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Most of us focus our efforts on keeping our body healthy, but let’s not forget about the mind! The mind is the driver of all we think and do, so if the mind is not healthy, the body won’t be either. It starts with the mind first!

In addition to the three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha), there are three qualities of the mind or trigunas. “Guna” means quality and we can think of them sort of like doshas for the mind. We need all three of them for different reasons but too much of one of them and we will become imbalanced (except sattva, sattva cannot imbalance us).

The trigunas are sattva, rajas, and tamas. Let’s talk about the qualities they give us.

Sattva is pure harmony and does not cause disease. However rajas and tamas can cause disease if imbalanced.

Sattva: intelligence, harmony, purity of thought and action, balance, generosity, stabilty. Inward focus. Creates peace, unconditional happiness, love and contentment. We all need more Sattva!

Rajas: transformation, active, dominance, dutiful, power, prestige, attachment to the senses and desires, living through the ego. Outward focus. Helps us achieve our goals. Yet also is attached to the outcome of our goals, which in the end can cause suffering if we never feel satisfied. Most of us live in Rajas!

Tamas: darkness, ignorance, close mindedness, lack of awareness, obstruction, decay. Downward focus. In the mind it causes fear, depression, dullness, heaviness.

If you find yourself saying, “Oh jeez…Monica B, my mind quality is rajasic! That’s bad!” Well, each quality has its place. Sattva is purity, harmony, ultimate connection to the higher self, pure intention and right action. The more sattva we can have the better, but sattva on its own won’t drive us to achieve anything. Rajas is turbulence, action, ego-driven, goal-chasing and goal-achieving. Rajas helps us achieve our purpose which is not bad, but when we have too much rajas without sattva, we will start to feel bad because we live from the ego instead of our spirit. Tamas is darkness, stillness, ignorance. Sounds bad but think of it this way, we are in tamas when we are sleeping or at the end of a major transition before things start to become lighter, easier. However if we live our lives “sleeping” or “ignorant” it is a completely different thing.

Did you recognize yourself in any of these? The first step is purely awareness. Honestly, if you were tamasic, you would not be reading this blog. You would not give a flying fig about alternative holistic sciences. Stay tuned for more information on diet (sattvic, rajasic, and tamasic foods) to help move you to a more sattvic state.

You can learn more about how to create a more sattvic mind here or get my book, In Your Elements to understand the full scope of how the quality of our mind affects the quality of our life!

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5 Responses to Quality of Mind

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  2. Mickey says:

    Hey Monica,

    That triguna chart is fantastic!

    Did you make it? Kudos to you for posting it.

    The only change I would make is to have the gunas going vertically and the doshas going horizontally:

    K P V



    But just my thoughts. OK, thanks again and be well! Don’t wait, meditate at the eye-focus.

  3. Monica says:

    Hooray!! We love sattva! My flying vata girl, you already know feels good and what doesn’t feel good in your own body. The trick now is to get your mind to help you make the right choices toward harmony and balance. You are already on your way…you are walking on your path (no running! it’s vata increasing…) :) xoxo

  4. NinaKruse says:

    Boy this really hit home! Just reading gave me more of a sense of Sattva! Thanks Monica! This is reminding me of my mindful practices that help me to be more grounded than the Flying Vata that I am!

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