Tip: Cooling Cucumber Water

Is it getting warm outside where you live yet? In America, we are approaching pitta season, which means that it’s heating up both outside and on our insides. One of my favorite treats to beat the heat (that was a lot of ‘eats’) is to float cucumber slices in a pitcher of cool water. Delicious! And the water doesn’t get bitter like it does with citrus fruit. You’ll instantly feel like you’ve been transported to a luxury spa on the beach. Ahhh…

You can also add mint! mm!

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  1. Hot Mama! says:

    […] shows a big cucumber slice on her eye. HA! I love how it’s the butt-end. Because she knows cucumbers are cooling, it was a good Ayurvedic college try! […]

  2. Hi,

    Everybody we know, including us, loves the cucumber and its cooling, Then wash it off with cold water; pat your skin dry with a clean towel.


  3. Shakti says:

    Tks Monica, I’ll try this with pleasure (I’m Pitta)
    Take care…xx

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