Viver Ayurveda | Training in NC

Hey! For those of you interested in a weekend of Ayurveda, I’d like to share this Viver Ayurveda training in Chapel Hill, NC | April 27-May 1 | 703-307-1523 | PDF Download

It’s being presented by Arjun from Brazil, whom I love!! He and I have crossed paths a couple times and only through email. He is a world-reknown teacher of Ayurveda and is the Founder of TriGuna Institute in Brazil. What a treat to learn from him live. Don’t miss the opportunity!

A little bit about the program: The program Viver Ayurveda presents an intensive immersion on the essential topics for building a better and healthy life style as a life celebration act. Learn, Experience and Share. Engage yourself in recovering your well-being then heal the community promoting the culture of vitality, rejuvenation and detoxification based on an integrated approach from Nature using Sound, Meditation, Gems, Nutrition, Herbs and Spices, Massage and Aromas.

This very special Ayurvedic training has been designed to cover the classical principles and authentic background of Ayurveda from its history and philosophy to anatomy and physiology. You will be introduced to the elements which help us to engage Ayurveda vividly in our life. Disease is honored as an inner teacher which shares its message of knowledge and in so doing helps us to remove the ignorance and invites the wisdom and poetry of the cure.

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