Simply Satisfied

Hey! Did you know our stomachs are stretchy? Of course you did. And did you know that when we eat, we shouldn’t eat to the point of feeling full? Indeed it’s true! Know why? Cause when you eat until you feel full, that means that your stomach is stretching. And when your stomach stretches out, it will require more food to fill the space. If we keep eating this way {getting full, stretching stomach, getting full, stretching stomach} it’s easy to see how we can gain weight and end up with low energy and a cloudy mind. All the food stuffs have not only stretched the stomach, but agni will have a tough time digesting all of it and that’s a good way to get ama.

So rather than eating to maximum fullness, it’s important to eat to the point of satisfaction instead. An example is a really good piece of chocolate (pittas and kaphas represent! I know you love your chocolates!) you might buy from a special candy counter. Just one piece of that chocolate is all you need and you are satisfied. On the flip side, you could eat a bag of M&Ms and still might not feel like you had your chocolate fix. Catch my drift? Make sure your food well spiced, and balancing for your dosha(s) and the seasons and you’ll feel satisfied without being overfull.

If you do eat to the point of being overfull, simply take the next day to eat light and/or fast. Always bring your mind’s attention to your fullness so that you can begin to learn how much food makes you feel best. So! What are some of your favorite foods that leave you simply satisfied? I’ll go first – dates! Dates satisfy my sweet tooth and I only need about 2 of them. Your turn! xo.

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  1. Jess says:

    I was wondering, do you think sometimes certain foods make us feel satisfied sooner because we have issues digesting them? For example, I know that avocados do something to me…almost an allergic reaction (get hives and itchy later in day). Usually, while eating them (which I tend not to do nowadays) I would feel satisfied with a little bit. Sometimes when consuming them, my stomach would ache a little as well. This happens with pineapple, banana (except when blended), and broccoli.

  2. Guilly says:

    I have trouble stopping. I figure if I don’t feel full, I can eat more. I think sometimes I eat out of boredom or anxiety. I realized the other day I haven’t felt hunger in a while b/c I just eat. Good article.

    • Monica says:

      That’s some good self awareness, Guilly. Once you know that about yourself, you can use your wisdom (buddhi!) to help you make better choices. Staying aware of our habits is the most powerful tool we have! Keep going.

  3. Holly says:

    Chocolate and dates are up at the top of my list. I also love fresh fruit, like a few pieces of pineapple.

    Question: I notice that the day after I overeat, I still seem to have a regular appetite, or even more (you guessed it – I have Pitta digestion)? Could it be that when Pitta types overeat it also overstimulates Agni, which then needs to be cooled, within reason, in order to balance?

    • Monica says:

      Great Holly! Exactly what I’m talking about. I think the reason why you are more hungry the next day is because your stomach is stretched out a little bit (and yes, along with pitta digestion), so you will require more food the next day. Does that make sense? A common scenario is when we drink too much alcohol (agni stimulator) because our agni gets over-stoked and then we feel really hungry and can eat a lot more. Over all be thankful for your strong agni, but make sure portions are under control.

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