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One of you asked me for advice on making right choices and following through with right action. She knows how to eat/live the proper way, but is having a problem with actually doing it. She is certainly not alone – I think many of us can relate to that.


The conflict lies between mind that is ego-driven and attached to the senses (manas) vs. wisdom (buddhi). I recommend reading The Mind part 1 if you have not, for a little background on buddhi.

When something is of pleasure to our senses, we will chase it because our ego (manas) wants more. “I want, I want, I want.” These can be simple things like, “I know I shouldn’t have one more slice of pizza because I am full, but it’s so tasty, so what the heck?!” This is not right action. Our buddhi just told us we were full, but we didn’t listen. Buddhi comes in when we can say, “I may want that, but I know eating too much will make me feel awful in about 10 minutes, so I will pass.” Makes good sense, yes?

So the question is, “How do I learn to listen more to my buddhi to ensure I make right choices and right actions?”

It starts with nutrition. If we eat fresh, natural foods and follow the nutritional guidelines, our bodies will be filled and fully nourished with prana. If you take anything away from my blah-blah-blah’s on here, please never forget that food directly affects the mind! For example, crappy food creates a crappy mind and crappy decision making…which then in turn makes us feel bad emotionally because we’ve let ourselves down. Then to comfort ourselves, we might grab some other crappy food to make ourselves feel better…and…repeat. You can see how this becomes a difficult trap to get out of.

BUT BUT! Let me share the LIGHT! If you start with fresh foods, prepared by yourself or someone who cooks with love, your mind will become more clear, your body nourished and you will feel like you did something great for yourself. That will only help you to make that great decision again. And again. And you will be succeeding and you will be LOVING yourself for it and you will only want to do it more.

Complete small tasks. Make a list and follow it to a tee. Even if it’s just 3 things you need to get done. Start small and make them doable to set yourself up for success. Watch yourself complete those things and you will feel awesome. You will feel your buddhi start to glimmer.

Surround yourself by positive, supportive, loving, funny (laughing is good medicine!) people. Forget the ones that drain you or leave you feeling any negative emotions. Focus on high quality people and nothing less.

Get creative! What else can you do to increase your buddhi? Creativity lives among the highest vibrations and is great for buddhi. Also maybe volunteer, take music lessons, sing, paint, write, bathe shelter animals, garden, or build something with your hands. When you spend time truly nourishing yourself or others, our ego gets quieter. When our ego is quiet, our wisdom and true essence is allowed to shine through.

Whatever leaves you feeling really GOOD is when you know you’ve tapped into the buddhi level and you will start living according to RIGHT action. You will want to do right by yourself over and over again, hence slowly creating a lifetime of awesome habits that help you evolve!


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