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Doshas are the three energies found in nature and in us! They are vata, pitta and kapha. The doshas govern our bodies, minds, emotions, and thoughts…intrigued yet? There’s plenty more to know!

At conception we were created with a unique blend of the 5 great elements (ether, air, fire, water, earth). That unique blend is called our prakruti or individual body constitution. Our prakruti is a combination of the three doshas vata (ether + air), pitta (fire + water), and kapha (water + earth). Since prakruti is made of the 3 doshas, knowing what your dosha(s) is, is key to maintaining your health.

Once we know what doshas are dominant in us, we know what our balanced state should be. This is extremely important because with this knowledge we are able to notice when the body goes out of balance AND we know how to bring it back to balance. Since we are little beings of nature and are made of the same 5 elements, we can use the opposite elements to bring us back to balance.

In Ayurveda like increases like, therefore too much “like” will cause aggravations that could lead to disease. For example, if you are a pitta person (who naturally has more heat) and you are eating spicy foods in the hot summer, your pitta dosha will increase and could create heartburn or maybe a skin rash (heating diseases). To balance it, you would use the opposite qualities by eat cooling foods and cooling drinks.

Another example would be a vata person eating salads in the fall/winter. The cold and dry qualities increase of the salad increase the cold and dry qualities of vata, thus increasing vata dosha which causes disorders like anxiety, dry skin, constipation, etc., To keep vata balanced, keeping warm and moist in fall/winter is their best bet.

An example of excess kapha would be eating yogurt in the spring. Kapha is sticky, wet and heavy, So when the weather is sticky, wet and heavy, and the yogurt has the same qualities, you get increased kapha dosha. It creates imbalances like chest congestion (mucus), allergies, lethargy. To cut through kapha and get it moving, have warm and spicy liquids.

So basically disease is caused by the body going out of harmony with it’s natural state, when we know what that natural state is, we have the ability to keep ourselves free of disease. Take the test to find out your dosha, whether you are vata, pitta, kapha or any combination of the three. Once you know, you can make decisions accordingly to keep your body, mind, and soul totally balanced and healthy.

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  10. Anne says:

    Hi, I have done the tests and it looks like I’m mainly vata but with a good dose of pitta in there too. At present I’m very out of whack and I feel like my three dishes are out of balance. I say this because although I used to be thin I’ve now put on lots if weight which I can’t move. I suffer from allergies, fatigue, lethargy and combine that with heart burn anxiety, anger frustration, depression…I’m very out of sorts. I’m doing acupuncture at present which seems to be multiplying all these feelings! What kind of things could I do to passify all three doshas? Or am I better attacking them individually starting with Pita. I need to do something now as I’ve always been so happy and vital and I don’t like at all how I am now. Thanks x

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  12. Hailey says:

    Until I found your website I had never heard of “doshas” in my entire life. But after taking the tests it’s creepy how accurate it really is! Turns out I’m a fatal to he core.

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  14. Ask, and You Shall Receive | Barbara Sinclair Holistic Health says:

    […] things simple. I crave organization, but don’t have good skills in this area. I call it my Vata-Pitta war, and the Vata usually wins out–my mind floating off in a completely different direction. […]

  15. Nina says:

    Hi Monica, congrats on a beautiful, insightful, helpful website. I facilitate a meditation group and have been talking about these topics as well. It is such needed info and understanding. Looks like you have put a lot of time and energy in this. Congrats. Can I use your dosha test for my groups? I learnt about all this in our teacher training and have a test but would like to add yours. Thank you for this.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Nina! Thank you for your warm words about my site :) You can most definitely use my dosha test for your group! For sure. You can download it as a .pdf and either email it or print it for your students. Thank you for sharing the good word on Ayurveda!!

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  17. Gian says:

    Hi Monica
    I have recently develop more couriosity about ayurveda and i took the test.they all showed me that i am a 3 doshic body (hope that im not incorrect with the terms), but i have been founding hard to find information on how to balance my kind of body. most of the information i find are regarding on how to balance or Vata, or Pitta or Kapha bodys. i dont understand how i can apply all the different “exercices” and food habbits to myself :s

    can you suggest me something?

    thank you very much
    p.s. sorry for some mistakes i am not english :)

    • Monica says:

      Hi Gian,
      Thanks for your note! Well, having 3 doshas in equal balance is quite rare so be sure that you are answering the questions according to who you are naturally. To start, eat according to the foods that are in season and follow the daily routine. Just doing those simple things will be of great help. Also, as you now have an awareness of Ayurveda and doshas, watch your true self unfold. While observing yourself, you might find that you are naturally only 2 doshas. I hope this helps get you started!

  18. Mags says:

    Hey Monica,

    I just found your site today and I love it! I have been learning about Ayerveda for about a year now and it’s been really helpful. I even went to see an Ayervedic practioner and she said I was a Pitta Kapha. However, when I started eating for Pitta Kapha, my skin got dry and I started having aches. Also I don’t feel connected to Kapha at all. My mind races, I am hyper, I talk a lot…. all very vata qualities. I am also tall, have dry skin, and get anxious easily. The only thing I can think of is that I was sick the day of the consult. I had head congestion and I was very fatigued from the cold, so that may have made it seem like I had a lot of Kapha (I suppose I did that day). My gut tells me I am PItta Vata. I have a lot Pitta like heat and a big appetite. Any suggestions? I am kind of confused at this point.

    Thanks so much!

    • Monica says:

      YAY Mags! I’m glad you found it and love it – wooo! I have to congratulate you…because it sounds like you are really getting to know yourself :) I love that you said your gut tells you you are pitta vata. Go with that!! Above all people, you know yourself best. I had someone tell me once that I had kapha and I was like, “Hell no! Are ya nuts?!” Hah! And I quickly told them all the reasons I was not. But!! Remember, we have all three doshas in all of us, so they will appear in various places. You also mentioned that you were sick, so yes if the practitioner was just gauging your symptoms…they may have been mislead. Anywhosies! Sounds like you are on the right track with things. If you want more info, check out Seasonal Bloom Vata and Seasonal Bloom Pitta. There might be helpful info in her for you :) xo!

  19. Jennifer says:

    Hey Monica! I love the concept of ayurveda adn would like to govern more of my food choices with it, but I have such a hard time figuring out where I fit! When I read the dosha descriptions I always feel like such a kapha, but when I take the test, I consistently get overwhelming vata results. Do you have any thoughts about that?

    • Monica says:

      Hey Jen!! You could be a combo of kapha and vata. Also, we live in a very vata-imbalacing society. So it’s very possible that while you are naturally a kapha, you feel like a vata or have a lot of vata tendencies. We live in a fast life and vata energy is fast! Fast + fast = faster. Many of us end up feeling like vatas (anxiety, racing mind, panic, too many irons in the fire, insomnia, etc) but we have to really evaluate to see if that’s truly US or is it us being overshadowed by the nature surrounding us… Does that help!? XOXO

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