Ayurveda, Where Do I Start?

“Ayurveda, where do I start?!” Last week I got a question from Holly, a new reader, who just discovered Ayurveda. Her question? She has no idea where to start! Such an awesome question I thought I should answer so everyone else could reap the benefits too. That’s what it’s all about!

So let’s get to it.

1. You must first know who you are (for the most part) by taking the dosha test. Take the test according to who you are naturally, not necessarily as the person you are today! Over time we collect habits, traumas and life experiences that might alter our original doshic balance. Once we understand where we started, we can figure out if/how we are imbalanced today. Make sense? Don’t panic if you are a blend of two. However, if you measure even in all three doshas, take it again because being tri-doshic is super rare!

2. Once you find out your dosha(s), read the Seasonal Blooms so you can find out more in depth about who you are naturally.
Vata Seasonal Bloom
Pitta Seasonal Bloom
Kapha Seasonal Bloom

3. Pick good foods to eat. Sounds like what everybody says, all the time, but it’s just so important because our bodies are made of what we put in them! If you put junk food in them, you will feel and look like junk. Eat fruits and veggies (organic as often as possible!), healthy grains and fats. If you eat meat, make sure the animal lived a happy life (we consume and therefore become any negative emotions in that animal including fear, anxiety, depression, anger, distrust, etc.,). And that’s kind of it! No magic potion, just common sense. Eat good food.

4. Pick 1-3 things to change and start to live according to the daily routine. Stick with these changes for 2 weeks-1 month and then add 1-2 more changes. If you try to change too many things at once, you will fail. Start slowly and add one by one.

Honestly, if you do these three things, you will be SO far ahead. Awareness of who you are is huge! Add to that, knowing what to eat is huger! And hugest is following the rules of nature because we are a small piece of all encompassing nature! :)


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  1. | HeyMonicaB says:

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  2. New Face says:

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  4. Jay says:

    Hello, Monica! Wonderful blog you have here. I’ve commented on it before. I do have a question when it comes to food choices and being drawn or repulsive to certain tastes. As a Pitta/Vata (or vice versa…not sure still!), with both being imbalanced (vata more so I’m guessing since I’m underweight) I’ve been sort of repulsive towards the bitter taste. Usually, I want the bitter taste due to my pitta but not I’m finding I can’t take it too much. Is this because vata’s become so imbalanced, or is it because I’ve had too much bitter taste for too long? I find I’m wanting the sweet and salty taste more often. I’ve read that usually, when one is imbalanced, he or she craves what isn’t good for them!

  5. Samantha says:

    Hey Monica! I just love your website. I have never heard of ayurveda before. I am definitly a vata. Everything about a vata describes me. I have had really bad severe constipation for a couple weeks, and being pregnant doesn’t help. I know I’ve been eating bad foods; I was never taught how to eat right and I have a hard time staying away from chocolate. I will be implementing a couple things a week to change. I am excited and motivated for this new journey

    • Monica says:

      Hey Samantha! Thank you so much and WELCOME (open arms!) to the world of Ayurveda. I’m excited for your new journey both in health AND motherhood! Totally, implement some of the things you see on my site and keep me posted! Ghee will be your (and baby’s) best friend – and lots of water! :) Big hugs.

  6. NN says:

    Thanks for the information, Monica. I’m a bit confused: whenever I take a dosha test, I come out strongly as a Vata (14) and second as a Kapha (6). However, when I read your Seasonal Blooms, I did relate to the Vata descriptions, but the Kapha info was bang on as well! How is it that I could be equally two almost opposing doshas? I’m not sure how to use that information to my benefit, in terms of taking care of myself.


  7. GG says:

    So, somehow I stumbled across your site and I am now OBSESSED. WOW. I am so happy that this resource exists and that you are providing so much great information – I have been dabbling with Ayurveda for a few months and am now even more interested in all the aspects of finding a better balance for my life. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Monica says:

      OMG I LOVE that you are obsessed! Ha. Welcome to the “Ohhh…I discovered Ayurveda!!” Club ;) Hooray, thanks for your super note – I love that you find this a useful resource. Please share with your friends and family once you start balancing your life – it’s a domino effect that can spread easily and positively to all those we love! XOXOXO!!! Thank YOUUUU for reading!

  8. Marsi says:

    P.M.S. A quick story to reaffirm my kapha-ness. I’ve been resisting having shoulder surgery to correct multidirectional instability (too much room in my shoulder capsule) for the last two years. I thought maybe if I did Bikram instead of vinyasa yoga, I could keep avoiding surgery. So this month, I did Bikram and really didn’t like it (plus, it aggravated my shoulder even more, oddly). I realized that Bikram was too predictable and not active enough for me because I’m a naturally lazy person and need to be invigorated. Bikram just wasn’t cutting it, so I’m back to vinyasa with major modifications … and I’m having my shoulder cinched up in January. If I can’t do my vinyasa for the rest of my life, I might just be miserable ….

    • Monica says:

      Marsi, outside of yoga, walk walk walk walk! Fast walking will be amazing for your kapha-ness and your vata AND your shoulder can have a break. Do not underestimate the power of walking – it’s one of the best exercises (if not, THEE best) for us!

  9. Marsi says:

    P.S. I also have fought the idea of kapha because I’m naturally slender and small boned. But one’s build is not the be-all and end-all of dosha diagnosis, apparently.

  10. Marsi says:

    Very helpful! I’ve never gotten a bead on what my dosha was until today — it was your line about choosing the best answer that reflects how we are naturally that did it for me. I think I’ve always taken those tests feeling torn (without knowing it) between how I was when I was younger and how I am now. Turns out, when I focus on my lifelong, natural inclinations, I’m very strongly kapha. And that makes sense!

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