Power Outage

A story.
My little family and I were out for a morning of fun and came home for lunch. We were going to heat up some leftovers only to find that when we walked in the door, the power was out. Boo. My husband had a message from the power company saying that in three hours they would know when we would have power again. I instantly felt tension. There were things to do! I wanted to reheat lunch, I did not want to be disrupted by a power outage. And! Three hours is a long time. And! I wanted to redesign my website! What a bummer. My shoulders were tight yet there was nothing I could do (Pitta‘s shoulders get tight when they don’t have control…tis why they turn to cleaning things! They can control that.) Cheese sandwiches it is. As I was cutting our sandwich in half, *ZING!* music started playing, the oven beeped and a wash of relief washed over me. Then I thought, “Dude, really? All that tenion, MB, for 20 minutes of outage?” And in the end, it was all okay. I should have just surrendered instead of letting it affect me.

This lead me to thinking that we have power outages in our lives too, don’t we? Like when we realize we may be powerless through a string of bad luck and every where we turn it seems there is a closed door. My mom always said (and I know you know it too), “This too shall pass.” When nothing seems to be moving forward (or even sideways), we can break things down to the bare minimums (like peanut butter sandwiches and candles!), letting time pass, and breathing into surrender. Just like the peanut butter sandwiches and candles, it’s not ideal but it’s not permanent. And, it’s also not that bad.

When you’re in a life power outage, light candles, be cozy, breathe a lot, knowing that it will not last forever. It’s also a time to realize that when the power is on, life is pretty darn good. Maybe that’s the reason for the outage in the first place–to give a little perspective. Before you know it *PING!* the lights will shine, the oven will beep, and the radio will blast an Earth, Wind, and Fire song signaling that all is well again :)

4 Responses to Power Outage

  1. Lyla says:

    I really like this story & the out come of it. It makes a lot of sense & it is something I will hang in front of me so any time I’m on power shortage/outage it will lid up my dark moment.

  2. Karen says:

    My dear friend Linda, who passed away in October last year, used to say, “Things don’t look too great right now, but tomorrow the sun will come up and the birds will sing.”

  3. Amy says:

    I like the link to a low-stress life power outage. This story reminded me of a power outage during a winter storm which lasted several hours. We have well water which requires electricity to get water. No water means no working toilet. I had planned to use the toilet right before the power outage, but my daughter flushed (pee) before I told her not to so there was not water in the tank for me (who needed a poo very badly!). After about an hour and still no power I told her sorry, but I just have to go…and did I go big time! Whew, what a relief to relax and feel the stress go away while having a bowel movement.

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