Water Rules

“You should drink 8 glasses of water a day”

“Drink a glass of water before your meal for weight loss because you won’t eat as much”

“Divide your body weight by half, change that to ounces, and that’s how much water you should drink a day”

Any of these sound familiar? These are just three examples of information we are given about drinking water. AND, I’m going to say, don’t listen to them. Listen to YOU. We are all different bodied, minded, beautiful people and we all have different needs. Ayurveda has a totally different take on drinking water and as always, it has to do with who YOU are. It also has to do with nature’s clock and how strong one’s agni (digestive fire) is.

Think about it. A kapha person is made of water & earth. Kaphas don’t like to move, so they rarely sweat (thus keeping water inside). Kapha people also have low digestive fire and tend toward weight gain. And what does water do to fire? Yep, puts it out. SO! If a kapha person followed the second statement above in a quest to reduce their weight and drank a glass of water before each meal, their agni is instantly squelched and so is their ability to digests the meal properly. They just put out their metabolic fire. And they probably created ama. SEE how these blanket statement water rules can go wrong!?

Another example, pitta people are hotter (sweat, metabolism, stress) than a vata or kapha. Therefore, pittas are more thirsty because their fire is constantly burning and they need water to cool down and replenish. For them, more water helps them balance. SO! I’ll help set the record straight and I’m sorry if I confuse you. Please read with an open heart and an open mind. I want you to be healthy and I’m here to make life easy and happy!! xoxo.

• No ice!
Ice shocks the system, hampers digestion, and closes channels. Pittas can have cool water, but no ice.
• Sip small amount of warm water or tea with a meal. Have water 1 hour after the meal. Sipping a little warm water will help the food soften and prepare for digestion. But, if you drink cold water before, during or after a meal, your digestive fire will get put out. It’s the fastest way to weight gain, lethargy, indigestion, and ama (toxins). In Ayurveda, drinking water right after a meal is considered a poison.
• Drink when you are thirsty. Not because you are trying to match a magic number or because you think you have to keep your water bottle full. If you are a sweaty athlete, you will require more. If you work behind a desk (ahem!) you won’t need as much because you are not exerting heat or water.
• Have a glass of room temp water first thing in the morning. Awesome to flush the system from it’s night time processing. Good for the bowels, liver, kidneys.
• Know your agni. If you have strong metabolism, you will burn up water in your body faster, which will require more water. If your digestion is sluggish and you are prone to weight gain (kapha) or bloating (vata), sip warm water and don’t guzzle agua with your meals.
• Vatas need the most water (dry dry dry), pittas need moderate water and will likely slug water all day, kaphas need less water.

6 Responses to Water Rules

  1. shivani says:

    Just wondering if this applies to cold Lassi too. Can one have sweet lassi with or after your meal? If yes then does it not douse fire the same way water does? thanks

    • Monica says:

      Hey Shivani! Well, once you make lassi, it should not be cold. Churning it makes it more like room temp. You can have lassi after a meal or on its own as a snack. If you have it after the meal, like I said it shouldn’t be “cold” so it will be just fine to help you digest. That help? Thanks for the question!

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  4. Shabnam says:

    i noticed the season is a factor to my water intake. When the weather is cooler i have a hard time to drag my water bottle with me, instead i try to drink herbal tea even if they are room temperature.
    I wonder if anyone else has this issue? Now that the weather is getting hotter, i do crave more water and fruits. i guess we need to listen to our bodies!

  5. Rajesh says:

    Thanks for this information, for how long we should not drink water after meals.

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