Tip for Cold Hands & Feet

Brrr…if it’s chilly where you are and your handies and toesies are getting cold, you can put sesame oil on them before you head outside. Sesame oil is warming and lubricating which helps your phalanges (like that?!) stay warm and soft! xoxo

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  1. Carol says:

    Cold hands – warm heart. Well, I do have cold hands and feet quite often – placing sesame oil to keep them warm seems like a good idea.

    Hope I have some in the kitchen cabinet… Is there any other kind of oil that you would recommend instead of sesame?

    • Monica says:

      Hi Carol! Well, any oil is better than none! Even olive oil would work. Almond oil is nice and safflower oil is okay too although it’s not as thick/heavy – it’s better for warmer months. Sesame has a warming quality to it so it actually can keep the skin warmer as well as supple. But really, you can use any oil until you get your hands on sesame. ***please note: sesame oil is cold/expeller pressed, NOT the toasted kind! You should not smell like roasted nuts…if you do, you probably have the wrong sesame oil ;) Hope this helps!!

  2. Kelly S says:

    What if I’m supposed to be using Mustard Seed oil instead? Are they really that different? I’m a pitta with a raging kapha imbalance going on right now…

    • Monica says:

      Hi Kelly! Mustard seed oil works too!! Will keep you warm also. Sesame oil is too heavy for kapha in general. BUT if you used some on your fingers and toes, it wouldn’t cause a problem. Either works and if you’ve already got mustard go ahead and use it :) Thanks for your question!! xoxo

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