Spring Kapha has Sprung

Raise your hand if over the past weekend or two, you just had get in a good deep clean around the house. Raise your other hand if you felt a strong desire to start a new fitness regime. Raiser your…big toe if you are also in the mood to toss, recycle, or donate items that make you feel heavy or cluttered. Look at all those hands and toes!

Know why? It’s kapha season! Kapha is the energy of lubrication and structure. It’s a builder for our body-minds, which is heavy and sticky in nature. As we know, to balance the doshas we use the opposite qualities of that dosha. So it’s no wonder why in heavy, sticky, wet spring we feel the need to move our bodies, clean our homes, eat lighter foods, lighten our cluttered load, and possibly take a little vacation to a warm, sunny climate! Lots of folks do spring cleanses around this time too. It’s not really because we’re worried about bikini season, it’s because nature is telling us to! Don’t forget, we are a part of nature and we flow with it in perfect rhythm.

I invite you to read Seasonal Bloom: Kapha, from last year. It has a ton of information about kapha-types, kapha season and has lots of tips to stay healthy during spring. You can download (free!) and share. Bring it to brunch as a little gift to your girlfriends, leave on your coworkers desk (it will make their day!), email it to your mom or auntie – there’s lots of things you can do to help get the good word out about Ayurveda! Please enjoy. If you read it last year, give it another read because information you were not ready to receive last year will pop out at you this year :) xoxo!




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  1. […] is the perfect time for cleansing. Why? Well, in Ayurveda, spring is Kapha season which has the quality of damp and heaviness. Makes sense with all the springtime rain and snow melt, […]

  2. […] is the perfect time for cleansing. Why? Well, in Ayurveda, spring is Kapha season which has the quality of damp and heaviness. Makes sense with all the springtime rain and snow melt, […]

  3. Tom says:

    Hey Monica,

    It is advised that one should not eat kapha aggravating foods during spring, but what should someone do if they are underweight and in need of heavier foods (milk, cheese, pasta etc) to get their weight up? Would adding lots of hot spices remedy the increased intake of kapha foods? I would greatly appreciate your input.

    • Monica says:

      Hey Tom! Exactly I like your thinkin’ – have the heavier foods to balance your dosha (sounds like vata?), but then add the spices to keep kapha from increasing. Really smart!! Great job at executing what you’ve learned about Ayurveda! Proud of you. One thing, just make sure you are choosing wisely when trying to put on weight. Healthy fats, grains, and oils are good, just make sure you are including enough fruits and veggies too. My point is, don’t get trapped in the, “I eat carbs and cheeeeez,” diet :)

  4. Paige says:

    What if one if underweight, therefore a vata imbalance, but feels the need to balance kapha (feeling weak, slow, tired, loss of appetite)? Or are these symptoms of prolonged vata imbalance? It seems no matter what my imbalance is, I crave what is appropriate for the season, which might not be good for the imbalance! Also, I know Ayurveda stresses the need for three meals rather than smaller, more frequent ones. For years now, I’ve been eating 5-6 smaller meals (or, three main and 2-3 smaller/medium snacks). I wonder if my weight and constitution would remain more balanced if I were to do three meals instead. However, I can’t seem to eat too much at once without feeling overly full or too full (since it’s recommended to eat only until just “right”). Is this way of eating okay then? What’s your take? Would love your input. :)

    • Monica says:

      Hey Paige! First of all, craving what is in season is right on! That’s a good sign and as long as your cravings go with the nature around us, go with it! Yes 5-6 meals a day might be causing your digestion (and vata, with all that work involved) to go into overdrive. Give your agni a good something to work on for a while. Otherwise it’s like filling a car with 1 gallon of gas and just when you start getting gusto on the freeway, you have to stop to refuel…but only with 1 more gallon. I suggest trying the 3 meals. If you need to have a snack between, have a piece of fruit and some herbal tea. Vatas tend to munch munch munch, constant motion, constant digestive process – no bueno. Give the 3 meals a whirl and see how you feel!! xoo

  5. […] Bloom shares other healthy spring time tips in her Seasonal Bloom.  This is Kapha season, sticky and lubricating, and is the reason for much of the sinus-y gunk.  […]

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  7. Kibby says:

    Hi Monica! Even if I am Vata with some Kapha , do I lend towards more of a Kapha balancing routine or stay with Vata? Any input would be appreciated. Love your posts!

    • Monica says:

      Hi Kibby!
      Thanks for your question! Well…it depends. Largely, vata is the first dosha to go out of balance, so you are always going to make sure to manage vata. But! My biggest advice it so pay attention to the seasons! Balance yourself according to the nature surrounding you. So during spring, balance kapha. During fall/winter, balance vata. The good news is that both doshas are cold, so you know if you eat warm and keep warm, you’ll do both of your doshas good :) Does that help? xo

  8. Kelly S says:

    I’m definitely having those urges! I’m a pitta with a kapha imbalance, and I’m 19 weeks pregnant :-) So I’ll go with eating lighter foods and such (as long as the tummy agrees, it has been so disagreeable!), but I really can’t cleanse right now, right? I’m finding I’m not OK with dairy or lots of raw foods (like salad) other than fruits. Ugh crazy!

    • Monica says:

      Ohhhh!! Kelly, congratulations!! So magical and fun – you are in for a treat. Definitely eat lighter foods. You could do the kitchari if you wanted to – absolutely! It’s a perfect food and is great for mind and body – baby will like it too. I ate kitchari when I was preggers. I didn’t do the mono diet “cleanse” per se, but you could eat all the kitchari you want without an issue :) xoxo.

      • Monica says:

        Hey Kelly, just reread your comment and wanted to clarify. Having kitchari is a fine fine thing, but you are correct that “cleanses” of any other kind should not be done right now. Your body is in state of building/holding so that you have a little extra for baby. For now, eat what feels best and digests best – it’s what the little one is craving :) xoxo.

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