Kapha: energy of construction



Elements water (aap) + earth (prithvi)
Qualities wet, cold, heavy, oily, static
Season spring
Nature moon
Main Location stomach + chest

Kapha is the dosha responsible for lubrication and structure of the body. Because of their sturdiness, Kapha people tend to be the healthiest of the three doshas, including mental health. Kapha is our lubrication in the brain, around the joints, reproductive fluids, and is responsible for building most of our tissues. Kapha keeps our bodies from turning into raisins.

Since Kapha people are made of water and earth they are very sturdy, grounding and they are difficult to move. They are comfortable and happy in one place and don’t like change. Kaphas are prone to “static & heavy” diseases like obesity, lethargy, dullness of mind, and diabetes.

Kapha personality. Everybody loves a Kapha! They are the peacemakers, the joyous hosts, the listeners, and the nurturers. They are almost always happy. They are extremely tolerant, patient and they are the first one to offer a helping hand. They won’t ever lead, but are very happy to follow. It is not easy to exhaust or upset a kapha, but once you’ve upset a them, they will hold a grudge. Their mind is steady, their attitude is positive and their bodies are very strong. Kaphas need encouragement to get them moving-because they don’t like to. Kaphas also have a tendency to attach to things because remember, they don’t like change. They like to grab a hold of something and stick there forever. Attachment could be anything, like emotions (those grudges I mentioned), the past, people, relationships, and collections of “stuff.” Kaphas looove stuff. Balanced kaphas are gentle, nurturing, and are genuinely happy about everything.

Kapha body. Kaphas have big and strong structure. They have strong joints, thick skin and strong bones. Their skin is usually pale and oily (clammy). Their hair is thick and oily. Kaphas have big beautiful eyes and teeth! Their eyelashes are long, full and curly. Kapha hands are meaty with thick knuckles, thick palms and strong nails. They tend to gain weight easily due to the earth element that is prominent.

Kaphas need to keep dry & light. Kaphas are cold, heavy and static so the best thing they can do is to get moving. Moving will make them feel so much lighter as well as bring up the heat inside the body. If you can get a Kapha to perspire (it takes a while cause they don’t sweat much), they will feel wonderful. Remember, Kapha is water and earth, so they need to soak up the excess water with airy and dry foods (veggies, fruits, salads, legumes). A light diet is best and Kaphas can (should) fast. Fasting doesn’t bother kapha because they hold food for a while. Kaphas would love a daily walk in the morning just before sunrise. And they would be extra happy in a sauna.

Kapha digestion. Kapha appetite and metabolism is slow. Due to their earthy and watery structure, they can easily skip meals (and should) and remain content and happy. Fasting is necessary for Kapha because it will lighten their load and it also increases their agni. Kaphas need to keep dry, warm and spicy! These qualities will help kapha feel lighter and they also strenghten their agni, which is what Kaphas need the most.

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  1. Fay says:

    Hello, Monica, thank you for your site, time and information. :)

    My body is certainly Kapha – I am very overweight – but my mind does not feel in the least bit dull. I have a fast mind, prone to worries, I need to learn every day and I often find myself needing to do several things at once before my mind is appeased (listening to a lecture whilst exercising, whilst cleaning for example). I often find it difficult to stay in one place. I love change. I move house at least every two years and sometimes more often. I really detest stagnant thinking. Is this something that can happen? I would love to know more. Thank you and all the best,

  2. stupidity says:

    Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and
    I will be waiting for your next post thank you
    once again.

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  4. PAWAN says:

    Hi Monica,
    Thanks for the valuable hints. I understand the problem now.
    Problem is that I am strong but lack flexibilty. Knees are painful due to grinding.
    I agree that yoga will help but I lack the willpower to exercise as I do not quite enjoy life as such and lack enthusiasm in general.
    Anyway thanks once again.

  5. PAWAN says:

    Hi Monica,
    I read your site with interest and appreciate your helpful nature.
    I am KAPHA and fully fit the Kapha description given by you with just one exception as under;
    My bones are strong but the knees remain painful.
    I am 48 yr and 92kg but not fat. Find it difficult to reduce weight.
    Do you have any solution to this problem of reduced lubrication in knee joint?
    Thanks from New Delhi.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Pawan,
      Are knees painful because to of heat (are they hot) or swelling or grinding of the joints? Are you strong but also flexible? Sometimes some easy yoga can make the muscles more flexible and therefore will put less stress on the joints.

  6. Subodh says:


    Can you tell me the normal meal which a Kapha normally eats in a balanced state.
    I am a Kapha-Pitta . Normal meal which every one eats is too much for me .
    I feel heaviness in stomach just after half a meal and mucus secretions starts flowing in throat.
    I went to ayurvedic doctor for 2 years for allergies and during the pulse check there was always balanced Pulse( no increase in Kapha ).
    I have taken medicines to increase the hunger and that resulted in increase in hunger but still When I compare with other’s hunger it still is very less.
    If the pulse is in balanced state then the low hunger which i get Can it be genetic.

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  8. Leah says:

    Hi Monica, love your site, and giving this a honest try:) I am Kapha Dosha, tired and true. Definitely got myself into some poor eating habits over the years. I have to push myself to eat a lot less… and I am finding my sweet cravings diminish. However, I still get them! What is a great Kapha sweet?!

    Also can you lend some advice on the fast “Ram” spoke of? Thank you for your time and education on this topic!


    Hello Monica.

    I am a kapha too! Can you tell me more about the fasting thing? It sounds so beneficial.. but at times I get this hunger pang that sort of makes me loose my patience. Before I know it, I am patiently [and gleefully] chomping down a meal [heavier than normal too!].
    Another thing I wanted to know that, you mentioned about AMA and the weight issues that kaphas have.. Can you elucidate on how one goes around these [its going to be a long walk to go around me for instance!]


  9. esaruoho says:

    Hi Monica, I’m currently reading that “Spring has Sprung Kapha” PDF article you linked to, and it’s really neat.

    I do have a question though. I keep finding info on Vata, Kapha and Pita – but precious little on Vata-Kapha mixture (which I’ve been diagnosed as being). Your site strikes me as really worthwhile and I’d love to know if you have any pointers or maybe even an article published or coming, focused on the VK bodytype, which seems to be one of the rarest mixes.

    Yours hopefully, Esa

  10. Subodh says:


    I am a kapha-Pitta. Due to kapha Dominance my digestion is weak and low appetite,So I eat less food even if I plan for eating more. But My weight is very low (52 Kgs) and I am thin. When I go to Ayurvedic doctor he never mentions my kapha is high . He always mentions that pulse is balanced and healthy.What can be the reason for me being too thin.Can it be Genetic. Also I suffer from Irritable bowel Syndrome and allergies. Can these two diseases cause me to lose weight.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Subodh, I don’t know you, but kaphas are not typically underweight or light. I suspect that your agni (digestive fire) is weak, which is causing you not to be hungry and have weak digestion. I would recommend asking your Ayurvedic doctor about the state of your agni. Also if your tongue is white, that is a sign of ama (toxins) which will need to be removed before increasing agni.

      For a simple plan: http://heymonicab.com/2011/01/new-years-cleanse/
      Hope this helps!

  11. Erika says:

    Dear Monica,
    I ‘m so glad I found your Blog! It’s brilliant. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom :). I hope you can give me some light in my re balancing process. I’ve read the Seasonal Bloom already but am still confused.. :s
    I’ve been obsessed with my weight and figure forever. I’m 34 now and have gone through long extreme and compulsive exercise periods. extreme diets, eating disorders,, etc. I’ve read about every revolutionary diet and have tried almost all of them. Now I’m so glad I found Ayurveda,, I think and hope this is going to help me to re balance my health. I suffer from many hormonal disorders since I was 16 years old: hypothyroidism, policistic ovary syndrome, hypoglycemia. Now my endocrinologyst told me insulin resistance is the cause of POS, (I’m taking medication for that and for the thyroid). I stopped eating meat, pork and chicken, 6 years ago and I try to eat as healthy as possible; but,, I could never imagine that my favorite flavours: spicy hot, salty and sour where not good for me! (I love red wine and cheese :(.. ) I know my pakruti is Pitta and my personality still has all the pitta characteristics; actually I know it is out of balance because I sweat a lot and am very short tempered. My problem is that I gain weight very very easily, doesn’t matter if I exercise a lot or not, actually, some times I loose weight easier if I don’t. I suffer from constipation and get bloated very easily. Legumes, wich I sholud eat are very hard for me to digest :(. I usually love to exercise but right now I’m in a period (1 month or so) where I don’t feel that need at all… Can this be a natural process? Can kapha, pitta and vatta be all unbalanced at the same time? What should I eat then? What would be the best approach to loose the weight I have put on this last 4 months because of emotional stress and anxiety?
    Uf.. I wrote a lot! sorry!!! I’m just very confused now.
    Please excuse my grammar and spelling (spanish is my mother tongue).
    Thanks again and NAMASTE!!! :). My best wishes for you.

  12. Betsy says:

    Hi Monica! I love your site! There is so much wonderful information. I’m new to learning about Ayurveda, but I am a Pitta, no doubt about that. But…… my lifestyle over the past few years has resulted in some very definite Kapha-like tendencies and my Vikruti is heavily weighted toward Kapha now. I want to get back to my Pretty Pitta Prakruti self as quickly as possible! :) So, just to be sure I understand this (and I’ve checked so many Ayurveda-ist sites and cannot find the answer but I know you’ll help me!) …. In order to rebalance my Pitta self, I should eat (and sleep and exercise) like a Kapha? And then after I’m rebalanced (i.e., my Vikruti is Pitta just like my Prakruti) I should switch over to eat like a Pitta? Thank you!!! And thanks so much for this site. I’m sending it to my sister and her friend who got us interested in this in the first place!

    • Monica says:

      Hi Betsy!! Thanks for the kudos! You are correct! If you have a kapha imbalance, you will work on bringing your kapha back down so your pitta self can shine through. We always work on the vikruti (doshas that are increased or out of balance) which will bring us back to our prakruti (natural balance). Then, correct you will carry on balancing your life according to your prakruti. You got it!! Now go balance that kapha :) Make sure to eat lots of veggies, less carbs and meats. Exercise (walk daily!) and get in a good sweat every day! Thanks for sharing with your sis & friend. XOXO!

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  14. Kara says:

    Dear Monica,
    Love love your site! I spend so much time on here.

    I have been reading about Ayurveda for the past months. But Im kind of lost, its complicated for new kids like me. Hoping you can help me out!

    I am dominantly Kapha, and Pitta.
    My biggest problem is that I am nearly always constipated. This last year I changed my diet and started yoga, which sure makes me feel more “light”. But it still didnt fix my problem.

    So I was wondering if you have some guidelines for me/ if you could recommend any diets.
    Thank you!

    Warm greetings to you all the way from Holland.

    • Monica says:

      Hey Kara! Thanks for spending time on HeyMonicaB – I hope it’s a cozy home where you are finding some good info on Ayurveda :) It is a little unusual that kaphas/pittas suffer from constipation so let’s talk more about that. Do you feel real hunger? I’m trying to think if you might be eating too much? Maybe try fasting until you go? Like, wake up, have some warm water with lemon and sip LOTS of warm water and herbal tea all morning without food. It should really help! Once you go, then you can eat (unless you are starving, then have some fruit). If that doesn’t work, soak 3-5 dried plums (dare I say…prunes!) in water over night and eat those in the morning with your warm water – you should go in a few hours. Try these. If those don’t work, I would need to know more about your diet and lifestyle before I can advise anything else. Maybe we could do a mini-bud on Skype or something? Anyway, try one/both of these and see if it helps. If it does, you might need to do this as a habit for a while until your bod gets back in a rhythm. XOXO! Warm hugs back at cha!

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  17. Aurelia says:

    Hi Monica, I am vata-Kapha and my kapha is way out of balance, which has been causing me a lot of discomfort :(
    What are some ways to get back in balance? folloing a kapha diet? or what?


  18. Maggie Walsh says:

    I too am a Kapha (almost) and would like someone to recommend some good reading as I am completely new to this… (I am 56 yrs. Slow starter. Kapha!)

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  20. Amber says:

    Hi Monica, i am new on this site and i must say its amzing.

    I am kapa and want to lose weight but unfortunately i am unable to , can you please guide me how and what i should do.


  21. Ram says:

    Hello Monica.

    I am a kapha too! Can you tell me more about the fasting thing? It sounds so beneficial.. but at times I get this hunger pang that sort of makes me loose my patience. Before I know it, I am patiently [and gleefully] chomping down a meal [heavier than normal too!].
    Another thing I wanted to know that, you mentioned about AMA and the weight issues that kaphas have.. Can you elucidate on how one goes around these [its going to be a long walk to go around me for instance!]


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  23. Sandrila says:

    I really Loved your articles. they are full of information about Ayurveda.

  24. Katie says:

    Yes! Kaphas need to keep dry, warm and spicy! This is me! At the local Indian store today I bought barley, cardomom seeds & sandalwood incense. Very happy & content now. Off to bake apples now. Thanks Monica, your blog feels sublime. Katie x

  25. Lora Loring says:

    I know I’m kapha, and a bit on the heavy side at that! I noticed on your latest “Seasonal Bloom”, you show best times for eating and sleeping for Vata. What is the best schedule for kapha? Also, can you suggest recipes for a good kapha breakfast? I’m getting a handle on the other meals and drinking warm water rather than cold, but breakfast seems to be the hardest for me to grasp – especially since I am usually eating either on the go or in the office.

    You have a great site! I have recommended it to others who are interested or doing ayurvedic practice as resource. Keep up the wonderful work!


    • Monica says:

      Namaste Lora :) The rules on eating and sleeping are for all doshas not just vata. It’s nature’s way, so we aaaaalll fall under the daily clock. Best schedule for kapha is the same, but please note the different times of day and how the energies may help or hinder you as a person. Here is a good article on the daily routine for everyone: http://heymonicab.com/2008/08/daily-routine/

      Kaphas usually grab something that is too sweet or heavy for breakfast. Sound familiar? I recommend using the recipe for baked apples or pears (use just a tiny bit of ghee or omit) in Seasonal Bloom Vata. Make a big batch and then divy up into dishes and take with you to work. You can even crumble a little bit of cinnamon granola for a crunch. Or, you can keep english muffins in your desk at work and toast one there. Use a tiny touch of butter or ghee and sprinkle lemon pepper or cinnamon (savory or sweet). mm! Anything that is light and warm is good. Anything too sweet will start your day off on the wrong foot. Kaphas need pungent (spicy), light, dry, warm foods.

      Thank you for your questions, compliments, for reading and for sharing this!! Warms my heart. <3

  26. Monica says:

    Oh Heid, I am humbled. Thank you so much. Many hugs and namaste to you, sweet one. xo

  27. Johnny Heid says:

    Hey – just perusing your website and re-reading some things. one thing. you’re incredible. Don’t ever get tired of people telling you that. I think that makes sense. Lovely publication and very pretty website monica. I think I’m a kapha but may stray a bit. take care lovey!

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