Tip: Fruit & Dairy

Fruit + Dairy. Wrong food combinations

Hey! Who likes a fruit parfait with yogurt and granola? A lot of us do. We also put berries or bananas on our cereal. While I love bananas in my cereal as much as the next guy, Ayurveda has taught me that fruit and dairy is considered a “wrong food combination.” So sad, I know! But I have to share the information because nobody tells us these things!

Fruits curdle the milk which turns digestion a little sour and rancid. The result could bring heart burn and/or an acidic or sour taste in the mouth. The combo is also a channel clogger and potential ama creator. If you have digestive problems and are currently eating fruit and dairy as a combo on a regular basis, try omitting the combo for the time being to see if you feel any better.

If you are wondering if I combine fruit and dairy, I will tell you honestly that I don’t anymore. I have my fruit as a snack in between meals and sometimes I have a mixed fruit for lunch. Just a little fyi, fruit is a nice “fast” for vata/pitta types (vata should never fast, pittas can do fruit juice fast) when digestion is sluggish or when we had a heavy meal the night before.

If you have the fruit & dairy combo often, mybe try the fruit minus the yogurt/milk for a week and see how you feel. You might notice subtlties in your emotions, digestion, or clarity of mind that you didn’t realize you’d lost! And if you’re mad at me, you can let me know ;)

6 Responses to Tip: Fruit & Dairy

  1. srp1227@hotmail.com says:

    What about rice drink with fruit?

    • Monica says:

      Can you tell me more about the rice drink – what’s in it and when do you drink it?

      • Salma says:

        Well, I would have like a similar question: I’m kapha and so I should avoid dairy, but how it is with alternative milk in general (rice milk, almond milk, oats milk)?

      • Monica says:

        Hi Salma!
        Rice milk would be best choice for you, followed by almond. Coconut milk would be too heavy/sweet. I don’t know oats milk. Wait, oats have udders? ;) Just kidding. Lemme know if this helps!

      • Salma says:

        Thanks for your answer :)

        Oats milk is my famourite. It really tastes nice. Rice milk is also ok, but a bit sweet.

      • Monica says:

        :) Cool, then if you like it and it likes you, keep doin it :)

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