Quick Massage

Hey! Tip! If doing the full body oil massage in the morning takes too much time, I have a little short cut for a quick massage. Keep a little container of sesame (vata) or almond (pitta) oil in the shower. After you soap up and rinse off, apply the oil like you would a lotion! Your skin will stay soft, circulation will improve, your mind will be easy, and your vata will be balanced. On the weekends, do the longer massage :)

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  1. Kelly S says:

    Mustard Seed oil for kapha? I’m a pitta with some major kapha imbalance…

    • Monica says:

      Yep, mustard seed for kapha. So, if you are naturally a pitta, be mindful about how your body is responding. If you notice any redness or rash or hives or anything that points to too much heat, we’ll need to change it to something like safflower. But as long as kapha is the imbalance, you should be okay. Please note…kapha massage is VIGOROUS. Scrubby scrubby scrubby. It should make you sweat doing the massage. Vigorous…to move that stagnant kapha, break up meda (fat tissue), and get that agni (digestive fire) stoked!

  2. Catherine says:

    Hi Monica!
    Almond oil sounds great. Can you do that even if you’re pregnant?
    Any almond oil brand/store you recommend or like?

    • Monica says:

      Hi Catherine! Yes!! Absolutely use almond oil if you’re pregnant (are you?! do tell!). In addition to full body, I used extra almond oil on my boobs, belly and hips to prevent stretch marks and got not-a one! :)
      You can get cold/expeller pressed almond oil in any grocery store. You will find it in the aisle where the oils are and it should be $4-$8. Don’t get the small bottle of almond oil in the cosmetic aisle – it’s not the same! They add stuff to it and it’s more expensive. Hope this helps! Happy oiling…and I’m dying to give a big “congrats!”… xoxo

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