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2017 Vata Seasonal Bloom


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I’m EXCITED for you to have these Vata Freebies!
You get Vata Season Webinar + Vata Seasonal Bloom (14-page health guide)!

Let’s talk about vata + the weekend for a sec.
Computers make us feel anxious, so why don’t you print Seasonal Bloom and read it by the fireplace or in your favorite chair. Print is more balancing than the screen, plus it is so lovely you will want it in your hands.
*inhale* *exhale*

We live in a HIGHLY imbalanced vata world with things like computers, smart phones, traffic, and social media. We get anxiety over what we think we should be doing and who we think we should be. *breathe* You are perfectly aligned on your path. You are already doin’ it. The world is just moving faster than ever (hyper-vata) and you can feel that zippy energy, which can create an internal panic.

Let’s slow it down and use this weekend to disconnect from all that stuff.

Find a pumpkin. Cook a meal. Sink into a long bath. Free flow on a bike ride. Catch views from your favorite hike (even if it’s urban). Bust out your paints. Go to the high school football game. Say hello to the yarn basket. Savor a magazine. Power walk with your favorite person. {insert your ideas here}

Let’s bring it down. You are perfectly as you should be, perfectly on your path.
You don’t need to move faster, just trust and slow it down.
*inhale* *exhale*

BIG LOVE! (it’s not you, it’s just vata!)



Think Tropics

Hoh-kay! Since vata season brings on the big chill, most people focus on staying warm. We pile on the clothes and crank up the heat in our homes and in our cars, overlooking that the heated air is extremely dry. So not only does vata season bring on the big chill but it also brings on the big dry! Ayurvedically speaking, using warmth to balance vata is logical and correct, but we can’t forget about moisture. I recently mentioned that we need oils in our bodies so we don’t dry out, and along the same lines our atmosphere also needs more moisture. I always think about a vata balancing atmosphere as the tropics, where the surrounding nature is warm and humid. In the tropics, plants are dewy, green, and lush. The air is thick, moist and heavy. The nature there has a little bounce, sponginess and flexibility. Nothing is brown, dry, brittle or cracked.

Ah ha! So more than warmth, there is a dense, wet, heaviness that many of us forget about when trying to balance our vata dosha. *ding! ding!* Welcome to balancing vata! Since most of us can’t just fly to Thailand to get our fix, there are some simple things you can do to make your home feel like a tropical paradise.

• Humidifier. Stick one in your bedroom and you’ll sleep like a baby. This is also great to calm a dry cough. If I could have it my way, I would live in a room that’s 80 degrees with 80-90% humidity. Hellooooooo vata zen!
• Boil a pot of water on your stove. It will humidify the air nicely. And especially if you live in a small apartment, the air will get nice and thick fairly quickly.
• Steam bath or shower. Steam it up in the bathroom (tip: if you are a sloppy vata and don’t fold your clothes, hang them in the bathroom on a hanger and the steam will get out the wrinkles) and take some deep inhales. Bring in your favorite aromatherapy oil and drip on the floor. Leave the door open when you’re done for instant humidifying.
Oil up! To keep the moisture “sealed” on your bod, use a little almond or sesame oil in the shower to keep moisture in.
• Ocean white noise. Okay so it’s not real moisture, but if you have a white noise machine or a smart phone with a white noise app, use the ocean setting! Turn it up! Visualizing a tropical place will help our vata mind settle and become instantly peaceful.

If you have other creative ideas to bring on the tropics, please do share! Once you increase heat AND moisture, your vata will sink into it’s virtual hammock to enjoy the get away.

Seasonal Chai

In case you missed it last year, I created “Good Morning” mugs that came with homemade chai mix for the holidays. Since it’s chilly outside, now is the perfect season for a hot, spicy, velvety cup of chai. If you need some little gifts, stuffers, or hostess gifts the mug is cute and inspiring. And the chai is really yummy (if I do say so myself) too!

Find the mugs and chai on my etsy store. Happy Shopping! xoxo


Falling for Vata

Crisp air, crunchy leaves, apple cider, Halloween costumes, and Sunday football games all tell us that it’s fall! And in Ayurveda that means it’s vata season! We exited pitta season (summer) about a month ago (sorry for the delay!) and now there’s a whole new set of rules to follow to keep us balanced for fall and winter.

Rather than repeat myself from what I wrote last year, I wanted to explain a little bit more about why so many of us feel the effects of vata energy so often. We live in a very vata imbalancing society. As we know, vata is the energy of movement so anything that moves within us or around us will increase that energy. Our world has become so fast and so filled with “instant gratification” that we are all racing at the speed of light. Whether it’s battling traffic on our commute or not having enough patience to stand in line at the grocery store because our meter will run out, these anxieties and constant rushing only increases the vata within all of us. It happens whether or not vata is part of our natural balance.

Take for example, the internet. How much stuff is thrown at you daily? We have personal email, work email, calender notifications, IM/chats, ads on websites, flash animations, facebook (emails here too, things to respond to), twitter (links to check, things to read, people to connect to), daily news…and that doesn’t even include what you’re doing for work! There are SO many things to look at and respond to that we sort of get this internal buzz (vata!) happening. Right!? Do you ever feel that? For some of us, it is fun to look at all of these blinking, dinging, flashing things as part of our to-do list. But over time it can be a constant annoyance of information overload. We become easily distracted, fatigued, and anxious as our heart races out of panic at seeing how large our inbox is. Am I wrong?

Those feelings my friend are 100% vata imbalance. This is a perfect example of how we are affected and governed by the energy around us. That’s why, we really have to learn how to counterbalance the fast, cold, rough, dry, light qualities of what vata season brings. We have a lot of these qualities in our daily lives, but now add on top of it Mother Nature. That said, a lot of us are NOT naturally vata, but we might feel these effects. If you are a pitta or kapha feeling a vata increase, follow the vata balancing tips below. You should balance out fairly quickly and then return to your normal routine.

AND!! I am in the works of creating Seasonal Bloom for vata season, so do not fret. It’s in progress (not making deadlines is typical vata behavior. I got married so I’m trying not to be hard on myself :) xoxo!

Tips for everyone for fall!
• Turn off the computer at least one hour before bed. Vatas are prone to insomnia and this is a great way to avoid that
• Enjoy a vata-balancing diet which includes warm teas, warm meals, cooked veggies, oils/fats, nuts, squashes, bananas, warm apples & pears
• If you are feeling out of whack, enjoy kitchari for a few days until you feel like yourself again
Balance your dinner plate so that it’s vata-balancing (if you are a pitta or kapha, follow those plates)
• If you get gas or bloating, eat a small piece of raw ginger and you’ll feel better instantly
• Stay well oiled inside and out. If you have dry skin, use oils instead of lotion! Or you can pick up some lavender salt scrub from Trader Joe’s!
• You may want to put a layer of oil on your skin before showering. Put it on your full body and let it sit 5-10 min. Then shower. The oil will absorb and act as a barrier since water dries out our skin
• Stick to your routine. Doing the same thing at the same time every day will bring a steadiness to vata. It will reduce anxiety, stress, and you will be more productive
• Cover your ears when outside in the cold! Wind (vata in nature) gets in the ears (where vata lives) and can cause vata imbalances like overall chilliness, headaches, ear aches, anxiety, and panic
• Fill your ears with soothing, calming music
• Light plenty of candles. Warm light will counterbalance cloudy skies and our shortened days. You will feel warm, happy and cozy

Vata Blows in for Fall


Oooo. Didja feel the breeze? Let’s give a round of applause for vata’s first appearance in 2014 (vatas really like applause)!!

<Pause so vatas can bow>

OK! Today marks the first day of fall and that means that vata moves in to govern nature for the next few months. While pitta was around for summer, we ate fresh fruits, veggies and salads. Vata however is much cooler and dryer and we must adjust accordingly! Because vata energy is dry and cold, things like salads (dry and cold) won’t balance us in this season, rather things like root vegetables, soups, and warm foods will suit us much better.

Vata is made of air + space and it’s the energy of movement. In addition, the qualities of vata are dry, cold, rough, mobile, light and subtle. A dried up leaf blowing around, upside down and flippy in the wind is a perfect example of vata.

During fall and early winter, the vata dosha has a tendency to increase in all of us because what is most inherent in nature, is also most inherent in us. So above all things, we need to pay close attention to the nature that surrounds us. We cannot keep the same habits all year round. Eating watermelon in Wisconsin during Christmas is not only tastes like junk, but it’s imbalancing. It’s cold and wet just like nature at that time, which will increase those qualities in our bodies and could give us a cold (hellooooo). In addition it’s not in season which means that it’s not natural. Going against nature is a great way to make us sick.

It’s not hard to go with nature, just LISTEN to what your body is asking for. Comfort foods are great for this time of year because it calms and soothes the windy and cold qualities. Suddenly those goopy stews, hearty soups and breads are just what we need. We don’t feel heavy, we feel nurtured like someone just wrapped our insides in a fleece blanket.

In preparation for vata season, start drinking warmer liquids now. Start laying off the salads now. Begin incorporating more oils now. Start making warm foods for dinner. Swap out the fruit for breakfast and try oatmeal. And there’s more tips too in this VATA SEASONAL BLOOM – FREE DOWNLOAD.

In doing these simple things, you will prepare the body (and mind!) for when things get windy and chilly and it won’t be such a shock to the system. Remember to eat foods that are warm, goopy and heavy (but that doesn’t mean eat a whole ton). You will probably use more chapstick, lotion or oil to lubricate dry skin – good! See, we already know how to respond to nature in many ways. Use your logic. Listen to your gut and most of all, use your BUDDHI. You will be better off listening to yourself than anyone else.

And if you get a little lost, then ask me! Cause I probably know some things you don’t :) I’m here to help you figure it all out.

And one last thing. I’d like to thank the Vatas in the room for gracing us with their beautiful, stunning, presence (vatas like drama) as we embark on the winds of change for fall! Hooraaaay!! Bravo!!!
<Pause so vatas can bow>

Vata Balancing Tea

This vata balancing tea is great for aiding digestion and to help ground the body and mind. Pacifying vata is important especially during vata season because vata is the quickest dosha to go out of balance.

4 cups of water
1 tbsp fennel seeds
1 tbsp coriander seeds
2 pods of cardamom
1 tbsp of sucanat or rice syrup (optional)

Heat water in a pot. Crush fennel and coriander seeds and cardamom pods slightly. Add to the water and boil for 3 minutes. If you use the sucanat or rice syrup, add and boil for 2 more minutes. Strain and serve.
*You can use brown sugar to sweeten afterwards if you don’t add the sucanat or rice syrup