Pretend It’s Friday

Hey 9-5ers! It’s totally Thursday. But it’s been a long week so I’m pretending it’s Friday. I always enjoy Fridays. They feel free, vibrant, creative, expansive and very very close to the weekend. Isn’t it true? We might even take a lunch break on a Friday and for a lot of people who work the 9-5 grind, that’s a luxury.

So here’s what I suggest. If Friday makes you feel that much better and helps you realize the great life you have, then (whispering) pretend it’s Friday today. And treat it as such. Did your shoulders drop? Maybe you smiled? Maybe your mind got happy thinking about the weekend? Maybe that got you thinking about having a nice dinner tonight or practicing your yoga. Maybe you felt your energy shift to a more positive space? Ahh…that’s the place to be in spirit, mind and body. Welcome to the peace of Friday (even though it’s totally not). And the best part?!?! You can have Friday all over again tomorrow!! :)

The power of the mind is incredible. Just by shifting our thoughts we release our physical and mental bodies. Just. Like. That.

Namaste my friends and Happy Friday (in spirit)!! Wooo!!

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