Tri-Dosha Menus


Tri-dosha menus

From my hands and heart to yours, here are three dosha menus in ONE post for your downloading and sharing ease. Groovytown!! *high kick!* These menus are not meant to box you in, rather, they are created to expand your mind into the world of foodie concoctions that are awesome for you.

Something to keep in mind, if you eat a “wrong-for-your-dosha” food, don’t stress about it! Just do better next time, it will not kill you. In fact, someone once told me, “You cannot kill anyone with Ayurveda.” SCORE! Well, I suppose if you struck the wrong marma point hard enough you could, but that’s beside the point. If your body responds well to the food you are eating, keep doing that! If you are not digesting well, try some of the menu recommendations according to your dosha and see if you begin to feel better.

Again, there are a myriad of foods we can choose and frankly we should have a diet balanced in all six tastes, organic when possible, and eat with a happy mind. If you do all those things, you will be in far better shape than you did before you found this crazy lil site :) Enjoy your dosha menus and if you like these, please please share!

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  3. karen says:

    err…shoulda posted the actual website recipe:

    SO HEY!!!! Why don’t we do a Pinterest account of Ayurveda/MonicaB recipe ideas? We could post them on there and you could parse them out by dosha!!!!

    • Monica says:

      Hiya Karen! That’s a really fun idea! I have a pinterest account…hmmmm!!

    • Monica says:

      OH WAIT! Sometimes it takes me a while. You mean YOU will put the recipes on there and then I will let you know who they are good for – and maybe how they can be modified to other doshas?!? OHHHHH!!! I LOVE THAT!!! Let’s do it!!!

      • karen says:

        DO IT. DO IT.
        Should we put them on a board on your pinterest account, or start a separate one?

      • karen says:

        We ALL put the recipes on there. You put some on and tell about them, I put some on and you tell about them…I wonder if Pinterest will let multiple users or would I have to have a board you’d pin from and then comment on your own…mind. out. of. control. sorry…

      • Monica says:

        LOVE IT LOVE IT!! SO! I can invite people, but they have to be people I am already connected to. Try this link ( and see if you can “follow” me from it…then see if you can post to it. TESTING, TESTING! hehe.

  4. karen says:

    Very nice! Turns out I eat everything on the vata menu naturally. Tonight we had “Dragon Bowl:”

  5. TMC says:

    LEMON PEPPER TOAST!?!? What a fabulous idea!!!

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