Pitta: energy of transformation



Elements fire (tejas) + water (aap)
Qualities sharp, hot, oily, smooth, mobile
Season late spring thru summer
Nature sun
Main Location small intestines

Pitta is responsible for digestion and transformation. Pitta is the heat that transforms food, thoughts and physical exertion into energy. Pitta is the medium and agni (digestive fire) is the content so the state of your pitta dosha determines whether you are digesting food properly. Ama is caused by undigested food and it is toxic. Therefore you have healthy pitta, you have healthy agni, and you won’t get ama.

Since pitta people are made of fire and water, they are more sturdy than vata types and it takes them a moderate amount of time to get out of balance and come back into balance. Pittas tend to be on the warm side and are prone to “heated” imbalances like fevers, hypertension, pink eye, and skin problems (acne, eczema, rash).

Pitta personality. Pittas have firey personalities. They love a good debate or sporting event where they can be competitive. They make great leaders and have very sharp and quick witted intellect. Pittas are quick problem solvers but have a tendency to be opinionated and controlling. They want everything done their way and they want explanations for everything. For example, pittas are the first people to start arguing with the umpire at a recreational softball game. They are the lawyer-types and will argue, using logic until people see things their way. Pittas are also extremely punctual-often times doing a ‘drive-by’ before the appointment so that they are sure to be on time. Pittas are also list-makers and extremely organized. Their socks are probably ironed, folded, in rows, according to color. Balanced pittas have razor sharp minds, glowing skin, a witty sense of humor and have the ability to attract others to follow their direction.

Pitta body. Pittas are medium in size often with an athletic build. Their skin has nice tone and glow and they may have freckles or some moles. The features on their face are sharp – sharp chin, nose, and piercing eyes. Eyes tend to be blue or light in color. The finger nails are pink and strong and their hair is straight and shiny. Pittas have a tendency to have a receding hairline and/or early balding (ask Monica for a nice tonic!). Pittas are sensitive to the sun and can easily burn their skin if not careful.

Pittas need cooling. Since pittas run hot they need to be kept cool, mentally and physically. Nadi shodhanam, sheetali, shekali are the best pranayama for cooling. They also respond well to sweetness, so be kind to pittas and give them ice cream! They should be careful of excess salt, cheese, hot spices, sour fruits, yogurt and alcohol. To keep them cool and balanced pittas need sweet fruits, salads, legumes, breads, rice, milk, cucumber water.

Pitta digestion. Pittas have strong digestion and can eat almost anything. They are always hungry and if they don’t get fed (watch out!), they get irritable and angry. If pitta digestion is too sharp, it can result in an acidic stomach, heartburn, and diarrhea. Sweet foods are the best bet for pitta to cool and sweeten their hot and sharp fire.

165 Responses to Pitta: energy of transformation

  1. Jessie says:

    Hey Monica! Do all the criteria you mentioned in this article need to be fulfilled to be considered a Pitta? I ask because I have quite a fiery personality, but I’m not very athletic and I’m rather smallish. Is there such a thing as a Pitta/Vata blend? Thanks for your time :) Jessie

    • Stephan Cohen says:

      Absolutely. Many people have a predominant Dosha and a strong secondary one . A good resource is the Ayurvedic Institute website which has lots of information on Dosha and Body constitution . You could also refer to Dr Lad’s book on Ayurveda and home remedies which is quite good . It includes a checklist so you can determine your body constitution. One is born with the original constitution , prakruti– and current constitutional balance , called vikruti.

  2. BUD says:

    Hi Monica,

    Can you advise me on my problems? I am a 38 years old male, with Acne since i was 12. I still suffer from acne on the forehead, scalp, shoulders, back and chest area.
    I have chronic low appetite since 2010, when i suffered from jaundice.
    And, i have gastritis, and am underweight usually.
    I am on esomprazole, and take Triphala and Neem leaves, but can see no respite as such.
    An Ayurvedic practitioner diagnosed me as Vata-Pitta.
    Can you help in any way? Thanks.

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  7. Saurabh Juneja says:

    i took an online test and found my body is vatta-pitta type.
    I have a bad digestion and feel nauseated and loads of gas at times. have lost quite a weight in few months and feel filled up very early. Please let me know can pitta cause weight loss ? also i have pimples at the back .
    Will neem help me?

  8. Kumanan says:

    Pitta Dosha completely cured by PRANIC HEALING treatment. I was a victim once. Now i got completely cured. Pl get it in touch with your nearest Pranic Healing center now..

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  20. I hardly comment, but i did a few searching and wound up here Pitta: energy of transformation | HeyMonicaB.
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  22. Priya says:

    Hi Monica,
    I started the Pitta cleanse, and my body has burst out into itchy rashes all over. I am certain these are the toxins being released but I want to know how long will this last and what natural remedies I can use to stop the itch and perhaps help in these rashes going away. It’s been over a week now and these rashes are just spreading and I see no sign of them clearing away.
    Your help will be greatly useful and appreciated.


    • kiran dharamshi says:

      please tell me home remedies to remove excess pitta from eyes& in head (scalp),daily in morning i got up at 7 am & do ing exercise like jogging,surya namaskar like that.
      my alopathy treatment is going on please suggest how to remove excess pitta ,

      waiting for reply


  23. […] Pitta: energy of transformation […]

  24. […] Pitta: energy of transformation […]

  25. Soapy says:

    I took the test and it was definitely pitta, but my personality is not at all, or very little what do ya think? maybe take the test again a few times and balance out my results or….

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  27. […] Pitta: energy of transformation […]

  28. […] Pitta: energy of transformation […]

  29. […] Pitta: energy of transformation […]

  30. nitin says:

    Query 2

    Most of time i am constipated.
    Work on tough deadlines

    pl suggest ur advice

  31. nitin says:

    Thanks for great description

    Pl clear / provide me information on my query

    1) What is the standard value of doshas for balanced life
    eg i have pitta 43
    vata 40
    kapha 17

    so how to conclude balanced / imbalanced ?

    Best Regards,

  32. Sanman says:

    can high pitta cause diarrhea and loose stools…….????pls rply asap

  33. http://ddiba.com/gae/8018 says:

    Great post.

  34. Subodh says:


    I am suffering from Pitta IBS problem.
    I have 3-4 bowel motions everyday.

    Can Javerian Jivan Mixture help me with this problem.

    Its ingredients are

  35. lavanya says:

    Hi Monica,

    What a lovely website!
    Learnt so much on the doshas etc!

    I always had this nagging feeling that, I may not be understanding my body type.. and maybe i gotto correct what i eat.. but your site just gave me so much more clarity.

    A few things Ive been feeeling – and i feel i could be a PITTA + VATA type or PITTA + KAPHA

    1. indigestion and bloating recently.. anythingi eat gets digested too fast
    2. rashes and itchy hands legs…
    3. hot flushes.. + extreme mood swings during PMS
    4. Lethargy + little difficuly falling asleep.. or waking up
    5. aggressive and irritable off late..
    6. Feel hungry more than often
    7.stiff ness in joints when i dont xercise for a week or so..
    8.I had hair thiining a few years ago.. but it automatically became alright by itself.. and my skin and hair was shiny and nice.. I generally have nice skin / and decent hair.. but its thinner than others..

    I also have a thyroid ( hypo) which was off control and I have restarted medication for it again a month ago…

    I try nd exercise 3 times a week..
    But i’ve realised certain things dont agree with me – like alchohol, n fermented food. etc

    Just not able to figure out my dosha..

    • Pam Sweeney says:

      I was interested in your answer for pita being out of balance.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Iavanya and Pam! Thanks for the questions! So glad this site is a wee bit helpful. From what you say, most of these point to pitta. The question is, is this naturally you (your prakruti or unique doshic balance), or are these things because your pitta is increased. If you feel you’ve been living a lifestyle that is balancing for you (most of us know in our guts if we are or not), then you might need to do some minor tweaks and see if you come back into balance. My Pitta Seasonal Bloom might help shed some light if you have not read it already! Let me know if this helps!

  36. Kavya says:

    Hi Monica, I get pimples whenever I have heat foods like yogurt, almonds and chicken. And now a days I have indigestion problem. I feel I have pitta with kapha type body. Which food would be a good choice?
    I love curds a lot and I am finding it very hard to rule it out from my meals :) And I want a good solution to the scars and pimples on my face. Can you suggest me the right food please ? I have heard calcium rich foods are very good in promoting acne scars to heal so I inculde curds. Can I go with curds ? Please help me out .

  37. Puneet says:

    Hello Monica, I also belong to pitta category. I have never done so but i like to build muscles and 6 packs. Can i do strength training and weight lifting while being wet. to put water on body and then exercise. Just finding a way out. I tried weight lifting but do get lot of acne and i stress out and leave it. Now planning to restart. is this a good way out ?

  38. Hot Mama! says:

    […] Pitta: energy of transformation […]

  39. Dale Gill says:

    I am pitta and hate to use sauerkraut when eat meat because it is acidic, but it works so great for digestion. Maybe will put some cilantro leaves on it to cool it down…

    • Monica says:

      Hi Dale! Sauerkraut is sour and fermented – both heating for pitta. Cilantro leaves might make it a bit cooler (good solution!), but overall if sauerkraut or meat is irritating to you, it’s probably a sign it’s not a great choice. You will have an easier time with it in winter, when it’s cold out.

  40. Monica says:

    YES!! So good for pitta!

  41. nikki says:

    monica can a pitta eat sun dried plums?

  42. […] Pitta: energy of transformation […]

  43. flutsch says:

    i am sure somebody already asked. but when i eat spicy goat meat stew and i sweat like dripping sweat over night , does that mean i should cut back on spicy goat meat ?

  44. harman says:

    What are the symptoms for (decreased) pitta and (increased) pitta?…… and what are the treatments for both of them?

  45. MEL says:

    Hi Monica,
    Love your blog!

    I am a pitta and I have two concerns:

    1. I have trouble beginning my bowel movements I guess you might call it straining, although the stools themselves are not hard, they are in the shape of a banana, as I have read they should be.

    2. Athelete’s foot-Are there herbs or foods that can help, or things I should avoid dietary wise?

  46. vikas madaan says:

    i also love spicy salty non veg food with cold drinks.and hesitant to tea .sweets.and fruits.and my weight and growth is stable .what i have to do gain weight

  47. abhinav says:

    hey .. i am pitta personality. i always feel hungry . i can eat 6 to 7 heavy meals in day … what do i do ?

    • Monica says:

      Hello, Abhinav.
      I’m not really sure. Are you meals big enough and do they have enough protein + grain combo in them? That would be my suggestion. Although it’s not uncommon for a pitta person to eat 3 square meals and also need 2 snacks. If you are not overweight and generally feel healthy, that may be just you!

  48. Jesster says:

    NEW LIFE…Hello Monica, I am not sure if its the weather finally warming a bit or our hearts but life seems on a more even keel these days. We went to an Ayurvedic clinic last month and it makes more sense to us than this naturopath’s blood type diet she was suggesting. When balanced I feel so great and I can look at off centered times and really see whats off or what I did to start to lean. Sometimes. It is getting more obvious the more we study. We are looking at setting up an appt. with an ayurvedic practitioner very soon to get to the next level.. Thanks again…….J

    • Monica says:

      YEAH Jesster!! Thanks for the update!! Sending love to you both – and proud of you both. Someday I hope to meet you and give you both GIANT hugs. :) Thanks for sharing your life stories with me – I feel so honored.

  49. Jane says:

    Hey Monica
    Just discovering Ayurvedic diets and I’m a Pitta/Kapha. I need to loose weight and have struggled on Weight Watchers for years. Enough is enough. I’m confused and don’t know which dosha I should follow as one says I can eat one thing and the other says don’t! I’m medium build and identify with both, but at 5’3″ and 13stone I neeeeed to lose weight desperately. Which should I follow?? Help

    • Monica says:

      Hi Jane! AH! Great questions. Know what? I think that a chat about this would be faster/better than through email. If you are open to it, I would like to suggest a mini bud (30 mins $35) – I think I can help quickly! I have questions…and you’ll have answers…and we could bounce notes back and forth all day :) Would love to see how I can help by talking to you. If you are interested, send me an email at monica@heymonicab.com and we can set it up. Best, Monica

  50. Lisa says:

    Hi, I love your site and the fact that you take time and respond to questions.
    I have a few skin problems now and I don’t know how to tackle them. I’ll try to be brief.

    I’ve taken multiple dosha tests and come out with 60% or more vata, 30% or a bit less pitta. I have clogged pores all over my face, though less than I had a month ago. I have started getting blemishes and red irritated dots (they can appear quite suddenly) – not deep, cystic acne. There are more red dots than actual pimples and they don’t really hurt. They do however linger for a long time. My forehead has been very flaky, but since I’ve been applying a heavier oil at night it’s not quite as flaky. Could you please advice me on what to do. Are my skin problems due to vata or pitta imbalance, or both? I know it’s hard to answer these questions over the internet, but any general answers would be great. How do I fight the clogged pores and the irritated dots and pimples at the same time?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Monica says:

      Hey Lisa!
      Thanks for your comment! Hmm…yeah tough to say over the internet for sure. Are you eating enough ghee? That might solve all your problems all by itself! :) Another question – have your stress levels increased recently? Any trauma, irritant, stressor, extra anxiety lingering at all? Are you sleeping well? And also, are you pooping normally? You don’t have to answer these questions on here but they are things to think about. It might be a bit much to solve over the comments but I’d be happy to do a mini bud (30 mins) with you to see if we can get to the root. Let me know your thoughts!! In the meantime, I will say that your problem probably doesn’t have to do with the skin…the skin is just the signpost of what’s happening behind the scenes. Start to ask yourself questions of what may have changed since you noticed these blemishes and clogged pores…And hit me up for a mini bud! ;) xo

  51. mcfess says:

    love yoga, am trying to go more often. i will spend more time outside as soon as spring gets here! brrr. thank you for your input monica =]

  52. Lucky says:

    Hey monica….love the article..i am pitta kapha dominating type male. But mind is more of kapha type but body more of Pitta type. oftenly get loose stool as of pitta but if i try sheetali the condition is further worsened rather i feel hot sensation throughout body and especially in throat and arm areas (Udana ). this always happen to me after sheetali. My body temperature is always high n feel like burn out mostly. In morning always a white coat on my tongue. m sluggish by mind but eat too much like pitta. and sheetali dont shoot me. i lost lot of hair because of this hot body temperature. what should i do to make my temperature normal. Thanks in advance. plz help

  53. mcfess says:

    monica, i do admit to being less than helpful around the house. i tend to be lethargic, have had thyroid checked. have struggled with depression through most of adult life. am following with a naturopath to assist with that….. am off prescription meds, taking supplements for that. because we are learning ayurveda, was hoping for some suggestions that apply to my dragging kapha backside :)

    • Monica says:

      Hi Mcfess,
      Do you enjoy spicy foods? If so, spice away! Garlic in particular makes my kapha husband dance with glee. Also, do you do any yoga? If not…do you think you would want to try it? And, do you have a buddy you could go with? That will be very important for you – to have someone who not only holds you accountable, but someone you really enjoy. Yoga is will help you move through some of that kapha stickiness and it’s so great to lift the mind (depression) too. Let me know what you think! xo, Monica

  54. mcfess says:

    hello monica! i am married to jesster :) we are very different at our cores and this sometimes leads to angry words. any suggestions for lighting a bit of pitta fire under a kapha??

    • Monica says:

      Hello Mcfess :) I am going to ask why you want more fire? If there are already angry words, I would hesitate to suggest more fire be added to that. Unless you are not contributing or are lethargic or depressed or dragging the other down – in that case, I have some tips to get you moving. Before I suggest anything, let me know more about the ROOT of what this about… BIG hugs to you.

  55. Jesster says:

    Hello Monica ! I went ahead and did the Egyptian liver cleanse and I ended up getting a cold :( after a a day or so. I am not sure if the 2 were related. I will give another try in a month. That is what is suggested by natureopath. So many different paths to take. I look for what makes the most sense. Your description of the three doshas are incredible. If I read about me I can see me! Keep up the great work. I have told all of our Yoga inner circle about you and they are all starting to read your site :) NAMASTE !!!

    • Monica says:

      OH no! I’m curious about this cleanse. Did you ever try this one: http://heymonicab.com/2012/12/new-years-wish-list/

      I don’t know what the Egyptian cleanse is, but the kitchari cleanse is SO lovely! Tridoshic, so anyone can do it. Let me know if something like that resonates. If you try it, do it for at least 3 days (3-5 is usually what I do) because at the end of the 3rd day your mind will open to a sea of peace and clarity. It’s just a great cleanse.

      And THANK YOU THANK YOU for your kind words and for sharing this with your yoga peeps. Tell them I say, “Hi!” :) NAMASTE! Rock on!

  56. Pranav says:

    i’m reposting my msg bcoz u didn’t rplied me :( my post no. is 66

    Pranav // Sep 12, 2012 at 10:23 am

    hellow Monica,
    i’ve very high pitta problem i sweat a lot more than others my weight is perfect according to BMI my ht is 177cm and weight is 70kg even my hands are always warm (as my frnds noticed it many times during common hand shake) pls help i’m extremely worried.

    66Pranav // Sep 12, 2012 at 10:26 am

    i’ve been through ayurvedic doctors a lot but no effect,
    from past 5 months i’ve been taking Triphala tikidi tabs 3 no. twice a day, Rubyclin syrup, Gandharva hari taki tablets 2 at night for motions and Pentacid tablets 2 no. twice a day
    i’m eagerly vaiting for your rply.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Pranav,
      Sorry for the delay in response, but unfortunately I cannot advise much because I don’t know you. Ayurveda treats the person, not the problem and without talking/seeing you in person, it would be irresponsible of me to advise. However, overall I would suggest following a pitta pacifying diet and reducing strenuous activity/exposure in the hot sun. Definitely drink lots of cool water (coconut water is great) and omit spicy foods until the heat calms down. I wish I could be of more help, but that’s about all I can advise from here! Best of luck to you and I hope your pitta cools down!

  57. jacqueline says:

    i have been practicing the cooling asanas this past week, and moon salutations also. feeling more grounded. i don’t watch lots of tv, but i have decided to be in bed before 10 and then catch the later shows the following day. that seems to be working for me too.

  58. Jesster says:

    Hey Monica ! Its Jesster again. Everything worked well at home ! New question. We visit a natureopath and I am thinking about a liver & kidney clense. She strongly advises about starting in warmer weather but I feel as a Pitta starting now while still cold here in N. Michigan. Heat is not my friend :) Advise???

    • Monica says:

      Jesster! Sorry for the delay! Glad all is well at home. She’s right! Do it when pitta is higher because pitta rules the liver – you want it to be as high as it can be to get maximum benefits. Not sure about natureopath, but in Ayurveda we do cleanses for the season at the beginning of the season. So, pitta cleanse would be done around…May-ish. Does that help?

  59. jacqueline says:

    found out years ago i am a pitta, and just recently found out i am 2vata, 3pitta, 1kapha. i realized after taking this online test that when i was young, i was actually naturally choosing foods that are cooling pitta foods. i am trying to get back into doing what i did naturally. there are so many things i have seen telling pittas to do this, or not do that, and it is very confusing. i live in a rural area… no ayurveda here. would like to start getting into a routine again after disability. i am vegan. i have practiced hatha yoga and meditation for many years now. tai chi. was an athlete when young, and not fiercely competitive. did not mind if i did not win… loved the joy of playing volley ball, swimming, gymnastics, etc. so… i was wondering if you could make a suggestion, or i could do a consultation. let me know. thanks

  60. Mohamed says:

    I think the admin of this web site is actually working hard in favor of his web site,
    since here every data is quality based information.

  61. Diana says:

    Hello Monica! I’m definitely a pitta and I suffered from acne at one point and now I have bright red acne scars that nothing will take away! I need help!

    • Monica says:

      Hi Diana! How long ago did you have acne? Also where in the US are you? I wonder if I could refer you to an Ayurvedic practitioner near you – or Ayurvedic healing center. Lemme know!

  62. […] feedback on it!  So, today, I present to you another balancing superfood smoothie for those fiery PITTA’S.  This smoothie will nourish and fill you, yet soothe your digestive fire.  This is yet another […]

  63. Jesster says:

    Thanks Monica :) Of course it helps ! Just having someone understand how we live and believe helps. After reading your descriptions of the the Doshas last night (again) I could formulate (lol) some kind of minimal action to just talk. I am going to hug her now and let her know all is well. Thank you sooo much. I will let you know”””

  64. Jesster says:

    Amazing site, really! We have been reading and studying on Doshas for a while now. I am a pita and my wife a kapha. This is a struggle at times and seems to more so since the winter solstice. My energy levels seem to be a bit higher lately and I feel she kind of resents this. I dont want any more chaos around and the different levels of energy seem to disrupt the peace in the home. ANY ADVICE?

    • Monica says:

      Hey Jester! Thank you for reading and I’m so glad you and your wife are learning all about Ayurveda together :) That said, great observations! Also note that since it’s nearing spring, her kapha levels will be higher and your pitta will continue to feel calm, smart, and invigorated by the cool weather. Usually, kaphas are inspired and smiley at the energy that surrounds them from pittas and vatas. So first question, do you know for sure she resents your energy or are you just presuming by the way she reacts? Can you ask her? Pittas love to ask questions to understand facts for themselves. However, they sometimes lack asking “touchey-feeley” or emotional questions. I encourage you as a pitta, to gently ask. Don’t push her (if she’s feeling stuck, you can’t push her – cause she’s kapha – and static), but try instead to touch her heart :) You will find your answers there.

      At the same time, maybe try inviting her to do inspiring things with you. Again, don’t push, just invite! Whether your invigorating pitta energy includes activities or new ideas or new strategies, keep it light, fun and inspiring. What you want to avoid is giving her a “challenge” or encouraging her to “compete.” It’s not in her nature and will likely turn her off. Gentle touch, gentle approach (not a sharp approach), speak from your heart not your head! And! Perhaps embrace some of her slowness too! Rest is necessary to grow and get stronger (which pittas love, yes?). :) I hope this helps! Let me know how it goes and thank you for your question!

  65. eJ says:

    pitta otherwise knows as endless pit for a stomach. eating regular snacks is very important for myself as I will get angry when my blood sugar gets to low

    drinking allot of water and in summer time slushies and smoothies helps to keep cool and comfortable

  66. Kiara says:

    Hi Monica!
    I am a Pitta and I just wanted to know what can I do to stop the thinning of hair in the front area of my head. Thanks!

  67. YUMEKO says:

    Hello Monica, as other people say your web site is amazing, I love how you talk and explain clearly.I am Japanese and started having Ayurvidic life. Ayurvada so fascinates me and would love to know more.

    I have one problem at the moment, since mid of Nov I started having lots of pimples around my face line (not chin ). I’m Pitta Vatta, so I tend to have skin trouble after unhelthy days, but this time the reason I can think of is AC in the office which is full power. pimples are still come and go, and I’m wondering what kind of food I should eat. Should I keep cooling down myself? Is coconut good or bad? including malai?

    If you give me some tips, I so appreciate.
    Thank you monica.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Yumeko! Congratulations on starting on an Ayurvedic lifestyle :) It sounds like you are off to a great start. Pimples (depending…are they bright red and on the surface? or deep and cyst-like?) around your jawline are usually an indicator of a kapha problem. Pitta pimples are on the cheeks, vata pimples are on the forehead, kapha pimples tend to be along the jawline and chin. For foods, coconut is great for pitta and not great for kapha. I would suggest good veggies, limit sweets (fruits are ok), drink lots of water and also…did anything in November stress you out emotionally? Are you holding stress or tension? Think about that. If you have not had skin problems before that, it tells me that it might be due to emotions and not food. One thing that works well for skin problems is tumeric – you could try taking some tumeric (they have capsules) daily and see if it helps. Does any of that resonate? I will send you pimple-clearing energy :) Thank you for reading and writing. Big hugs! Monica

  68. SW says:

    I am on my second Ayuerveda detox. I really struggle with knowing what I can and cant have, all the books, internet and info just makes it more so confusing, Yes Dairy, No Dairy, Yes Pasta No Pasta etc. Currently main imbalance is Vata but am Pitta also. Can you recommend a website that has easy to read recipes for Vata?

  69. Supra Neeko says:

    A pitta dominant person can NOT have spinach. Spinach is incredibly heating and drying which aggravates people of a pitta dosha.

    Almonds are great but they MUST be soaked overnight first and consumed in small quantities (5-15 in the morning). Also, take note that unless you are buying your almonds direct from the grower, they will be covered in a pasteruization chemical that renders their ability to fight mold entirely absent. With this in mind, I typically advise people to stay away from almonds as the molds themselves aggravate pitta.

    Ice cream is a candy and regardless of your dosha, you should abstain from candies.

    If you notice that high sugary foods are causing issues, you may want to read up on Candida albicans yeast infections.

    How do I know? I am a MD who also had the honor of training in the three pulses and other life sciences under Dr. Vasant Lad.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Supra,
      Thank you for your note. Spinach is astringent, which is cooling and drying. Since pittas are hot and slightly oily, spinach will help absorb excess oil and cool their fire. I too am a student of Dr. Vasant Lad and work closely with my teacher who has been working under Dr. Lad for 20+ years. Yes almonds without the peels are ideal for vata and pitta. However, we know that in life, we can’t always achieve the ideal and rather something that is “the best we can do.”

      Overall, I’m giving basic guidelines on heymonicab.com. Lots of people are eating the completely wrong things for who they are, and without knowing it! In my promotion of Ayurveda, I am also very conscious of our American lifestyle. If I can get a pitta person to choose spinach or almonds (peeled or not) over junk foods, fast foods, extra salty foods..then we are stepping in the right direction. In my opinion, a black and white approach to life is a sure fire way to fail. And I want everyone to succeed!

      I thank you for sharing and for your knowledge, but please understand that I am trying to teach the very beginner. With that I need to keep things simple and digestible, so that they can begin to heal. Thanks for understanding and honoring my approach.

  70. Leena says:

    Lately I got interest in Ayurveda and just today encountered your site Monica.
    I would say reading user responses and your prompt and in depth sugestions to them made me to appreciate your work and like your site :)

    You are doing great in sharing and spreading Ayurveda knowledge and benefits.

    Here I am Confused after giving dosha test.

    My score – 12 v 9 p 3 k

    Common with Vata :
    Body type- Hair are silky and oily but thin.Face is oval.Eyes are medium.Hand is fleshy , fingers are thick nails are pink.
    Nature – Talk a lot, move a lot, and worry a lot.Just love speaking and want world to hear my tales.Yes I have twelve million things going on at one time.Thats so true.
    Common with Pitta :
    Body type – warm ; acidic ; acne prone ; eye puffiness (big time);features on face are sharp – sharp chin, nose, and piercing eyes.
    Nature – leaders who else can be better than us:),Restless sleep;impatient;easily gets bored of people,places and routine work.Likes to travel new places and try new cousines.Like to be in charge of things else they do not interest me much.
    Like sports but not that great performer as it needs concentration and I lack though I enjoy art work a lot.Lack concentration , easily get distrurbed/distracted this effect smy performance and hit my schedule :(.Though if I have interest in things I catch them and have good grasping.
    Always enjoyed interactive seeion with teacher rather than reading books.I started making list , make them a lot but when it comes to execution I am th elast one to do until clock ticks last minute..

    I can live with VATA-PITTA mixed breed :) but why I am looking for specification shere is because I am looking for right meal plan.
    Recently I changed my diet to salads,sprouts,breads,garic,lime,brocolli as they have lot of health benefits.I am now observing wrinkles near eye area and fine jaw lines…A lot worried if this is becaus eof change in food habit as I reduced intake of oil.
    I do not like sweets much but love sour-sweet and spicy food. Will prefer salty or fried snacks over sweets.

    Please suggest how can I improve my diet and also if you have any recommended yoga practices that can enhance me and my life.

    Thanks a loooooooooooooot !!

  71. Anya says:

    O, yeah, of course I’m asking for suggestions.
    I know that we should find an everyday balance. I just wanted a little helped as the only thing which really helped me a lot and under many aspects was yoga, but here in my new rent I barely have a little tiny spot on the floor where I can hardly lie and no money to pay me a yoga course. I know that deep breaths maditation helps a lot, but at the moment I even find hardly to calm dawn myself.
    I know, I’m stressful :D

    Anyway, I’d try to find some liqorice pill or amalaki to help a little by now!

  72. Anya says:

    Hi Monica!
    I was making research about triphala. I’m a GERDy Pitta! So, is it good for me? Might I have some problem taking it?
    I’ve also read that it improves the blood, like increasing the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin (and would be interesting to see if it will prevent me to take my – sobh – monthly – sigh – amounth of folic acid – pfui-).
    What’s your opinion?

    • Monica says:

      Hi Anya! Triphala is fine for you but it’s mostly for digestion and the digestive tract (think small intestines, large intestines, colon). It definitely balances the entire body, for sure (!). As far as GERD…I don’t triphala is the best choice. I still swear by licorice…can you find some licorice root in pill form (could you take that?), try it! You can also start drinking aloe vera juice – that should cool the heat. Also amalaki is the BEST herb for pitta – it’s just the best. So…I would try those before triphala. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot “treat” you for anything because I don’t know you. You are best off seeing an Ayurvedic practitioner rather than trying to self-diagnose. One step better than that are my suggestions but again, Ayurveda is about treating the PERSON not the problem. Hope this makes sense. And those are my suggestions :)

    • A lot of this post resonated with me. That is part of the problem I have with NaNoWriMo. It teaches new writer’s bad habits. To me it’s like a fad diet, where you’re all in for 30 days and that is supposed to change something. But after the 30 days the processes and procedures you’ve created aren’t sustainable. Just like eating only bacon and grapefruit for a month, you’re sick of it. To be a writer you have to show up everyday AND do life too. That’s the only way I’ve found that works. Thanks for the post.Like? 0

  73. Hi there, you are doing good work helping people figure this stuff out. I’ve added a link on my blogpost titled ‘Cilantro – Like or Dislike’ to this page. Hope you don’t mind.

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  75. Pranav says:

    i’ve been through ayurvedic doctors a lot but no effect,
    from past 5 months i’ve been taking Triphala tikidi tabs 3 no. twice a day, Rubyclin syrup, Gandharva hari taki tablets 2 at night for motions and Pentacid tablets 2 no. twice a day
    i’m eagerly vaiting for your rply.

  76. Pranav says:

    hellow Monica,
    i’ve very high pitta problem i sweat a lot more than others my weight is perfect according to BMI my ht is 177cm and weight is 70kg even my hands are always warm (as my frnds noticed it many times during common hand shake) pls help i’m extremely worried.

  77. Alison says:

    Hi im currently researching my Pitta pacifying diet and was confused to see that you say spinach is ok when others say no? I love love spinach so was bummed to see that. Also whats your thoughts on egg’s and seaweed please?

  78. Mridul says:

    Also i want to tell you that I’m a musician serious about my progress on the instrument.and have realized the importance of fitness ..both physically and mentally to achieve goals in life. had been drinking alcohol and smoking in large quantities for years . i use to eat lot of spicy food as well.. which imbalanced pitta resulting in depression,acne,constipation, hair loss,sinusitis . but now i’m on a strict diet eating lots of fruit and veggies , whole wheat,eggs whites,low fat milk and lassi in diary, sunflower seeds in nuts AND 0% PROCESSED FOOD :) . will be starting meditation very soon.please do recommend any video which you feel is good for pitta people .. and don’t forget to write on my question .

    Thanks so much :)


  79. Mridul says:

    Hi Monica
    I have pitta lifestyle
    i want to ask what if i eat in moderate quantity and exercise
    and my body doesn’t produce any waste except urine probably coz everything i eat gets digested and used by the body..is it okay for the body??.. if it doesn’t pass stool that way??

  80. Naumai says:

    Love the site, its bookmarked as my new fav. I am a healthy Pitta and I like to exercise by running or swimming. It is relaxing and calming for me. All my life I find that that if I exercise 3-4 x per week for 40-60mins I get very, very hungry. Marathons are a nightmare because I want to eat non stop for two days. I eat a healthy snack after training but its a constant challenge to not eat the whole cupboard. If I stop exercising for any period of time the ravenous appetite disappears. Any suggestions? Thanks so much…

    • Monica says:

      Naumai! Thank you so much for your sweet note. Yes…if you exercise too much, pittas will get extra hungry (think of all those calories you’re burning – metabolism increases too!). Overall, I think it’s a hint that your body is over-exercised. 40-60 minutes is a long time. I suggest doing exercise more frequently 5-7 days a week and for less time and for less intensity (30 minutes). Also if you do like walking, swimming, biking, yoga, pilates your agni won’t get overstimulated and your appetite will return to normal.

  81. Swetha says:

    So glad to see your site.Iam pitta and vata.I have rash on my face(chin,ends of nose and eye lids).I feel itching and burning sense.I consult doctor and i used some medications but of no use.Please suggest me something what can I do for this.(the rash looks like small bumps andsometimes reddish color).

  82. Jackie says:

    Wow, so glad I found your site. I am definintely a pitta. I cannot drink milk, I am lactose intolerant, what about almond milk? I have problems with soy milk (now it makes sense) and have switched over to almond milk.

    • Monica says:

      Hey Jackie! Yepper! Coconut milk and almond milk would be great for you. Rice milk also, but choose the one that you think is the tastiest. xo

  83. Megan says:

    I just discovered info on these doshas but I find it very interesting. I am almost entirely pitta. The foods to avoid I already avoid so many of them because they upset my stomach or make me feel bad. I also have a lot if the temperament and the same type skin and eyes. Thanks for this post. I enjoyed reading it.

  84. Suzie Q says:

    PSS oh, and i was also told about not eating raw veggies, stay away from vinegar and salads too

  85. Suzie Q says:

    PS oh, and i have been told to stay away from citrus, garlic, onions, and corn veggie and corn products :(
    TRUE ??

    • Monica says:

      In general, this is true…but if there is an issue of you not digesting foods properly (yes mal-digestion can be a cause of arthritis in Ayurveda), garlic is actually great to keep digestion strong. I love that you are asking because while Ayurveda provides guidelines, it really is specific to YOU and not the problem you have. It can make it tricky for you but a good Ayurvedic practitioner will be able to help you discover who you are and provide life long guidance so you can fix the root cause and stay forever healthy :)

  86. Suzie Q says:

    Thank you for all your efforts in sharing this nutrition information. I am a strong PITTA with arthritis. I am having a challenging time with food choices. I would like to hear what you have to offer in suggestions of which foods to eliminate and which foods to incorporate daily and once in a while. I have heard that wheat, soy, dairy, rice, night shades, spicy foods, mango and bananna are to not be included in my diet. What about sprouts, sprouted bread? Barley, millet ???

    • Monica says:

      Hey SusieQ! Great question! Sprouts in general…are in pitta phase of life so they increase pitta. They are not a seed (kapha), nor are they a plant (vata) yet. So sprouts or sprouted seeds of any kind are in puberty! They can create digestive problems and sometimes skin problems too! So, I would say you would be better off having a nice healthy grained bread or any grains (all good for pitta) without sprouts. Unless you are allergic to wheat, it’s fine for pitta. Soy is a no. Milk is balancing for pitta, but no yogurt unless it’s a lassi. All fruits are good except for citrus at this time of year (heating). Rice is good (no brown).

      Overall, follow the pitta diet & lifestyle guidelines here: http://heymonicab.com/2012/05/pitta_season/
      I can’t really advise on your arthritis because I don’t know the details. There could be several causes of it and then there is the variable of who YOU are, exactly. But overall, make sure your tongue is pink. Ginger helps digestion a lot. I’d be happy to do a consultation with you if you want to find out more! xoxo.

  87. Silje says:

    Thank you so much for your answer. I live in Norway and this knowledge is not very widespread here. I am so glad i found your site.

    I think your anwer is spot on! My tounge is white, and I always feel worse on the days I haven’t been to the toilet.

    Will sweating also help getting rid of toxins? I consider starting with Bikram yoga since I sweat very little from normal excerise. Living in Norway doesn’t fit me very well, today it is 7 degrees outside! And yes, this is summertime. Brrrr!


  88. Silje says:

    Test shows I’m a Pitta (Pitta/Kapha), but my body feels like Kapha. I have been on a low carb diet (south beach) and my belly size has been reduced, I am not feeling bloated as I normally do. The problem is that my body feels so heavy. My movements feels slow and I lack vital energy. What should I eat to reduce the Kapha feeling? I need lots of sleep and I rarely sweat , I prefer warm climate and all these things matches Kapha. But in my mind I feel like Pitta, being competitive, like to be in control, sharp, direct. So there is a mismatch with what my mind would like to do and what my body wants.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Slije,
      It might be that your agni (digestive fire) is low. Carbs are the easiest thing for the body to digest so too many proteins and raw veggies, etc., requires a very very strong agni in order to digest properly. You might have kapha digestion but are eating like a pitta, which will make you feel heavy. Kapha digestion has a tendency to be slow/weak so my guess is that the foods haven’t been digested all the way and the old food is hanging around inside clogging channels and weighing you down. Try checking your tongue: http://heymonicab.com/2009/08/check-your-tongue/. If it’s got a white coating on it, you have some ama (toxins) and need to rid that first. Here is how to rid ama: http://heymonicab.com/2008/12/nutrition-3-agni-and-ama/

      Also, it sounds like you have a kapha body/digestion and a pitta mind/emotions. Totally normal to have a combination like that! Many of us have two dominant doshas. So, you would eat a kapha-balancing diet, keeping foods warm, light and nicely spiced so you are satisfied with less quantity. Kaphas don’t need a lot of carbs, so you are not wrong in your approach. However, they should favor steamed/warm veggies and light carbs (like rice noodles, basmati rice, quinoa, couscous) as opposed to lots of meat and raw veg.

      Stick with it and keep learning about yourself. You will learn so much along the way and as long as you are receptive and open to tweaking your habits, you will find what works for you! Namasté!!

  89. Neo-Vida says:

    Hi Monica,

    First I want to say I really Love your site and all your helpful information. =)

    I have a pitta imbalance that has lead to PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome). My hormones go all out of whack and testosterone levels spike. I get cystic acne, oily skin and hair, my hair falls out (noticeably) , I get body odor (like a man eww), I grow hair where only men should get hair….and the list goes on.

    If you have any advice that would be great, but my real question is about an above mentioned hair tonic for thinning hair. I NEED IT URGENTLY! Lol

    Thank you.


    • Monica says:

      Hello Neo-Vida! Thank you for your kind words about my site! xo. Okay so for hair tonic, you can use neem oil on your hair. I suggest using some need oil on your scalp before bed (you might want to cover your pillow with a towel you don’t care about, just in case it gets a little oily). Something like this: http://www.banyanbotanicals.com/prodinfo.asp?number=3313

      Give your head a nice massage and do a little so hum meditation before bed. I don’t know if neem will help your hair grow back necessarily, but it’s astringent and cooling and will prevent hair from falling out further! Hope this helps!

  90. Karin says:

    Thank you! :) In my lower periods, when I have to achieve I tend to stop working out and just become inbalanced. That is really hard for me because I really love to work out alot and to feel good about my self but when something important comes in to my mind I always tend to eat alot of chips, junkfood and candy. In these periods I don’t have any lust or so whatever to workout and that is really wierd since I really like it. So my question is- how do I prevent these periods? How do I prevent to get so imbalanced every time and to eat badly? How can I get my lust back and be in better balance when I need it the most? It is so hard to always have to pick yourself up every time after each fall. It is like hiking Mount Everest because there is so many things to make right and that is really bad for my health. Btw can a pitta workout to much? Especially when it comes to harder workouts as running, spinning the more demaning types?

    Enoug off questions but there is so MUCH to ask since you can’t really find these information anywhere.

  91. Karin says:

    Hi Monica! Thank you so much for posting this. I’m a typicall Pitta person- need I say more? Heehee. I am just wondering what you mean with yoghurt? I really like yoghurt but I don’t know if my body reacts to it well. With yoghurt I mearn normal yoghurt in vanilla taste. I like to do smoothies with blueberries, bananas, raspberries and the vanilla yoghurt as the liqid in the smoothie. Does this sound OK? And what type of fish is allowed? I really love codfish and salmo is ok but codfish I eat much of. Are pita people supposed to exercise alot? I have always exercised alot an always felt so good when doing it. Unfortunately I am a typicall pita so whenever I am stressed, worried over something I tend to NOT exercise as I should and eat more junk food and choclate. Is choclate good? I love chocolate. I also use almond oil for my facial skin but also on my body and I love it. This is good for Pita’s right? Can pita types exercise too much and what will happen if doing so? Thank you so much for posting and looking forward to your reply. Would be cool if you can send it to my email. Namaste!

  92. katie says:

    hey monica-
    if i am a pitta-vata, what does this mean. I understand how to treat one or the other, but how do you treat both without contradicting the other. thanks for your time.

  93. Mayur P says:

    HI Monica, Not only your article but the following comments you have made are enriching for someone who have heard all this dosha’s but never went deeper into it.
    I am a person with very strong pitta and have severe acne and pigmentation problem over my face which is taking big toll on me. I have a glowing skin all over the body but my face is dull and dry. Often I witness an upset stomach and I am very sensitive to anything which is spicy. Please advice me on how to be a balanced person and to sail through this malignant challenge with help of Ayurveda. Appreciate your time in this regard. With Gratitude, Mayur

    • Monica says:

      Hi Mayur! Thank you for your sweet sweet note. I’m very sorry to hear that your skin problems are upsetting you. Yes, it does sound like you are pitta especially with the upset stomach, acne and sensitivity to spicy foods. Since your questions run fairly deep, I’m not sure I can answer them in a quick response. But, I recommend reading Pitta Seasonal Bloom. It will explain more about pitta, it has dietary information in there, and also some remedies. Overall you need to lessen stresses, release emotional tension, eat cooling foods (fruits, veggies, healthy grains, ghee), reduce overly sweet, salty, and sour/fermented foods, get enough sleep (bed by 10pm!), no exercise in the sun or in hot weather (early morning or early evening exercise is best), and be sure to address any hidden anger or frustrations you may have – they might even be from very long ago. Let me know if this is at all helpful and if I can answer any other questions for you. Here to help the best I can! Namaste, Monica

  94. priyanka says:

    hi monica, info shared here is very knowledgable. I want to know that I have been trying really hard to reduce weight, I am pitta type, have stopped eating junk food.. cant avoid meats, coffee and tea. please suggest a diet, i am 163 cm and at prestent 70kg have to shed 13 kgs. Depending upon ur guidelines.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Priyanka, Thanks for your note. Cutting out junk food is a great place to start! You will want to increase your vegetables – fill 1/2 of your plate with them. Have fruits for a snack. Keep heavy carbs to 1/4 of your plate and if you need a little meat, that can be 1/4 of your plate. Also make sure to exercise at 5 times a week or more, even if it’s just a brisk (brisk!) 20 minute walk. Limit salts (it increases our appetite and the taste is good so we crave more food than we really need) and sugary things. Give it a try!

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  96. kathy says:

    Hi Monica…I just found out I am pitta type..makes sense I struggle with acid reflux and I was diagnosed with rhuematoid arteritis..i am wonder what I can do to reduce symptoms and be RA free??

  97. Sharon says:

    Pitta 13, Kapha 1o – very evenly divided between the two. Suggestions for me?

  98. Morgan says:

    Hi Monica…I’m a really strong pitta, but my favorite and only type of exercise I do is bikram yoga. I’ve noticed many skin conditions I’ve developed during my practice, including Tinea Veriscolor. There is no way I can stop doing bikram, I’m far too in love with it, but do you have any suggestions of how I can balance out my pitta while still practicing?

    • Monica says:

      Hey Morgan! Oooo…yeah it’s going to be tough to balance pitta while doing Bikram. It’s SO hotsy totsy! Definitely follow pitta diet (coconut water, veggies, healthy carbs, cooling foods), but overall the heat from Bikram might trump that. Can you merge Bikram some days and other yoga, other days? I wish I could say that it’s okay for you, but I can’t. :( See if there is anything else that lights your fire (wah-wah, bad joke sound) – maybe just reducing Bikram will help your skin, but overall it’s not the best for pitta types. Oo! Maybe listen to my radio show Yoga for your Dosha and see if you get any good ideas from that! XOXO!

  99. Lakshmi says:

    Monica, your site is so much enjoyable to read and learn!
    I am mostly pitta with some vata like curly dryish hai, dry face skin, occasional constipation and also personality, but other then that about 60% is pitta. My diet has always been very healthy: lots of raw fruts, veggies, whole grains, healthy oils (olive, nuts), no coffees teas no alcohol, no refined sugars, occasional milk products. I fast from time to time and do lots of yoga. People would always talk about me as being ‘super healthy’ . But recently I developed allergy for cold while being in India. I know it sounds a bit strange, but whole body esppecialy fingers, toes, lips, nose and ears are get very red, swollen and ichy when I am eposed to temperature lower then 10C and it gets so bad, that it is torture to stay in cold climate ( now I am back to washington DC area). I tried to see ayuvedic doctors while in india and was told that my pitta got very unbalanced and was prescribed some ayuvedic medicine that won’t help so far and it’s been more then 2 months by now. Do you have any ideas suggestion of what i might need to change in my diet etc. thank you so much inadvance!

  100. Heather says:

    Fantastic….really wanted to share on Facebook…but didn’t see anywhere to do so.

    • Monica says:

      Dang Heather! That’s a great idea. Leave it to a pitta person to come up with that! I will look into adding a tag so folks can share the articles. I’ll send you a note once I set it up. Thanks again for the suggestion!!

  101. jessa says:

    i love your site! thank you for this wealth of information. an ayurvedic doctor told me i am a pitta/kapha. how is kefir for such a dosha blend?

  102. Mikayla says:

    Thank you so much Monica. That publication is very informative! I will try out your suggestions. I am hoping the warmer weather will wake up my mind and bring things back into balance, letting the pitta come out more. I hate being sluggish. Thanks again!

  103. Mikayla says:

    Hello. I am a weird mix of pitta and kapha it seems like. I seem to half the symptoms of pitta and half of kapha. I am very sharp-witted, and can be a worrier, but when I am balanced I am the slow and steady one that can mediate the problems of others. Historically I have some of the symptoms of pitta, but most recently I have been gaining weight, and I have constant problems with mucus production (I have cystic fibrosis). I have been on a kapha-like diet, adjusted for CF, for a few months now. Do you have any insights or suggestions for me? Thanks.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Mikayla! Sure sounds like you are combo of pitta kapha! And it’s not weird, it’s just YOU! :) If you have not yet, I suggest downloading Seasonal Bloom for Kapha so you can read up on this particular dosha and the season.

      When folks are two doshas and I don’t know them personally as a client, I usually tell them to follow the season. So during kapha season (spring), you will balance your kapha. Once summer hits and it’s pitta season, your kapha will balance out but you might notice an increase in pitta. If you want, we can set up a mini bud session (30 min) and see if we can iron some of this out for you. Since I don’t know you as an individual, it’s hard to pin point the problem & solution. My favorite part of Ayurveda is that once we figure YOU out, we can figure out your problems too :) xo.

  104. sara says:

    Hi Monica,

    I am a strong pitta with an even 7-7 for vata and kapha. For the past 6 months I have been having some major digestive issues. My stomach bloats to an godly size and is painful. I eat regularly and semi healthy, Ive even had a CT done witch showed my stomach organ being 3 times the normal size (?). I am not lactose intolerant nor have celiacs. They have no suggestions and I am at my witts end…any thoughts

    • Monica says:

      Hi Sara, hmmmmm…I’m sure we will find out more during your mini-bud. I’m confident we will find a link to why your stomach is so bloatey! Question – when did you start bikram yoga? That is heating for pitta (too much heat) and I wonder if that might be a source of your digestive problems. We will find out more when we chat – looking forward to it! xo

  105. Stacey Loffredo says:

    I am Pitta and trying to lose weight. The diet that worked for me before ( it was given to me by my personal trainer) is full of things I shouldn’t have; berries, almonds, spinach, etc. Alot of the cooling foods I have read about are things that I have been taught make a person gain weight; White rice, grains, sugar. (I also cannot drink milk or eat icecream anymore as it upsets my stomache.) All of this makes me hesitant to adjust my diet using ayurveda, even though I think it will help my anxiety and controling nature. Any sugestions or advice?

    • Monica says:

      Hey Stacey! So as a pitta, you absolutely can have berries, almonds and spinach. Those are balancing for you. PItta foods are not white rice and sugar. The “sweet” taste in Ayurveda means healthy grains and natural sugars like fruits. I am curious to know how you got your Ayurvedic information because pittas are able to lose weight quite nicely when following a pitta diet. Pitta diet consists of healthy grains/carbs, veggies, fruits, ghee, milk, lentils. Omit red meats, cheeses, fried foods, excessively salty foods, sour foods and extra spicy foods. My first thought is that you haven’t been given the proper information…? What do you think?? Thanks for asking!!!!

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  107. Joe Krakoski says:

    Hey MonicaB,

    A 48 year old Pitta Yogi could use a nice tonic for the thinning hair! Have one?


  108. Brittany says:

    Hey….so this dosha sounds exactly like me, except I tend to have the vata dry wavy hair and dry skin. Other than that, pitta all the way! What would you suggest for the dry skin? It bothers me mostly on my face, probably because I can’t find a cleanser that agrees with my skin.

    Also, I had been overmedicated a few months ago ( I will always question docs before taking any future medications now). It threw my stomach and digestion off. It started with constipation and heartburn troubles. Now, I have poop that comes in pieces and occasionally loose. Would you say more fiber would help?
    The plan I had been trying before was an anti candida type diet and I’ve been taking probiotics.

    • Monica says:

      Hey! Overall if there is dryness on the skin, this is a direct reflection of dryness in the colon (constipation). So if you get constipated again be sure to drink warm liquids and have plenty of oils in your foods until you are back to normal. For body skin, I recommend warm almond oil in the chilly months. For the face, get a good moisturizer from a good natural product line. My favorite is Simply Divine Botanicals. You can order samples of their products before committing – I highly recommend doing that first.

  109. Love says:

    How wonderful!

  110. Linn says:

    Thanks for your reply! It’s definitely a big help. I will keep on reading your blog and maybe we’ll talk again. Take care! Linn

  111. Linn says:

    Hi Monica, I just found your blog and really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing! I have a question about yogurt for Pitta. Does that include yogurt made from soy? I have alot of Pitta especially now when it’s warm outside but I do love my soy yogurt! And cheese, should I also be careful with goat cheese?


    • Monica says:

      Hi Linn! I’m so glad you enjoy the blog. Well…yeah, have you read up on soy? If you haven’t, maybe do a little google search. In a nutshell soy is very heating, yogurt is clogging. So…I would say probably no on both of those. One food probably will not imbalance you, but over time if you start to notice pitta-like imbalance I would definitely look at how much soy yogurt you are eating. Goat cheese is not too bad actually. It’s a bit sour, but the amount of goat cheese that you would eat is probably not enough to throw you off balance. Daily soy yogurt though…you’ll want to watch that the most. Hopefully this helps!!!

  112. Monica says:

    Natalie! Sandalwood soap would be GREAT for you. And amalaki would be a great herb for you – it’s excellent to balance pitta. Let’s talk before you get some, but I have a recommendation :)

  113. Natalie says:

    Thank you for the insight. It reminds me that I need to tune in better to my inner channel, not ignore it because I’ve too much on my plate. Is there an answer for the flushed skin? A soap or herb I can add to my daily routine?

  114. Monica says:

    Hi Dee! Thank you for taking the test – it really is fun to learn about ourselves isn’t it?! And yep, you can absolutely leave the yogurt – you have my permission to never eat it again :) Thank you for the nice compliment on my site. I also look forward to your journey and helping you evolve in anyway I can. Big hug!!!!

  115. Dee S says:

    Loved to take this test and learn more. Pita(11) with a close Kapha(9). Understanding from your articles about yogurt. Very intersting everytime I try to add it to my diet I can’t even eat a whole portion. Now I feel I can just leave it. I Love your Site. Thanks Look forward to learing more on my journey.

  116. Monica says:

    Okay heid, you will have to be mindful of the qualities of pitta + summer heat. Because there is heat in the environment now and you are naturally heated, you will need to work on cooling to keep you balanced. Cooling and sweet foods (natural sugars of course) will be best for you. Grains, rice, veggies, salads, fresh fruit, ice cream (mm!), cucumber water, are all great to cool you. Be ware of alcohol, salt, cheeses, yogurt, spicy food and anything acidic will make you hotter and more agitated.

  117. johnnyheid says:

    I’ve taken the test. Heavy on the Pitta Light on the Kapha and my Vata is in the middle. I’ll keep reading to find out just what all this means. Maybe it can help me with the emotional roller-coaster I’ve been riding for a year now. I think it’s time to get off.

  118. Monica says:

    Great! I did know you were a pitta :) As long as you are feeling okay ( not angry or quick tempered, not stressed or overworked, no “heated” problems like heartburn or hypertension, diarrhea, rashes, eyes probs) you can eat what you want in moderation. As always it’s not one thing that throws us off balance, it’s the repetition of imbalancing habits that throws us off.

    That said, now you know what to look for…if you do start getting any of the pitta imbalances, you know some of the tools to use to cool you down before it turns into disease :) And you can always ask more questions if you are unsure.

  119. michellehahn says:

    Very refreshing website. I took your test. My dosha is Pitta. But you probably new that already…didn’t you? So now what? I’m not going to stop consuming alcohol. Or yogurt, cheese, and hot spices for that matter. Sour fruit?…uh…I can live without.

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