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I’m a Vata-Kapha, and I seem to be more Vata mind (anxiety, lots of thoughts) and Kapha body (I don’t lose weight easily, etc.) I know I need vigorous exercise and to cut down on Kapha foods, but how can I balance Kapha and not aggravate Vata?

Fabulous question!! If you are a person who is vata/kapha doshic combo, don’t worry your pretty or handsome head, it’s not as complex as it seems! Let me break it down for you. The qualities that vata and kapha have in common is that they are cold. So they both tend to have weak or varied agni, which means their digestive fire is unreliable (vata) or low (kapha). The fire element is missing in both of these doshas, so they miss out on the heat! So the key for the vata/kapha combo is to keep warm and spicy!

The vata/kaphas will do better with consistent (daily) exercise rather than vigorous exercise. Don’t go crazy with the intensity of your workout, instead, do cardio (fast walk or jog) for 20-30 mins OR do yoga. One or the other. Yoga is great for all doshas! Overexercising will mess with the vata mind and could also injure a supple kapha body! Also, my advice is to eat lots of veggies and some carbs – all veggies should always be warm and well seasoned. When it’s fall and winter, veggies and foods should be moist either in a light sauce or ghee. In spring when it’s more wet outside, favor roasted veggies or veggies from the grill! As a habit for these vata/kaphas, foods and drinks should be warm or room temperature to keep your agni going! Another agni tip, make sure that dinner is your lightest and smallest meal of the day.

Also, limit meat and sweets. Meats are very hard to digest (pittas can digest them because they have so much fire!) and sweets will make kapha gain weight while making the vata mind scattered. Keeping a consistent and reliable routine is important, especially heading to bed by 10 pm and waking just a smidge before sunrise. Zoning out to the tv before bed for hours ain’t no way to wake up like a spring chicken (I know you, kapha… ;)!

Hopefully this sheds some light! Holler with questions, suggestions or anything you want to share! xo.

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  1. Immy says:

    Hi Monica,
    What an amazing site, an amazing blog and an inspiring energy you have – thank you so much for sharing it with the world! I am a Vata-Kapha yoga teacher, living in Spain, enjoying our hot august! I’ve been reading your blog for ages now, as I’m doing a correspondence course with Dr Frawley in Ayurvedic healing – it blows my mind – and your site helps to ground it! THANK YOU X I’m nursing my 29 month old boy still and I’m a stay at home mum. I’m starting to get some digestive problems that I just can’t seem to solve – hope you don’t mind me asking…? I’m very bloated and struggling to know why – it started in spring and this summer I’m feeling very big in the tummy area constantly (I lost weight with the baby and have been slim and feeling fine until recently), my stomach is hard after eating and the rest of my body is soft, flacid. I do yoga every day, I eat well according to my type (although I find it tricky to balance my VK constitution sometimes), but I’m feeling very weary (who doesn’t with a feeding toddler?!) and I’m craving salty, crunchy dry foods all the time, constantly hungry and get grumpy if I don’t eat (PITTA!), food isn’t satisfying my hunger either….oh, and I’m a vegetarian…so, can you recommend what might help me balance out a bit? Thank you so much for your input, I really appreciate your time and energy. Sorry I’m rushing this, I have a small boy hanging on my leg :) namaste and love love love, Immy xxx

  2. AyurJunkie says:

    What is one to think if they’re told that a yogic diet will heal all one’s imbalances? One person’s website, who has studied ayurveda and treats people, claims that a yogic diet involves abtaining from grains and only consumes legumes, nuts, and veggies while eating the majority of their food during early day. This seems to be kapaha pacifying, but with nuts and legumes, one would think this would become difficult to digest, especially if one if kapha/vata! I always thought a yogic diet involved only sattvic foods and not abstaining from grains and most fats? Also, there’s been a recommendation for avoiding year-round use of grains, or at least wheat and rice. Is this some kind of confusion between seasonal changes and doshic influences, especially on kapaha dosha? What is your take?

    • Monica says:

      HI AyurJunkie!
      YES!! You are spot-on correct. One diet NEVER fits all. One specific diet will NOT heal all one’s imbalances because we are ALL different! The diet that will cure YOUR imbalances might aggravate someone else’s. You are right on too, nuts and legumes are tough for kapha and vata, respectively. Again too, you are correct that eating the exact same way all year round is not good either. We have to eat according to our doshas but also according to season as you said. In a nutshell, my take is that your instincts are 100% correct!! That help??

  3. shveta says:

    Monica, you are a godess in ayurveda, your deep research and experience speaks in your blog. For almost two years i am reading many blogs and doing research trying to find my prakritti. the test always said i am vata-pitta, but i have been overweight almost all my life and never been skinny. the only time i have been skinny is when i kill myself with no carbs and sweets. your latest post on vata kapha exactly describes my constitution and the foods which suit me. i am gasmaking machine, everything on earth gives me gas and constipates me. if i start eating carbs and ghee and sweets in hours i start putting weight. but is if i stick to veggies and fruits withlittle carb i am in better shape. guess what ,all protiens,dals, rajma, etc give me gas and makes me constipated. veggies like cauliflower, cabbage also make me gassy. I want to lose 15 pounds, please guide me what to do.

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