Sickness Tea

I’ve been inspired to share my Ayurvedic sickness tea with the world. Dude! Who caught this got this nar-sty cough/snot/ache/fever thing going around?! Show of hands! 1, 2, 3…omg that’s just too many. That’s IT! I’m fed up. It’s time to take action and make a video!! Oh yeah, and what I failed to mention in it, is to strain the tea (you don’t have to drink soggy cardamom blobs or clove bits) and take as many steam showers as you want! I did 3 steam showers and 2 pots of tea in a day. Last time I was sick, I beat the thing pretty quickly. This time, it’s taking a little longer to kick. Regardless it’s sooooo much fun to share Ayurvedic recipes and remedies with you…I wanted to bring some extra LIFE into it! What do you think? warning: the husband called me the Swedish Chef of Ayurveda.


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  1. Heather says:

    Hi Monica! New to your website and loving it! But I’m a little confused by the steam shower thing…after looking over your dosha descriptions, it seems like a cold (with the fevers, congestion/drainage, etc) would be a kapha illness…so wouldn’t a steam show just be adding kapha to kapha? Not a criticism (’cause I’m obviously new to all this), just trying to get all of this straightened out in my head! Thanks for all of your wonderful information (I’m trying the kitchara cleanse right now, too!).


  2. […] ♥ SICK of it! – Great Ayurvedic tea recipe from the lovely HeyMonicaB!  She shares a great “feel better” tea whilst feeling cruddy herself (a video too!).  Great to drink this brew as much as possible during the cold/flu season. […]

  3. Joy says:

    Oh, yay! I love you even more now that I’ve seen your face :) eucalyptus in the shower is AWESOME. I’ve started making aromatherapy fizzies that I throw into the shower when I feel like “crud”. I’ve even started selling them on etsy: Anyway. You’re awesome!! Keep being you :D

  4. Immy says:

    Yes, plants and their healing qualities makes me love mother earth even more..,she is SO clever, dont you think? Olive leaves…you think they might have similar qualities to the neem tree in India? Oh, and btw, you look AMAZING when you feel like crud!! Love love love to you and your wee one xxxx

  5. cajeta says:

    LUv the video! You are gorgeous! Love your smile! I love that you keep it real Monica B! When you are boiling for 10 mins, is that on the fire or off fire? Do you have to let it steep additionally? thanks and please add more vids!

    • Monica says:

      Hi Cajeta! Thanks for the sweet note and words of encouragement! Will do more videos :) So…boil it for 10 minutes minimum – you can either let it sit in the pot longer and/or you can drink some of it right away. The longer it sits/steeps the more concentrated the tea will be. Don’t forget to strain before drinking! Nothing worse than getting an unexpected sog-ball of spice!

  6. Kibby says:

    Finally get to see what you look like. Gorgeous! HOpe you and the little one feel better soon. Thanks for sharing tea and your tips whilst feeling like crud. xo

  7. Immy says:

    I love you even more now Monica B! Feeling like crud and doing a video is the BEST thing you could have done! So inspiring and REAL. A little more REAL is what we need :) OK, now we want more…after you’ve had some rest and drink some more delicious chai… Sending love and a get well hug xxx PS. Handy hint for a natural bug-biting tea from me (if you live anywhere near olive trees), very tricky: go and pick a few leaves from an olive tree (5 leaves in a pot), boil for 10 minutes, leave to steep, pour and drink…it’s yummy and so so good for these VATA bugs I reckon… Namaste x

    • Monica says:

      Hi Immy!! YAY! Thanks for the support and love-filled NOTE! Back at cha, sister and love your olive tree remedy! Indians didn’t have olive trees so Ayurveda doesn’t talk much about them, but all plants have healing aspects (depending on the person), don’t you think?

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