Tracks of your Tears

When tears flow from the inside corners of our eyes, those come from a bitter place. Those tears are usually when we are angry or maybe resentful.

When tears flow from the outside corners of our eyes, those have more sweetness and are because of compassion, joy or grief.

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  1. […] “AMEN!?” I found this card which induced a flurry of heart backflips while instant hot tears sprung to mine wee eyes. Ah, and that’s when you know it’s a good. A real stunner for […]

  2. Ila says:

    And what are the emotion attached when years flow down the center instead of inside or outside corners of the eyes ?

  3. Tears dry. Wounds heal. Hurts lose their power with time. It’s okay to mourn and to be sad, but remind yourself that your past is your past, and that you have a wonderful opportunity to create a fresh future.

  4. holliemctiernan says:

    wow! That’s facinating!

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