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Heyo! We are approaching “flu season.” Let’s shift our mindset around “flu season” and look at it as “low immunity” season. Instead of envisioning ourselves as little victims that icky germs cling to and mess us up for a few days, let’s look at the power of our immunity. Once we know how to build up our immunity to avoid sicknesses like the flu, we become the master of our own health.

Rather than “flu season” my mind automatically shifts to think, “low ojas” season. That’s little word, ojas, is pronounced “OH-juss.” It’s super important to know that ojas exists and even more important to know how to boost that sucker to max capacity. When ojas is strong, we are sick less often, less severely and for less time.

Let’s get started on how to avoid getting sick!

What the heck is ojas? Ojas is the essential energy of our vitality, immunity, strength, luster and health. Ojas is the pure essence of all bodily tissues which means that after all the tissues in the body have gone through their digestive processes, ojas is the pure nectar of what is left. It is our immunity and in addition, it is responsible for reproduction and creation. We only have a tiny bit, a few drops, and it lives in the heart. People with good ojas rarely get sick and people with low or low quality ojas will get sick often.

What depletes ojas?

• Improper diet including: alcohol, caffeine, carbonated bevy’s, fast food, stale food, excess sugars, processed foods, super cold or raw foods
• Anything in excess including: over-scheduling, over-traveling, stress, sex, and exercise.
• Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep
• Dehydration
• Manic, panicked or stressed mind (plus, if you tell yourself you are going to get sick, you probably will)
• Clogged channels, poor flow or wrong flow of the channels

Notice all of the above have a catabolic effect on the body and mind? {break down, break down, break down} It’s almost like the things on the list above “attacks” the body, rather than “nourishes” it — just like sickness does. Add to that, vata season (<–freebies) which has the same effect — that’s why we all get sick. See how this all goes together? Yeah? Look at the list again. Nothing on this list is building, nourishing, slow, or high quality and that is what we need to keep ojas strong.

What enhances ojas?

Ghee is the best ojas enhancer! Cook with it, melt it, spread it, sauteé with it, put a drop in warm milk and drink. Ghee is pure oil and a sattvic food that nourishes our tissues on the deepest level. It even looks a bit like ojas. Note: don’t have ghee if you have ama. Clear the ama first.
• Whole or raw milk. Tip: after sex, have a small glass of milk to replenish ojas.
• A proper diet that comes from nature. Eat the freshest food you can find, limiting sugar and processed crap (toss the left over Halloween candy! It’s just going to break you down!).
• Favor foods according to who YOU are as an individual.
• Consistent, high quality sleep
• Drink enough water. Vata & Pittas 8+ glasses a day. Kaphas don’t need as much, aim for 6. If kaphas feel “over-watered,” have less.
• Stress management: schedule a 10-minute break every 90 minutes, walk in nature, 10 deep breaths, cup of herbal tea, no scary tv, turn screens off 60 minutes before bed.
• Daily exercise for your dosha (30 minutes, at your capacity)
• Pranayama* nadi shodhanam, kapalbhati, and/or so hum.
Amalaki (do not use if you have ama), Indian gooseberry with the highest content of Vitamin C of any fruit. Great for light detoxification and rejuvenation. Awesome for prevention.

*Muy Importante! It is said in Ayurvedic texts that if we do 10 minutes of pranayama a day, disease cannot set in! Sounds too simple to work, doesn’t it? Well, how many people are sick? Lots. And how many do you think are doing daily pranayama? I would guess…not many. Dude, just try it! You can’t say it doesn’t work if you don’t try it. Pranayama daily and you will have max power against the sickies.

What can you do right now to enhance ojas?

1.  Become aware what you do that is 1) Ojas depleting and 2) Ojas building.
2. Practice ELIMINATING 1-2 things from the ojas depleting list and ADD 1-2 things from the ojas enhancing list.

I will have much more to say about ojas and immunity but this will get you started! Awareness is where everything begins so start there! XO and more soon.

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  2. Lois Kubota says:

    I love your stuff! And what a great reminder not to lick shopping carts! LOL

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