Vata: energy of movement



Elements air (vayu) + ether (akash)
dry, light, cold, mobile, rough
Season fall thru mid-winter
Nature wind
Main Location colon

Vata is referred to as the ‘king of the doshas’ because it is responsible for every movement in the body. Without vata, pitta and kapha cannot move. Eyes blinking, heart beating, talking with your hands, jumping, circulation, elimination, are all because of vata.

Since vata people are made of air and ether, they don’t have a lot holding them together. They will quickly go out of balance and quickly come back into balance – think of the wind. Vatas tend to get cold easily and are prone to dry skin due to the dry, cold and rough qualities.

Vata personality. You can pick out who has vata as their dominant dosha because they tend to talk a lot, move a lot, and worry a lot. They are creative worriers and usually have twelve million things going on at one time. Their mind is constantly going and they have a very hard time sitting still. This is due to the movement quality of Vata/wind – mind and body are zipping everywhere often times finding it hard to find peace and grounding within themselves. Because vatas have such creative energy, they make good teachers, artists, actors, and professional speakers. And believe you me, vatas like to talk! And wiggle. And complain. Because something usually hurts, including their brain. They also forget things, tend to be late and change their mind all the time. Balanced vatas are contagiously energetic and are the people you might say, “light up the room.”

Vata body. Vatas tend to be slender and can be tall or short. Bones are prominent, their hair is dry and usually curly. Face is oval in shape and eyes are small with teeny lashes. Fingers are long and nails are brittle with a tendency to split. Dry and thin skinned, vatas are easily browned by the sun.

Vatas need grounding. Vatas like to run around (mentally and physically), so one of the best things they can do for themselves is to slow down – or even stop. Meditation, yoga practice, and pranayama are all wonderful for bringing some grounding and nourishment to vata. Remember, vatas are air and ether so they need grounding to keep them from flying away. Nutritionally, vatas can do this by adding oils (ghee!), fully cooked vegetables, milk, and grains to their diet. Vatas need to keep warm and oiled. In the day-to-day, having a solid reliable schedule is best to ease and ground their fluttery mind. They love the sun and warm, humid weather. Steam rooms are great too.

Vata digestion. Vata appetite is erratic and vata digestion is usually sluggish. Yep, constipation. To help vata digestion, they need oleation (ghee!) and warm foods. Oils & sauces lubricate the body to counterbalance the rough & dry qualities in vata and warm foods will help balance the cold qualities.

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  2. suman says:

    Hey Monica! Your blog has loads of information. Am reading all your blogs! The topics are awesome and really matters to one and all! Got the drive to turn towards Ayurveda! Just got a Panchakarma therapy at a place called Ayursukheebhava. Feeling reborn! Thank you.

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  15. Victor says:

    can anyone please explain how to fix vata disorder? I have chronic constipation problem due to vata disorder. I tried triphala but have seen no results.

    • Sumer Chandurkar says:

      Triphala is not good bcoz it makes vata people skin dry..this dryness increase more indigestion.The best medicine for Vata is Basti(a part of Panchkarma treatment)..Hot water @night and morning (sip after sip),Yoga,Sudarshankriya will help u alot..

      • Bhanwar says:

        Hey man. I have same problem but didn’t take any medicine/treatment yet. Because of busy daily schedule. Please suggest how to overcome this problem I can tell you symptoms I am feeling last five years chattering/stiffness in whole body specificically leg and lower back all the day;constipation; hair fall;cough n cold. Pls suggest something

    • Anonymous says:

      Try Chlorophyll! It works wonders for me! Tablespoon in a small glass of water at night. Its gentle & makes you feel normal!

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  24. Marjie says:

    Thanks for this article! I am 110% a vata! I can’t find a single thing about the vata description that doesn’t fit my life to a tea! I have found that I do better with small snacks throughout the day, rather than meals. I eat very healthy (lots of fruits and vegetables), and run a few times a week, and I also take Triphala but STILL have issues with constipation. I’ve been taking Triphala for the past four months so it should be working by now. I also try to eat warm, moist foods. I eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast. And like I said, about 4-6 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. Any other suggestions for constipation? Thank you! (I also do yoga and take a multivitamin) :)

    • Monica says:

      HI Marjie!
      HAHA! 110% vata is a LOT of vata. I can see it – it’s even flowing out the top of your head! ;) What about oiiiiiilllls/fats? Are you eating enough fats? Like ghee, olive oil, flax seed oil…? AND are you drinking enough water? My tip for you – make sure you are drinking WAY more water than you are (my spidey sense thinks you have a “dry” problem) and having fats with every meal. Some constipation tips: 1) Put 1 tblsp ghee in warm water (dissolve the ghee) and drink on empty stomach first thing in the morning. 2) You can also soak 3-4 prunes in water over night and eat in the morning – don’t eat anything else – drink lots of water and have herbal tea – it should make you poop in like…4-5 hours. Don’t eat until you poop. Lemme know if any of those things work! Keep doing yoga and multivitamin! :)

      • victor says:

        Hi I have same problem with chronic constipation, triphala hasnt shown to work. Please advise me. I also am high vata low pitta .

    • kree says:

      I hear ya! I actually was eating oatmeal every day, too, until my constipation became so bad, I went to a GI doc. He said oatmeal is great for cholesterol, but not so great for constipation because it’s soluble fiber. Try Raisin Bran, he said, and it’s helped.

      • Alisa Turner says:

        I have the same experience every time I try oatmeal for breakfast. It’s gone on for years, but no one has ever been able to explain it. I digest wheat much better than oats, which cause so much gas and bloating. Ayurvedically speaking, what’s the explanation for that? Although oats are moist and demulcent, do they ultimately have a drying effect on the GI tract? It’s interesting that Chopra doesn’t even mention oats on his Vata page: .

    • Anonymous says:

      1-2 tbs of chia seed per day soaked in water for 15 min

      • vijay says:

        Dear Turner,

        Go through this carefully, you will understand why you get so much of gas! Vata people have an issue with absorption, so the water gets carried to large intestine. Here because of again vata dosha the waste gets rotten & produces gas. The waste stays there till the water is absorbed & becomes hard to be able to through out. So the only solution is to take heavy food that is low fiber, food with high carbohydrates & good amount of gee to lubricate the intestine. All light food (high soluble fiber food ) should be avoided. You should also avoided all the food clearly indicated in text which has a property to creates gas. Further work on reducing vata through yoga & Ayurveda medicine. Further take nutrition supplement like chavanprash etc. Finally in vata people the production of hormones & enzymes by the pancreas is also less so take Ayurveda medicine to improve your hormone & enzyme production.

  25. sukh says:

    hi monica, i think i am pitta vatta person .i put on somuch waight around my waist and i got pigmentetion on my face.i dont know what i need to do,can u tell me anydiet and skin treatment.please help me.

  26. Rashmi says:

    Hello Monica, Great informative and interactive site.

    I have been dealing with sore throat and dry cough at night for last 5 days. I have tried most home remedies for dry cough but it didn’t help and the cough didn’t let me sleep through the night. 2 days back I found out about Vata dosha and realized the cough is due to dryness and inflammation. So I massage with seasme oil, put some in my ears and nose and added ghee to my diet. I feel better during the day but the dry cough keeps back at night. Have really bad coughing spells that leave me with no energy and today I even threw up traces of blood. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Monica says:

      Hi Rashmi, yikes! Did you try a cool humidifier at night? Did you try steam showers? Did you gargle with salt water? I have been sick also and waking with a cough around 3am (hello dry vata cough at vata time!). I was sipping warm water and that seemed to help. You could also try melting a little ghee in water before bed and drink it – see if that helps coat the throat. Will you try some of these things and let me know how it goes? xo! Monica

  27. Claire says:

    In all the tests I can find I’m coming up Vata but I’m slightly overweight (5”6″ and about 145-150 lbs). I’m not slender at all, and the more I read about vata it all talks about being light and airy and needing to be grounded. Because I’m overweight should I be looking at one of the other doshas? My second was pitta.

    • Jennie says:

      I wondered the same thing myself. (I’m 5′ 5.5″ and 151 lbs) From what I’ve read, we can gain weight when our dosha is out of balance. Apparently if we follow the lifestyle for our dosha, we will become balanced again and will lose weight.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Claire! Well, vata might show up in other places like your mind, emotions, skin texture, your high level of creativity, etc., So you might be pitta in the body? For example, I am similar. I am not wirey, skinny, or airy…but my mind can be! And I get constipated! And I used to worry a LOT. And I have to concentrate to avoid being distracted, all which are very vata traits. But my body is pitta build. Does this help shine some light? xo!

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  31. priyanka says:

    Hi…today is the first time I took body type test…and it’s came out I am vaat..most of the things match with my personality except the sleep part …I am a sound big problem I am facing is I have no energy at all from morning to night…can you suggest me how to gain that energy. Can you also send a link of yoga exercise which vaat ppl should do.
    Thank you

  32. ankit says:

    hi..monika my nature is vaat ..and iam facing some problem like lean body and loose stool can. u tell me some aurvedic medicine to improve digesation system and which help me in weight gain and accpunture point to balance vaat

  33. Mary says:

    Hi Monica,
    I’m 31 and I thought I was Vata/Pitta, but lately I have gained some weight around my middle, though I am still thin, I feel heavy. I also feel very tired. I struggle with depression and anxiety and am taking two anti-depressants. For the past three months I was indulging in the typical vata sweets and coffee combination aand also drinking too many cocktails.
    For the past couple of days I have eaten mostly fruit and nuts and water. I feel like my skin and mind are out of whack. I have chronic ingrown hairs on my legs and I have enlarged pores, breakouts, and flaking ears. Is there a way to ‘reset’ my body? I find routine difficult and I prefer cold foods to warm ones. I would love some advice! Thank you!

    • abhi says:

      Hi Mary,
      I am also vata+pitta and suffered from depression. But now i am very good. I keep trying each day what new i can incorporate so as to be good and even better.
      But you have to stop antidepressent(Slowly gradually).I am dam confident about this statement. I can guarantee you that you will be much much better and can live much much better life.
      Few of the remedies that i will suggest are,
      1) Vit B12, Vit D3 ( For depression)
      2) Ashwagandha ( Will reduce vata and make you healthy)
      3) Triphala (Will releve constipation)
      4) Daily some kind of stomach exercise ( Improving digestion)
      5) Sesame oil massage daily is very good. Best of all. But have to let that oil remain for the whole day.
      6) Stop white sugar, tea, coffee, cold drinks anything that is not good for vata.
      7) Have to try remain calm and hopeful since vata will try to move you to opposite and allow itself to increase.
      8) Sleeping and getting up at right time.
      9) The herbs like fresh ginger, cinamom, fennel.
      10) Stop eating junk food and start good food.
      When vata is aggreviated it destabilizes other dosha first so have to keep vata in control first.

      Please let me know if you need in detail info as i will be very happy to let some one take help of my knowledge that i have acquired through these many hardships and struggles and now looking towards rising sun…

      And most important there is always positive accompanied with negative and vice versa .. its the rule of nature. You have the capacity to be a wonderful and inspiring person to others as you know what the happiness is since one who travels through dark knows what light is …

      And nothing is impossible as god doesn’t give you that you can not handle. It just requires more time and patience…

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  35. Sophie says:

    Dear Monica,

    Thank you so much for your inspiring page.
    I am very much Vata, and have been diagnosed with a Vata imbalance….but didn’t resonate with the doctor.
    I think its been this way since having kids 10 years ago….the noise and busyness of two boys, a dog and a cat! I teach yoga, and yet notice I get stressed and feel shakiness in my neck!
    I was eating lots of raw food and noticed the whiteness on my tongue went away, it was pink and healthy.
    But last week, I got caught out in the cold with freezing cold water – not my choice…..I felt my throat getting sore – the next day it knocked me out. I noticed my tongue become white. Went onto a cooked Vata diet and re-introduced warm milk in chai. My tongue is still white. My throat still sore after 5 days of this diet. Deepak Chopra mentions warm milk as being soothing for Vata. Do you think its a good idea when getting over a cold? And could my body not like it? I am not lactose intolerant.
    I am meditating, doing yoga, having warm baths, keeping myself warm and trying to avoid noise.
    Thank you so much kind lady.
    Sophie :)

    • Monica says:

      Hi Sophie!
      One thing to remember when you get sick…vata diet and dairy might not be the best choice because your body needs very light food in order to fight the cold. My suggestion is to fast and have liquid, warm, spicy soups with veggies and noodles until you feel better. Sleep a LOT. Drink a LOT of warm herbal teas. Vata imbalance will not necessarily cause you to get sick. Ama (toxins) and low ojas (immunity) will. To cut through the ama, you need to eat less, and keep warm and spicy. Does that help? Namaste!

  36. Rebecca says:

    Hi Monica
    My long battle with silent reflux has led me to smoothies and mostly raw. When that wasn’t working and new symptoms started cropping up I seemed help from Ayurveda. I am so obviously a vata with maybe some pita that it made sense that it wasn’t working! I’ve switched to cooked grounding foods and spices but I still do a green juice every morning. Can vata digest fresh green juice?
    Interesting, but since the change, my dry cracks on my hands are better, my nails look better, and my hair has gotten curlier.

  37. ER says:

    Hi. I have read about Ayurveda and I am vata – pitta. Both are imbalanced. I totally relate to Susan who said:

    “I am a very Vata person, but find that in order to fit in to the adult working world I have become accustomed to fighting my Vata insticts to try and appear more Kapha”

    It seems like a lot of stable jobs that the vata person needs for stability were designed for the Kapha types and pittas. I can’t work. I depend on my husband and it causes me much grief and despair.

    I can’t drink milk. It makes my skin burn from the inside out and makes me feel anger and fury.
    I can’t eat any grains except for rice and sometimes oatmeal. Since I took it out, my back pain has gone down by 80%. I took out phenols and salicylates, food dyes, and chemicals ALL of which were causing me to feel fury and intense anger. My mind has always been kind of scattered and nervous. I pray and listen to meditation music for most of the day and that helps a lot.

    But there’s something that is confusing for me because I follow the Julie Matthews diet which was designed for people with autism (I am not diagnosed) and it seems to help me but I am still struggling with balancing my doshas.

    I full heartedly believe in Ayurveda so I am confused about how I could be a pitta vata body and mind type and have reactions to so many vata and pitta pacifying foods. Unless I keep an open mind and maybe do have a touch of high functioning autism.

    I don’t know.

    • alex says:

      Hello Er,

      I have a few suggestions for you. Firstly, i want to say that i am not an ayurveda practitioner but i studied a few books of ayurveda by myself. The best advice that i can give is to buy or lend a book about ayurveda like: Prakriti-your ayurvedic constitution by Robert E. Svoboda, Eat Taste Heal by THomas Yarema, Daniel Rhoda, Chef Johnny Brannigan, or others that you find. You should know that are different aprroches on Ayurveda depending on the teacher. Some say that a food is balancing for a dosha why others say the opposite. The most important principle in ayurveda is that you should rely on common sense. As a result ayurveda teachings are only guidelines and not imperatives. You should also take into account that these teachings emerged in India and you can t just take them and aplly them wherever on the planet without taking in consideration the climate and the foods that are found in that region. You should know that if milk causes rashes and anger in you you are probably a pita type or in a pitta aggravated state(vikruti i think ). You refer to anger a lot so it is hard to think that you are a vata type. It is very hard to know from the beginning what your true constitution is, which is perfectly normal. I strongly suggest that you read a comprehensive book about ayurveda and while reading it follow your common sense about those teachings. Also, when you complete the evaluations for your body type have someone else that knows you for a long time complete those evaluations about you. You wil complete them once and he will complete the same tests separetely and you will have two results and a better image about your body type ( another s opinion is especially important when it comes to physical traits e.g.: you may consider your eyes big, but another one may think that your eyes are small ). If you don t manage by yourself try finding an ayurveda practitioner, but a really experienced one ( it would be better if that person studied ayurveda in India (my opinion ) ). You should also know that supplements should be taken only on short periods of time, and that you can balance yourself with food or fasting or other practices ( complex detoxification practices like pankacharma should be supervised by a qualified trained ayurveda practitioner ).

  38. Sri says:

    Hi Monica, great to find this website.its help me at least get to know about my body a bit. I’m 34 years, a small size , skinny guy. Most of my relative and friends always asking me, “Why r u re so skinny,any disease?sometime i feel ashamed. but that is life.Its not I’m not eating , but most of the food i eat does not digested properly.Its stays in my stomach for hours(6~7 hours).I love to eat but because of the stomach problem, i hate and really dissappointed.Most of the time i have to take out my food (force to vomit out) before next meal.Any suggestion of food intake?

    • Monica says:

      Hi Sri!
      It’s hard for me to guide you since I don’t know you (and Ayurveda is all about knowing the person, not the problem), but try eating kitchari for a few days (mono diet) with fruit as a snack. Kitchari is easy to digest and should help you not feel so full. The skinny part… you might just be skinny :) If you are a vata person, there is nothing wrong with that and you should not to try and be anything other than who you are :)

  39. Chrissy says:

    Hey Monica! This is tha best site ever!..I appreciate it so much..I’m a vata to my heart!..ive been trying to conceive for 6 years..I do have polycystic ovaries&i have really bad anxiety&worry about everything. Recently I started taking ashwaghanda&triphala&switched my diet up a bit adding more fruits& u think I’m on the right track to conceiving&reducing my stress&anxiety levels?..thanks in advance.

  40. April says:

    Hi, Monica! Love your site! Very informative & interesting. I read this & thought this is me. But I got a very confusing email from another site saying I am pitta with vata. So I’ve emailed you in hopes you can help me. I truly want to get balanced as I am a stay at home mom & want to be the best I can be for my family & right now I feel far from it. Thanks for this wonderful site!
    April :)

  41. Nicole says:

    Love your site!
    I keep browsing around and getting distracted with the next post..then the next, and ooh, ooh, ANOTHER great post!! Yeah, Vata girl here ;)
    Do you have a short + sweet list of fab Vata foods?

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  43. Lois Kubota says:

    Hi Monica. I’m mostly pitta, but a close second is vata. I’m always confused how to eat. It seems that grains make me fat and dairy gives me congestion. When I made a recipe from Dr. Vasant Lad’s cookbook for Ayurveda, Kitchari, I have a hard time digesting mung. So I’m thoroughly confused. Any suggestions you have is greatly appreciated.

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  45. Krishna says:

    please help

  46. Krishna says:

    Hi My name is krishna i am suffering from this dosha from a long time i feel miserable. Insomania everything. Please tell me what i should do so i can get out of this thing quickly.


  47. […] diet that I have recently embarked on, I decided to add two ingredients to the drink for my dosha (Vata) and it came out FABULOUS!  Plus, I am getting more healthy, natural energy and increased immunity […]

  48. JoAnn says:

    Constapation and back pain Vata-Pitta type
    food suggestions please

  49. Jewel says:

    This is my first time with any of this although I have heard of it and I believe I am a Vata ( I took a quiz twice). I am 28 and have awful acne (along with dry skin) and it becomes worse under stress and has started scarring. I have an allergic reaction to Benzyl Peroxide and would like an easy, cheap, (and possibly quick,) effective way to fight acne but so far have found none. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Jewel! Hmm…this is a tough one for me to answer without knowing more about you and your history. As we know, all healing has to be done on the inside to see results on the outside. To start, I would look at your diet first – make sure there is not a lot of processed foods (fake sugars, high fructose corn syrup, foods high in sugar, weird meats) in your diet. Keep it as clean as possible with lots of fresh veggies and fruits. Also make sure any dairy you eat comes from a good place (organic!). You could try finding some sandalwood oil ( and put that on your face at night – don’t worry about oil = acne. Because your skin is dry. It will cool/calm your skin. But overall you need to start with life-balancing. Check out the vata seasonal bloom for more vata-balancing tips:

  50. Sebastian says:

    Hey Monica, I am a vata person through and through and I absolutely love your dosha lotus designs – they would make gorgeous stickers (small, round ones). Have you considered making them available for purchase on zazzle? Best, Sebastian

    P.S.: Alternatively, would you mind if I used the images to create a set of stickers for my own? Can’t wait … vata rush :)

    • Monica says:

      Hey Sebastian, What a cute idea! I love that you love the stickers. I used to have some designs on Cafe Press (similar to Zazzle), but took them down. You can print stickers if you like – if you think of it, please tell them where you got the design from :) The more we can drive people to understand and embrace Ayurveda, the more we can heal the world :)

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  52. Isha says:

    Wow ! All the info on your site has been very enlightening , Monica. I came here while looking at identifying my 5 yr old boys type – and everything fits into Vata type. Except that he tends to get bronchitis in cold london weather a lot, and has loads of mucus in his nose through the year. But he does not fit into kapha type – slender, tall, wiggly, sharp, creative is what he is.

    More importantly, I believe that his mucus production increases after physical activity. But he loves being out in the park, lots of running, badminton, tennis , cycling – in fact he wants to be a tennis player when he grows up :) . Would you say Vata types should be ‘discouraged’ from too much physical stuff ? Or once in balance, they will automatically refrain ? As of now we encourage his interests, but i do not want to cause any negative health effects……..

  53. anita says:

    I am new to all of this. I find it very interesting. I am predominantly vata first then pitta if that makes any sense. I made the ghee from the recipe on this site and it has been very helpful with some of my skin ailments and is good on all breads. I am working on vata diet as my digestion is always off, also I have no gall bladder to aid with digestion so that is also a minus. My body structure is small with an athletic build and I have straight dark hair my skin browns easily and I am a very competitive person, on the go with constant need for stimuli. when I read the dosha personalities I was amazed at how much the vata sounds like me. I am trying to learn how to balance myself. I know this will take some time, but I feel it is worth some looking into.

  54. Mary says:

    Hi Monica,
    I love your site, the information has been very enlightening! I’m Vata/Pitta (17/10). I have a dry cough only at night. It wakes me up, usually once per night, and I have to get up. Drinking water helps a little, but being upright clears the mucus “tickle” in my throat. What can I do?

    • Monica says:

      Hey Mary! So great – I’m glad it’s helpful for you! Thanks for stopping by and for your question. What about a humidifier or vaporizer? Have you tried that in your room? Also you can try sipping some tea with cloves in it (they are heating so be mindful of pitta and pitta season) later in the evening. Cloves stop a cough in its tracks! Give it a try and let me know if it helps. xoxo

  55. waterlily says:

    vata sure sounds like me. the last 6 months, i have developed extremely dry eyes, nose, mouth….so dry i feel like i cannot breathe. i put sesame oil in my nose, but temp solution. worse 4-8 pm and then thru the night. any advice? thank you!

    • Monica says:

      Hi Waterlily! Great idea on using the sesame oil drops for your nose. Have you tried using a humidifier/vaporizor at night? You could also hang out in a steamy shower. Steam therapy does wonders for vata. Maybe give your entire body a warm oil massage (using sesame or almond oil), wait 10 minutes, and then jump into a steam shower. The idea is not to shower off the oil but to get into the steam environment while the oil absorbs. Should help! Or maybe try both massage+steam and also a humidifier in your room at night. Let me know if this helps you!!

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  58. milly says:

    Hi Monica, thanks for your site. I;ve done a few dosha tests and have been vata dominant but also pitta. I’m in my mid twenties and have not gained weight since i was approx in my mid teens. In fact I may have lost weight. Im not sure how to maintain health in my liver and spleen as I have had troubles. I will try a vata diet, thank you, do you have any other suggestions or things i should really focus on? Thank you for your time.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Milly! Yes, try the vata diet and see if that helps. Remember to have foods with nice warm oils incorporated into them. Ghee, olive oil, flax seed oil, are all really helpful for vata types. And no raw veggies or cold foods/drinks. Try that and see what happens :)

  59. Andrea says:

    Hello Monica,
    I just found this site! Thank you for doing this. I’m a VATA, and amongst other problems I have been experiencing very, very loose stools on some days and large whole stools on others with a brownish-tan substance; not quite oily, but will surround the stools. I also have very bad lower back pain. What’s up?

  60. uma says:

    hi , im living in dubai. 2 months before i came here, im having a very very dry skin on face, my face looks always dull, i dint have a livelyness in my face. especially during the winter seasons im getting more dry. while i entering to the fully air conditiond mall, or train my eyes get turned to more red colr, pl help me …. is possible dry skin people can get milky shinny skin……

  61. Arti says:

    OMG this is soooo meee … to think i smiled when i saw CONSTIPATION hehe

  62. deb says:

    I am now 58 yrs. old with many, many more life experiences and health challenges than in my 30’s. I have a definite vata dosha now but if I had taken the quiz in my 30’s the results would have been different. Does a person’s dosh change generationally?

    • Monica says:

      Hi Deb!
      This note disappeared into my little list, I’m so sorry for the late response! This is a great question. A person’s prakruti (natural balance of doshas) never changes. It’s innate from the time of conception. BUT what does change in our life are…seasons, jobs, relationships, food, habits, traumas, emotions, etc., All these things can alter our doshas and that is where we get imbalanced. So it is safe to say that if you maintain your prakruti throughout life, you do not have any imbalances or health issues – that is perfect health. So in Ayurveda, we need to figure out your prakruti first, to understand where you started and who you are naturally. Then we examine where you are today and in how you’ve shifted from your natural state. THEN we begin to advise food, lifestyle, herbs, treatment, etc., to try and get you back to where you started. So! While your doshas are the same as when you were in your 30s, you have added many more life changes which could sway your doshas from your natural state. Does that help?

  63. HereIam says:

    Namastay Monica,
    I am vata person since colon is the place of vata, is there something in ayurveda which emphasize on colon health. or some tips to keep colon healthy. Recently I have been facing many colon related problems like constipation , pencil thin stools.

    • Monica says:

      Namaste Herelam and thank you for your question.
      You are correct that the colon is the place that vata rules over. There are several things you can do, mainly follow a vata balancing diet and make sure to have enough oils and liquid in your food. Anything too dry, cold or light will attribute to constipation. May I answer your question so that other people can see the answer too? I will expand on it because I know you are not the only person to ask. Also please see these posts, it might help. I’ll answer your question more in depth too.

  64. susan says:

    Hi Monica,
    I am a very Vata person, but find that in order to fit in to the adult working world I have become accustomed to fighting my Vata insticts to try and appear more Kapha, even when not at work. this seems to have led to weight gain, and anxiety. Should I still be making an effort to soothe my Vata self or my Kapha symptoms?

    • Monica says:

      Hi Susan! Hmmm…so the goal is not to fight your vata self, the goal is to embrace & balance it. By balancing, that doesn’t mean that you try to become another dosha :) The truth is, you can’t become another dosha if it’s not in your nature…as you’ve found out, you just end up imbalanced as another dosha. Don’t worry. If you feel more kapha now, you will want to balance the kapha to get back to your original self. HOWEVER, anxiety is a vata trait, not a kapha trait. So I wonder in which places you are kapha imbalanced and vata imbalanced. I know, it can be really confusing.

      Here’s my suggestion. Do routine (daily!) exercise (even walking is great) for your kapha self. Have a vata diet, but watch your portions and eat less if you feel you are eating too much. Also, do a little (daily!) so hum or nadi shodhanam to calm your mind (good for all doshas and anxiety). I hope this helps and thanks for your question!! xoxo, MonicaB

  65. Jules says:

    Oh….HERE’S where I posted this comment! I couldn’t remember which topic it was under! THANK YOU so much for you kind and thoughtful response, I truly love your site…..keep up the great work!!!!


  66. Jules says:

    Hey Monica!
    I LOVE your site, so glad I stumbled upon it! I am also vata-pitta, and am having issues with what I am assuming means both of my doshas are out of balance. My skin is very dry, my joints are cracking and achy, but my skin is also breaking out in acne and I feel like I’m getting over heated…..what would you recommend doing? Should I try to get my vata or pitta under control first?

    • Monica says:

      Hey Jules! Thanks so much for stumbling upon my site! I love that you’re here!! :) So for both vata-pitta problems (and without me knowing toooo much detail about you) I would say to favor the “sweet” taste. And that is in a nutshell, carbs. Have rice, pasta, oatmeal, bread, and any other healthy grains. Enjoy plenty of fruits and make sure to include healthy fats like avocado, nuts (almonds, walnuts), ghee (!!), and oils in the diet. Also to calm pitta and pacify vata, milk in the diet helps also. With all of these, you will be balancing BOTH vata and pitta. Soooo…that’s my short diagnosis. I hope this helps!!

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  68. Ayurvedic guidance requested as comments for this site.

  69. sumira says:

    oh god i feel as if we have met before the way u are talking about vata dosha thank u so much i am always suffering from cough may be because of this any solution

    • Monica says:

      If your cough is dry (vata), be sure to have healthy fats (balances vata) like oils, avocado, nuts, ghee in your diet. Also try sipping ginger tea every day in the morning. A combo of these should help a dry cough.

  70. Vickie says:

    So true for me on so many levels emotionally. I talk a lot, worry obsessively, sleep poorly, complain. I do not have a classic Vata body though. I am short and very pear shaped even before I developed an ED and gained an enormous amount of weight. I have small hands, so short fingers, but I do have very dry skin, and as for hurting. That is my middle name.
    The kitchiri is lovely, I am already enjoying my healing process thru Ayurveda and the gentle spirit of Monica.
    V. xx

  71. Karen says:

    Hi Monika
    I am told by a Herbalist I am very vata.
    I live in damp rainy Ireland and I moved near the mountains 3 months ago and got job that involves taking the bus for 50mins both ways. I only work 5 hours a day but I am so tired and feel motion sickness and stressed after travel. I will work on my routine and I eat very healthy and take lots of superfoods and green juices and soups. I feel so tired. Taking valerian and magnesuim has helped and I sleep better but my mind is always switched on. I do practice yoga and walk in the country. The travel just floors me. Any ideas thanks

  72. Monica says:

    Hi! Hm, not sure. It would depend what kind of throat problems you have. The problem could be vata, but could also be either of the other two doshas. For example, mucus points to kapha, burning points to pitta and dryness points to vata. So depending on the problem and the person, the treatment will be different. Send me an email and maybe we can go into a little more detail. Thanks for asking!!

  73. JP says:

    Hi, I am 99% vata person..Often I am getting throat probelms, is it because of vata imbalance ? Is there any QUICK remedy for this once we get this problem ? Thanks

  74. Monica says:

    Yes!! Makes total sense! You and I are same Vata/Pitta :) :) Thanks for signing up. I thought you’d dig it.

  75. BeeW says:

    This is me ! With one point shy of being equal part Pitta. :) Makes sense!!!!

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