank you for the awesome insight! I think this is my favorite comment of all time. I’m saving it forever. Happy Valentine’s to you too!!

  15. Sarah says:

    Oh no! Good luck & happy Valentines Day!

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