You need sleep

Hey! Did you know you need sleep? Well, you probably did. But, did you know that not getting enough sleep is one of the causes of vata imbalance? It’s true! Even if you are not a vata person naturally, you will begin to experience vata symptoms like forgetfulness, moodiness, worry, panic, anxiety, depression, and a general sense of feeling “ungrounded,” without enough sleep. In our busy worlds we stay up late working, watching tv, Facebooking, or maybe working on projects. But there is no better project than YOU! So get your booty to bed by 10/10:30 and enjoy your zz’s. Try it without fail for one week and see if you feel renewed energy! Has anyone tried getting more sleep in their quest to be more Ayurvedic? How is it working?

Please note: coffee is not a proper substitute for sleep, it’s a bandaid. And underneath that bandaid is someone who just needs sleep. :)


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  2. Jill says:

    It’s both! LOL! But I don’t wake up well because I don’t fall asleep early enough to wake up close to the vata hours. I wake up too late, so I’m all groggy! I will take your advice w/ the massage and bath. What’s karnapoorna??? Sounds cool. Miss you too!!! :) <3

    • Monica says:

      Jill, Karnapoorna is putting warm oil in the ears and letting it sit there for 10-20 minutes. Take warm sesame or even almond (heck, olive if you don’t have the others) or ghee (but you will smell buttery) and warm it. With a cotton ball, squeeze the warm oil into one ear while laying on your side. Lay for 10-20 minutes, then take a towel you don’t care about and tip your head so the oil drains into the towel. Then switch sides. ZZZZZZZZZZ. ;) Try it!

  3. Jill says:

    So true! That’s why I feel like a trainwreck physically and mentally if I don’t get my sleep — never thought to link it to Ayurveda! However, do you have any advice re: changing your sleeping schedule to fall asleep and awake earlier….after 2 years, I’m still having a difficult time falling asleep early enough to awake early???? XOXO

    • Monica says:

      Yes, that’s why. :) So the issue is that you can’t fall asleep early enough? Or is the issue that you can’t wake up? Or both? To get to sleep I suggest having a really nice, nourishing (oil massage, warm bath, oil on your feets, so-hum or another little meditation) routine before bed. You can also do karnapoorna (oil in the ears, know how to do that?) before bed, which should put you right to sleep. MISS YOU, Jill! xoxo

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