Yoga Talk on HeyMonicaB

Hey! I’m really excited. Tomorrow night on HeyMonicaB Radio I’ll be joined by special guest star, Kimberly Manthey, seasoned yoga teacher and yoga expert. I know her from taking her yoga classes (waaayyy back in the late 90’s, maybe early 00’s), but I originally met her from our silly community theater group back in Wisconsin.

We had hootey fun (as Kimberly would say) on stage and now we’re bringing that fun to YOU with good intentions of health and well being. I learned a lot from her during my fascination with yoga and now years later we bring to you the two healing sisters, Yoga & Ayurveda, along with our knowledge, full hearts, good intentions, and of course, hootey fun. Talk to you tomorrow! xo

—– Archive of the show here ——

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