The Best Ayurvedic Appetizer

The Best Ayurvedic Appetizer!

Any clue as to what it might be? I have a magic Ayurvedic potion to share! Well, it’s not really a potion, but it is pretty awesome.

To keep agni strong, a little something called Indian lemonade is great to make before meals. It’s not quite lemonade as us Americans know it. It is much smaller in quantity and it is used as a medicine to aid in digestion.

The ginger and salt are heating to the body which “stokes” our internal fire (agni). That way, when we put food in our stomach, it will be digested thoroughly and give proper nutrition to the tissues. It’s like a metabolic boost! In addition it cleanses our tongue so we properly taste the food. Taste is extremely important because we eat less when we are satiated.

Below is a recipe for this Indian Lemonade. It’s the best ayurvedic appetizer to prepare your body for digestion and you won’t even be full before your dinner arrives ;)

Ginger and Lemon. Indian Lemonade

Indian Lemonade

Make it into a paste and store in a small container in the fridge. Before lunch and dinner, eat about as much as your pinky finger nail. Share some with your feasting comrades. If you are high pitta, eat less.

Freshly squeezed lemon juice (1/2 lemon)
Freshly grated ginger 1″ piece
Rock salt 1/4 tsp
*for pitta constitutions, can add some sugar

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  1. Babita says:

    I had never seen this on the site before – my mom always gave me this for nausea. When I feel my digestion is sluggish, I usually have lemon-ginger tea but this sounds much better – never thought to use it to boost digestion. Thanks!

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