Wake Up Energized



If you are groggy in the morning, try eating a lighter dinner. Lots of food landing on our tired agni (digestive fire) will not digest properly. Eating a large dinner can result in weight gain, cloudiness of mind, lethargy, and toxins. Think about it, if agni is weak and we add too much food, that food is going to sit like blob in our digestive system basically untouched until morning. Then if we choose to eat breakfast, we are just adding more food to the already undigested food. And our agni never has a chance to catch up. This is a great way to create ama, or toxins. No bueno.

A small dinner will digest easily, and we’ll be ready for more nourishment in the morning. Without old food stuffs hanging around, we will wake up clear headed and physically vibrant, ready to start the day!

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