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Thanksgiving Gratitude

In my Ayurvedic Thanksgiving tips, I suggest writing out a gratitude list. Well hey! You can use this pretty little 2-page freebie printout, the Thanksgiving Gratitude Tree :)

It would make a great accessory to a hostess gift or print out a bunch for your gathering and everyone can fill out their trees. A Thanksgiving Gratitude party! That’s what it’s all about afterall, right?

Page 1 – fill out the circles
Page 2 – explain WHY you are grateful for what’s in the circles.

Thanksgiving Gratitude Tree 2016


However you use it the most important part is to connect to what you’ve been blessed with and WHY. Life is incredible. We will receive no greater gift. Even in the most challenging times, we are gaining perspective and wisdom. And we can be grateful for the path. Even if we are feeling a little powerless, gratitude for the struggle is a powerful message, “Thank you for the challenges because it is making me wiser, stronger and teaching me things I would not have learned otherwise. I accept and am grateful for my path.”


Monica B.


Permission for my Authenticity



In the SPIRIT of the holidays, welcome to day 1 of the 12 days of Ayurveda.

On the 1st day of Ayurveda my spirit gave to me…

Ayurveda is the only healing method that recognizes and honors us as completely unique individuals.

Now, there are many guidelines in Ayurveda including an Ayurvedic daily routine, eating for our dosha and proper food combinations. There are massage and therapy techniques that are to be performed in a methodical way. And, of course, there are the cleanses that take expert knowledge to bring customized healing to each person.

So, sure. All those things are true. On the other hand, Ayurveda also arrives in the space where we don’t have to “know” much at all, except ourselves. The biggest healing often comes from paying attention and looking inside because that will give us more information than anyone else. Only you know, “When I eat this food, I get heartburn” or “When I go for 20-minute morning jogs, I feel awesome afterwards!” Or, “When I have coffee every day, I can’t poop.” or “When I eat a lot of vegetables, I feel light and clear-minded.” These experiences that run through our heads are the signposts to our unique health. No book, no class, no method, nothing external will tell us how we feel. It lives in US.

How many times have you gone to a friend for advice and when they give you their words of wisdom your response is, “Yeah, deep down, I know that.” They might not even tell us something new, they just validate what we already feel. When we say, “deep down” that is spirit. It talks to us all the time and delivers information through our mind and body, we just have to relax and listen.

So. You are more powerful than you think. Your spirit is always talking to you, unique you. Listen to it. XO!

Turn the World Around


Happy Earth Day!! It’s one of my favorite days because of the awesome reminder that we are just a small piece of this big world. And in Ayurveda, we know that nature is made of all of the same things we are (space, air, fire, water, earth). As a tribute to our mother earth, I would like to share a personal story of celebrating our earth and each other.

Perhaps I’m a big dork, but almost nothing makes me happier than The Muppets. Ayurveda might make me happier than The Muppets, but they are pretty much neck and neck. I grew up with The Muppet Show and would wait with anticipation every Saturday night. Each show seemed to last a whopping 5 minutes before it was over – it would go by so fast! Then I’d have to wait a whole week before I could see the flying zucchini brothers put another chicken in the cannon (that is not Ayurvedic, btw, but I thought it was a riot).

One episode, in particular, left me completely awestruck as I sat glued to the tv with all hairs standing on end and tears in my eyes. I had to have been, maybe five years old.  It was the one with Harry Belafonte as the special guest star where he sang a song with dancing African masks. I’ve never forgotten it. Even when I was in my 20s, I rememberd that episode and told friends that it was by far my favorite. I recalled the song was, “Turn The World Around.” You know how something that seemed so magical when you were little, doesn’t seem as magical when you’re older? Well, I assure you this is completely opposite of that.

I knew my husband had The Muppets dvds, but didn’t know he had the Harry Belafonte episode, so with great excitement, we put it on. Keep in mind, I didn’t discover Ayurveda until I was 32, but somehow the root of what Ayurveda is (I finally see this now) has been with me forever.

(Here’s where, at the age of 37, Monica B’s mind explodes. Cue the goosebumps. I can barely write this – my fingers want to move so fast to stay with the stride of my brain, heart, and soul.)

Mr. Belafonte talks about a storyteller, referencing an ancient tradition in Africa, who told him about the fire, which means the sun. And about the water and about the earth. “And he [storyteller] pointed out that all of these things put together, turn the world around. All of us are here for a very very short time. And in the time we are here, there really isn’t any difference in any of us, if we take time out to understand each other…cause if we do, together we can…turn the world around.

I leave you with my favorite song of spirit, authenticity, love, and all that is this great nature called earth. Thanks to Harry Belafonte & The Muppets.

Water make the river, River wash the mountain, Fire make the sunlight
Turn the world around

Heart is of the river, Body is the mountain, Spirit is the sunlight
Turn the world around 

We are of the spirit, Truly of the spirit, Only can the spirit
Turn the world around 

Do I know who I am, do you know who you are? 
See we one another clearly, do we know who we are?
WhooaaHO, so is LIFE…

From my spirit to yours, let’s honor ourselves and each other. And turn the world around.
Namasté and love to all, Monica


Journey of the Spirit