Salty! One thing I learned in a seminar at the NAMA conference is that we have way too much salt in our diet. Basically salt’s job is to compel us to take in more nutrients by making food tasty. But we have to be careful because that can easily result in overeating and weight gain.

Here’s what happens…salt increases desire in our sense of taste to such a level, that we just want more. We will go back for extra helpings even if we are no longer hungry, which results in overeating, weight gain and the accumulation of ama (undigested food, toxic).

Salt increases desire and sense of taste to such a level that our egos attach to the senses rather than to our soul. Because we are satisfying our desires rather than our souls, our ego says, “That was so good, give me more.” And then we get stuck in just satisfying our desires, over and over.

However, once excess salt is cut out of the diet, we stop going back for 2nd or 3rds because our bodies will be satisfied rather than our tongues wanting more salt. We become more satisfied with less and therefore weight is more likely to decrease and go back to it’s natural state.

So basically, we want the food to be pleasing, but not so overly tasty that we can’t control ourselves. Rather than salting, seasoning food with spices is the better way to go.

One cool thing about salt is that it reduces fear! For those with high anxiety, a salt lick can help!

(obviously nutrition is a HUGE part of life balancing because what you take in governs the body, mind and spirit. I am nervous and shy in starting to write about nutrition because there is so much. I ask for courage to start…because you all deserve to know about it)

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