What the Fruit?!

OH.m.g. I am beside myself.

We went grocery shopping today. It was produce time and usually my favorite because it’s the warmest part of the store :) My husband picks up this package which held 4 “apples.” See the label below.

My husband kinda giggles in anticipation for my reaction. I was like, “What. Did they GMO a grape and an apple? They look like apples…” And then he sticks the package in front of my nose and squeezes it. So I sniff. Smells like grape soda. Um, what the fruit? (that’s what we say instead of the offensive version…we got a kid on the way afterall ;)

Then he puts the package right in front of my eyes and says, “Look at the ingredients.” My first thought was, “Ingredients? In apples?” So take a look at the ingredients.

REALLY!?!?!? Grapple people, did you REALLY inject a perfectly nice apple with fake grape flavoring?! WTF!? LEAVE OUR FRUIT ALONE! Also, notice the patent pending. Yes, patent pending on a piece of fruit. Fruit comes from nature while patents are reserved for inventions. Huh! Someone just invented a fruit that tastes like grape kool-aid. Basically they turned this otherwise sattvic food into something tamasic, by injecting chemicals into our lovely gift from nature.

Guys, nature gives us exactly what we need and we don’t need to look any further. Start looking at labels (if you don’t already) and make sure there’s nothing funky in your food!

Also, a sweet client (thanks Chrissy!) of mine gave me this cool tip. When choosing fruit/veggies, the little sticker on them tells us a lot. Ready?
If the number starts with a 4 it’s a conventional fruit/veggie
If the number starts with a 9 it’s organic
If the number starts with 8 it’s genetically modified. Stay away from 8’s!!!

4 Responses to What the Fruit?!

  1. Naida Sharyk says:

    It is so mind bogling what companies are doing to something perfect to make money. Then we run, bike and what not all to raise money for a cure for Cancer. Stop killing innocent people in the name of money. So many people are not aware. It is almost impossible to keep up.

  2. I have never seen an 8 in my life. It is true that it stands for GMO however the entire PLU code system is voluntary. A GMO the produce is usually labeled at a packing facility anyway. The packers don’t need to know wether a product is GMO or not in order to apply for the PLU code. They usually just apply for a conventional PLU code and get approved. You can read all about it here: http://www.plucodes.com/docs/IFPS-plu_codes_users_guide.pdf

    • Monica says:

      Hi Bobby, Thanks for your comments. The gal who gave me those numbers sent me a nice email with the following response.

      In response to the inquiry that they have never seen a number 8 on the fruits and veggies is because it is not mandatory by the FDA at this time. It is in legislation to have to be but some places are willingly informing the consumers-I have seen it occasionally.
      Also, a fruit or veggie starting with a 3 or 4 is conventional and at this point probably more often than not means GMO-it is all crazy.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Didn’t know that about the 8’s. Thanks for the info.

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