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Yo! I get countless requests for vata menus. Ya’ll are like, “What should I eeeeeeeeat?” I have emailed (typing it out new on each email – definitely not the fastest) suggestions probably 100+ times. So, by popular demand, here is a very simple vata menu! You can click on it to see it more clearly and print it too – yeeehaaaw!

If you are a typical vata, having a little menu will help you decide, commit, and plan your meals (Hello, vata! I am structure! Learn to love me.). Get creative too. There are LOTS of great meals for vata. JoyfulBelly is a great resource for Ayurvedic menus per your dosha, so play around there too. In general, carb it up, keep it warm, keep it goopy, mildly spicy, not much meat.

Now, the pittas are probably thinking, “Wait! Where’s mine!? Me too, me too!” The kaphas are probably thinking, “Oh this is so lovely! Maybe there will be one for kaphas someday. In the meantime, I will wait while smiling.” Yes pittas and kaphas, I am creating yours too. Stay tuned! Meantime, who has questions about this menu? Comments? Love it? Am I missing anything? Lemme know! *high kick!* XOXO!


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  3. Nicole says:

    I LOVE this visual for vatas. So clear and easy to understand. Thank you!

  4. Sprit says:

    Hi MonicaB, thanks for a really interesting site! I’ve suffered from stress (constapation, insomnias, general loss of appetite) for a period, and this year and was amazed to find that my food preferences was very aligned with the vata directions you give on your site (and what I found elsewhere, but yours is funnier!). Too, I feel that what I eat affects my mind – so I started yoga, swopped a lot of my running with walks by the beach and so on. The only thing I really NEED every day is around 20-40g of 70% Dark chocolate – is that vata-aggravating? And in your menu, you advise to avoid fake sugars – is that sweeteners like stevia? I try to avoid to much white sugars, as I feel it rises my arousal level. Thanks again for sharing the tips! Love, Sprit (from DK)

    • Monica says:

      Hey Sprit!
      Haha…glad my resource is funnier. Life is better when it’s funnier so why not funny-up Ayurveda?! ;) ROCK ON, so you are feeling in harmony with the vata menu and what it sounds like is that you have a vata increase – so this is perfect! Dark chocolate is great for pitta. Vatas can have a little bit, but it could keep them awake at night and make them jittery or nervous. So be mindful of that. Stevia is okay I believe because it comes from a plant. Fake sugars are like Nutrisweet, aspartame, Splenda, and Equal, those come from nowhere but a lab and they will bloat your guts faster than anything. Thank YOU for reading and asking questions! Hope this helps! Holler if you have more questions. XOXO! Monica

      • Sprit says:

        Thank you ever so much for your answer! Stevia is made from a plant, so should be ok. One thing that helps me through fall and winter is a hot-water bag/hot-water bottle (not quite familiar with the english terms). It helps me regain heat if I’m feeling cool and soothes my stomach after meals or when it’s aggravated/bloated.

        Another thing I’ve been wondering about is that I feel reluctant to call myself slender when I do the dosha test (I’m 181 cm and 67 kg). I think my friends and colleagues would, so I’ve come to think that maybe it’s just very vata-ish way to perceive myself. Am I way off here? Thanks again for the coolest blog ever! XOXO Sprit

      • Monica says:

        Hi Sprit! YES! Hot water bottle is so great for you. Use it!! Wait, wait. You really put a) math and b) the metric system in a question…to moi? My vata brain just screamed and ran away ;) Kidding. ANYway! Great question because yes, vatas often seem to pay close attention to their weight which is so funny because they are the dosha least likely to gain weight. Here’s another thing, maybe you are more pitta or kapha in your physical body? It’s possible and common! You can be predominantly one dosha and have the body of another as secondary dosha – the doshas show up uniquely in all of us – that’s why we all look different :) Did I help at all? XOXOXO!

  5. Tmice826 says:

    I just found your site, and loving it. The podcasts are equally enjoyable; my vata-self is soaking it all up. I was craving menu ideals, given that I have a kapha-pitta kid, pitta kid and tri dosha husband. It’s still a bit confusing as to whether each dosha is always suppose to eat according to their dosha or season! Plus we eat meat, tried vegetarian and was hungry, rapidly losing weight and muscle mass and low energy. Meat keeps us satisfied plus sipports my desire to weight train. I would love to see meal suggestions that would appease a family of mixed doshas. Trying to find the balance is frustrating, especially when there is a mix, it’s hard to know which to address and how. Are you still doing consults?

    • Monica says:

      Hey Tressey! So glad you are enjoying the site – there’s lots to learn! :) If you are weight training you probably need some meat to keep your strength! The key to all of this is to LISTEN to our bodies. I’m still doing mini-buds if you want to schedule one with me! 30 minutes will probably give you lots of info that you can use. Let me know and we’ll set it up! :)

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve already sent you a private message requesting a mini bud consultation. I am so looking forward to feeling more balanced.

  6. Adrienne says:

    I love hummus, but I stopped eating it b/c garbonzo is a BEAN:
    Q: It seems like some things I cannot eat as a vata (potato/tomato) I can eat if I cook them and add lots of water and oil to them (mashed potato/tomato soup)
    Does this apply to other foods as well?? Is that the way it works?
    such as apples/apple sauce

    • Monica says:

      Hi Adrienne! Yes and good point. Vatas can have hummus if it has enough oil in it. Hummus is garbanzo, but the other ingredients are tahini (sesame seed paste – sesame is vata’s best friend!) and olive oil. I suggest using more tahini and oil so the hummus is more gooooey and less dry. That said, kaphas can make their hummus more dry. Does that help? So you are spot on with your intuition about making foods more wet – YES! That’s the way to do it!! Apple sauces is extra awesome if you warm it and add cinnamon. Or even better, bake apples with ghee and cinnamon…mmmm! Vata heaven. :)

      • Adrienne says:

        Hey! I’ve been studying your website and Joyful Belly which you recommended for several months now, and that’s how I got to that conclusion, so, thank YOU!
        I just returned from the Bombay Market with a bagful of vata balancing goodness.
        Mmmmmmm… home made apple sauce. I love to cook and I’ve been embracing that with my new vata diet.

      • Monica says:

        Hey Adrienne!! Yummmmmmm bagful of vata goodness. Happy vata eating!! :) :)

  7. MrsB says:

    Can’t wait to see what you cook up (aw, see what I just did there?!) for pittas. Thanks, Monica B!

  8. Monica says:

    YAY! Awesome, Devan. I’m so happy you are learning. Please ask questions as you go! XOXO! Happy Lifing!

  9. Devan says:

    This is awesome, Monica! I’ve just recently begun my journey with Ayurveda, and I am learning SO much from your site! I’m vata dominant and have been adding in new routines and tweaking my habits little by little. I will be printing this menu and putting it on my fridge to help keep me on track. Thank you for providing so many resources in such a fun and accessible way!

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