What’s YOUR job?

By now I think ya’ll know that I had a baby 5 weeks ago. And, you know what I thought? I thought that once I had my wee baby girl, that I would be able to focus more on HeyMonicaB and writing cool posts and creating fabulous new radio shows (even if they are podcasts rather than live radio) for you. And I thought I would have more spare time, afterall I’m at home now and not at the 40-hour a week grind. And babies sleep! Sounds so simple! Yes indeedy, I set my sights on creating so many more resources and fun things for my readers and listeners during my maternity leave. And soon everyone would take small bits and put them into practice…and then slowly the world would heal. And the time was…well, now. That was my vision before I had my daughter.

And now that she’s here…yeah RIGHT!!! And now I think to myself, “Bloom, what were you thinking!?”

Hoooo doggies, this baby needs so many things! And even when she doesn’t need anything, she likes to sleep…on me. (I finally got a moby wrap, which, if you are a new mom and don’t have one, I highly recommend it! A mother of three recommended it to me and I heeded her advice. It’s a lifesaver!) And with all these ideal plans in my head, I got a little down about it. I said to my husband that I felt useless because I wasn’t “doing anything” during the day. And he said, “You are anything BUT useless! You are raising a little life, what could be more useful?” Shoot! DANG! *slap* Apparently I was missing it. Here I am, as LIFE-FULL as life can be, and it was happening right now! And I was worried about not doing enough blog posts?! Are you flippin kidding me?!

Yep, I’m raising a life and what could be more Ayurvedic than that? Ayurveda, the science or knowledge of life, as it’s defined. Dude, I am a lifelong student and promoter and I was missing it! Since then, I’ve had less anxiety about my new job as a mom because I realize it’s what I’m supposed to be doing and this too is, lifelong.

So let me ask, what’s your job right now? It might not be what you think it is. Is it really the day job you have that pays you dough? Or do you have another job that you should be focusing on for the betterment of your LIFE. Maybe your job means leaving your day job on time to get to yoga class. Maybe your job means getting home at a decent hour to make a nice meal for the family. Maybe your job is to help a sick family member. Maybe your job is to support your girlfriend who is going through hard times. Maybe it’s putting YOUR health, fitness, nutrition FIRST for once!!

I think sometimes the job that is most important is sort of hidden. In our U.S. society, we tend to think of our day job as the most important job we have. And many of us choose it above all other things, including going for an evening walk, shopping for fresh food, and spending an evening with people we love. And, I think we need to start thinking differently. There is nothing wrong with a career nor is there anything wrong with striving to do our best. But, when the result is a stressed out mind and body, that is not balance.

So, what is your job right now? I challenge you to look deeper and find what that job is – the LIFE-filling job. Go ahead, find it. And share with us!! In the meantime, I’m not going to stress about blog posts or radio shows. I’m just going to feed my daughter, carry her around in the moby, change her diapers, try to ease her little vata gas bubbles  (I ordered gripe water…I hope it works!), give her almond oil massages, and watch her sleep. This is time I’ll never get back and this is LIFE. Yeah!! Lovin it!! xoxo

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  1. Sarah says:

    I heart you, Monica! I’ve been struggling to find meaning in my life because I’ve always placed so much emphasis on accomplishment, and I feel like I’m spinning my tires right now at work. It’s so good to remember that my job is not ME. There are other (perhaps more important) things I do.

    My job is to be a good friend. My job is to be a great listener. To savor nature. To laugh a lot and help others feel appreciated. To rest. To love. To learn and grow and forgive and accept.

    • Monica says:

      Sarah! I HEART you back! Yes yes yes! You GET it! Focus on those other golden nuggets of life and the job won’t weigh as much on you. Not saying jobs aren’t important or necessary, because they are! But I think in our society we let our jobs rule our lives. Let’s begin to let LIFE rule our life!! :) xoxo!

  2. Alexis says:

    I have been following this blog for awhile as I recently found ayurveda this past year and it has been life-changing. Congrats on your baby! Glad to hear you are enjoying her. My goal for a “job” right now would be to try to get into a routine for my vata self in order to honor my body more. I noticed the lift in my mood the last few days when I got plenty of sleep – but keep going back to my old routine of getting to bed wayyy too late.

    Thanks for your insights!

    • Monica says:

      Love your job Alexis and thanks for sharing with us! And yes, start going to bed by 10 again ;) You’ll feel better. You already know that :) xo!

  3. Monica says:

    I am overwhelmed and touched by your responses ladies, thank you. I really love your insights, support, and glimmers of self-discovery :) Erika is right, it’s not outside, it’s inside. Start healing and honoring the self first and then watch everything else take shape (with shimmer!). Right on. xoxo.

  4. Such a great analogy and what a validating message- that we must honor our paths + in that process, nourish our mind-body-spirit, regardless of what the job that pays the bills is! Thank you!!

  5. Katie C. says:

    Holy cow, Miss Monica, how is it that every time I read a blog post I feel like you’re talking directly to me? Such wise words of wisdom! I’ve saved this post to read over (and over and over) again :)

  6. Erika says:

    Monica, this made me cry a little bit. There’s room to LIVE (not just to exist) no matter what’s swirling around you at any moment. It’s what we *choose* that can be the meaning of our lives – it’s not outside of us, it’s inside! You are wonderful! Keep LIVING with Alella and George.

  7. Shruthi says:

    I love this post! I am not a mom yet, but can very much relate to family life being as important as any other ‘job’.
    I had a chance to take a retreat for 4 days – it was so quite and peaceful and I just had so much free time. Coming back, I’d like to have my job be down-time – and not have to fill up every free moment. It feels so good being slow, which isn’t easy for my Vata-self!

  8. Babita says:

    My job – is to get the heck out of my day job at 5pm on the dot and get home to my 16 month old little devil. BEST few hours of my day hands down.
    Monica – not sure which brand of gripe water you ordered. But if it doesn’t solve the problem – find the Woodwards one. It’s the best for gas of all the brands out there. They usually have it at indian grocery stores. (My lil guy is vata baby as well :)

  9. Lucy says:

    Way to go Monica! Glad to hear you’re living in the present with your present.. Your blog posts are great but I bet the lessons your daughter is receiving from you, and you from her, are very powerful and beautiful. Enjoy!

  10. Deborah says:

    So now you’re in on the secret — raising babies takes lots of time and energy. And you learned that the same way the rest of us did. :-)

    You make an excellent point in this post, my dear. It’s something we all miss or forget. Thanks for the reminder of how important it is to pay attention to what’s really going on.

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