Seasonal Bloom: Kapha

kapha_2013_iconHAPPY Kapha Season! Kapha season goes from late winter through spring, and the time is now! If you have already read the seasonal bloom in the past, maybe take another look! And then pass it along to a friend :)

NEW inside this one, I created a kapha playlist! That’s right, music to shake your booty to while spring cleaning. Nothing better to get a kapha moving than some great tunes! *shake it!*


I also ask that in return for reading, absorbing and hopefully loving the information, that you share this with at least three of your friends or family. We ALL need more Ayurveda in our lives. It’s my passion, it’s my life’s work and I am grateful I can share this with you. Please share with more people so my reach gets larger!

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  2. […] ♥ HAPPY Kapha Season! – It’s here!  Kapha season is in full bloom and I highly recommend you go on over to my girl, Monica B’s website to DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE KAPHA SEASONAL BLOOM HERE and learn more about how to transition gracefully into Spring with ease.  Monica put a seriously cool music playlist together to get your groove thing on and shake that booty.  Enjoy! […]

  3. Immy says:

    Hey lovely Monica, thank you again for another fab guide! it’s good for me to read (Kapha body/Vata mind…opposite to your friend up there but just as confusing!) as I live with a Kapha man, who stubbornly (but lovely of course), doesn’t like to listen to advice or change his habits, but does need some help! One question that is puzzling me…he’s just had his first experience of gout…which I thought would be a vata or pitta complaint… what can you recommend for my poor partner who is hobbling around during the end of this Kapha season in Spain? What would balance too much Uric acid in the metabolism? Less beer I’m guessing…! But is there anything that would keep him more balanced long term? Thank you wonderwoman!! namaste x

  4. […] maybe at theee perfect time. For those of you who want to eat lighter after holiday, following a kapha-balancing menu will be wonderfully balancing. Free of dairy, heavy, oily, and starchy foods, kaphas will […]

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  6. | HeyMonicaB says:

    […] That is to be expected. 2) read the seasonal bloom that sounds most like you a) vata b) pitta c) kapha 3) eat good foods that come from a good place. 4) follow the daily […]

  7. […] on myself? I will chalk that up to a big fat, “Yes!” And since it’s approaching kapha season, I know I’m not the only one with a cough and snotty nose! So I […]

  8. Nancy says:

    Hello, Monica.
    Thank you for putting together all of this wonderful information.
    I think I’m a Kapha mind living in a Vata body…
    I’ve always been a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of girl-don’t understand why people get mad so easily, yet always understand everyone’s point of view as I am my friends’ and coworkers’ sounding board. My friends call me ,”a cheery, quiet, saint”. I rarely throw anything away because I just might need it next week, month or year :)

    My body, however, is a petite frame with about 10 too many lbs, small joints, feet, and hands (my ring size is 4). My skin is always very dry and flaky without lotion. Dry curly frizzy thin hair as well.

    My question is (finally)-what would serve me better, the vata or kapha diet-am I eating oil or low fat? Am I doing grounding poses or cardio? Both?

    I’m so not used to talking this much-usually on the other side of the conversation:)

    Thanks for listening!

    • Monica says:

      Hello Nancy with Kapha mind and vata body! :) Awwww…a “cheery, quiet saint”!! That’s a kapha alright :)
      The answer to your question is…a bit of both! The common quality that vata and kapha have is cold. So it will always serve you to have warm and well cooked foods especially when the weather is cold. You can have spicy foods which will help kindle your digestive fire (agni) – vata has variable agni and kapha has weak agni – both will benefit from some spice!

      You can follow the seasons with the rest of the qualities. In spring, you will probably crave lighter, less oily foods (because it’s kapha season) and in fall/winter, you might crave heavier foods with some warm grounding oils/fats in them (to balance light & windy vata). Best to do is listen to what your body is calling for. You don’t sound like you are imbalanced so listening to your body is going to be your key.

      I hope this helps and thank YOU for asking!!! :)

  9. Hi! Thank you so much for these wonderful guides! The tips that you gave are very helpful, especially since I have to stay on track of my dream. Thanks for sharing the breathing technique!

  10. Meghs says:

    Hi Monica!!

    Thanks for all the lovely effort, I am going to shoot this over to a friend who I think is a classic Kapha!
    I have an important question for you – we live in Singapore where the weather is hot/humid all year round with ocassional showers – that to me describes an all -year Pitta season…Does that mean that I need to follow the Pitta season guidelines all through? I am a Pitta-Vata myself so my tummy tends to heat up in this climate!

    • Monica says:

      Hi Meghs! Definitely share with your kapha-friend. She will love it! You are correct, so since you are in Singapore you will follow mostly pitta-balancing guidelines. If there are “wet” seasons, you can follow the “drying” guidelines for kapha, but you’ll definitely need to stay cool. If your tummy heats up, stay cool and sweet to balance your pitta!! There is a pitta Seasonal Bloom too if you want to check that out:

  11. Kathi says:

    I think I am a classic Kapha!! Descibes a LOT of me. I am trying the sitting aerobic breathing exercise. Maybe this will M-O-T-I-V-A-TE me!!

  12. Holly says:

    Hi Monica,

    Thanks for all the great tips, as always! You indicated that you’d like to hear from readers, so I thought I’d suggest that sometime I’d love it if you’d make a guide on All Things Tridoshic. You know, saffron, the color green and sun salutations.

    I’m tridoshic but I think that information would be useful for others, too, because there’s often a mix of doshas in each household, all trying to balance themselves out.

  13. Barbara says:

    Hey Moni!

    this is great!! So much fun to read!!


  14. Becca says:

    Hi Monica!
    Thanks so much! This made my day! Off to reading now…

  15. Delphine says:

    Hey Monica!

    I love these guides! Thank you!

    Any suggestions for things a Vata can do to stay balanced in the spring?

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