“What Do I Know?”

A story. This past weekend we took a lovely get away to San Diego, just for an evening. We stayed at a dog friendly hotel so we could bring the pooches without worry. All was pretty good except when we went to leave for breakfast on Sunday morning. Our little Blossom dog sometimes gets separation anxiety when in strange places and that morning it was horrrrrible. We stood in the hallway and waited as she screech-barked and tried to scratch out of her crate. Lots of stomping, crying, just a bunch of racket (sorry neighbors!). We stayed in the hall for 15 minutes looking at each other hoping she would calm down. She got a little better but not entirely.

We made a decision to go back in, pack up our stuff and grab something to eat on the drive back to LA. We weren’t exactly angry, but we weren’t exactly pleased either. We left her in her crate (with a happy tongue-ey grin on her face) while we got packed and checked out. Note: I don’t enjoy my plans being messed with (pitta) especially when it’s foils my relaxation time. Hence, this situation could have easily made me crabby…but I didn’t let it.

To our surprise, we found a cute little brunch place 20-some miles from San Diego and about 2 blocks from the beach! It was not only cute, but had all outdoor seating and there were other customers there with their dogs too. Score! We all sat in the sun, had a lovely little breakfast (and a chilled chai tea, mm!) from this adorable mom & pop cafe and the dogs were happy. At that point, I thanked my little Blossom dog for having a fit in the hotel because otherwise we never would have found this place.

Because of our little detour we ended up taking a different highway, all along the coast! There were cute beach towns, sun was shining, just gorgeous! Who knew this existed!? Plenty of people obviously do, but it was new to me. And at that point I was reminded, “What do I know?” I suddenly felt powerless yet free at the same time. It was freeing because I know I don’t have control necessarily of what lies ahead. While some people might find that constricting, I just felt free in my faith.

See, when we hold on too tightly to expectations and become rigid, we might force a situation OR completely miss a clue that there is something better for us. Often surrender and fluidity are the closest path to exactly where we belong…because we might not know this part of our path even exists! My point is, when making wishes, setting intentions and creating plans, always leave room for “something better” because there is a giant world out there full of happy surprises. Our minds can be limited by what we know, so set it free to expand into the unknown. Maybe what you wished for isn’t as great as it could be or as great as you deserve! But how would you know if you plan too closely? ;) Always remember to leave space and surrender for life’s twinkles and special prizes. You might find yourself spontaneously surrounded by something better than you could have ever imagined. xoxo!

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  3. Monica says:

    Yay! I’m glad gallies. Thanks for reading!! And yes, good dog, Blossom :)

  4. Hollie McTiernan says:

    I love this story – thank you for sharing! I don’t like it when my plans get messed with either but now when they do, I’m going to remember “Blossom” and know that it’s probably happening for a reason. Thanks, Monica!

  5. Amy says:

    Monica B! i love this post. I really fall guilty of over-planning and must stick to the plan etc etc. This is a great reminder that going with the flow works OUT!

  6. Gail says:

    Reading Deborah Adele’s book on yamas and niyamas this morning, this excerpt struck me: “Seeking out people and experiences we would normally avoid provides a fertile place to learn new things about ourselves and about life.” And as your story points out, sometimes when our resistance gets in the way of making that happen for ourselves, life has a way of bringing it about nonetheless. Good dog, Blossom!

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