Simple Changes, Dynamic Impact

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As we already know, Ayurveda is not based on quick fixes. Sure there are herbs to assist the healing process, but long term changes have everything to do with diet and lifestyle management. To some of us, that may sound like a lot of work, but if we make changes in small doses it’s not only doable, but the changes (and results) are ever-lasting!

They key is to embrace the small changes. Ayurveda is extremely logical. The most difficult part is teaching our minds to make those small changes. For some reason we figure if it’s not a monumental change (grapefruit cayenne pepper cleanse or 1 hour at the gym daily) that it won’t make a difference. That’s a total misconception and just not true! If we pay attention to even just one thing and stick with it, we will notice improvements. It’s the consistency that is key.

I find it the biggest challenge to counsel clients on the simple things. I wonder if they think it’s so simple that it can’t possibly work? For example, I stress the importance of a pranayama and meditation. Rarely do folks incorporate that change. They’ll do it for like a week. I mean after all, we’re just sitting there or breathing there. It’s not like any major changes will happen unless we do something drastic, right? Wrong — it does not have to be difficult in order for it to work.

One of my favorite stories is from  one of my first clients who had “IBS” type symptoms…for 12 years! She saw several specialists and no medicine or tests results revealed anything that could help her. In our Ayurvedic consultation, I discovered she was having a sugar substitute in her coffee every morning. I told her to stop. Within 1 week, she was fine. No more problems. (!!!!!!)

Oy! So…

…some of the most dynamic impact is made by the smallest changes! I do not teach things that are crazy difficult to do. So the good news is, you do not have to turn your life completely upside down, but do better today than you did yesterday. By doing a little bit better, you’re making progress! Keep going. And, if your practice is good, you can afford to do things like enjoy a cupcake on someone’s birthday or glass of wine (once in a while, not nightly or you’ll feel like junk).

I challenge you to pick one of the items below and do them for a week. They are not drastic or painful. Just give ONE a try. I don’t want you to do 2 or 3 because that is setting you up to fail. Do one, do it consistently and see how you feel!

Slowly we make the changes. We are not in a rush, we have our whole lives to practice! But start practicing. xoxo.

• Make lunch the largest meal of the day
• Do So Hum meditation before bed for 10 minutes (lay on your right side)
• Eat a small breakfast (vata & pitta = one serving oatmeal, kapha= toast with cinnamon & a little ghee)
• Go to bed by 10pm
• Take a brisk walk every day for 30 minutes
• Wake up 15 min before sunrise (ok that might be a little painful for some)

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